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Welcome to my review!

Have you got invited to join MoneyGenie and are wondering if it’s a scam? Or is a legit influencer network to earn cash online?

If you have questions like these, I’m glad that you have come across this MoneyGenie because here I reveal how this platform really works.

You know, the Internet is full of fraudulent sites, so it’s great to see you do your due diligence.

That’s the way to avoid scams and find the real way to make passive income every single day =)

For your information, this review is not like the others because it doesn’t include any affiliate link. 

There are some reasons I have decided not to promote it. Want to know them? Let’s see the pure truth about…


Table of Contents review summary

Name: MoneyGenie

Website URL:

Founder: Anonymous

Created in: December 2019

Cost: Free to sign up

Who is it for? The founder

Do I recommend it? Never


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What is MoneyGenie about?

MoneyGenie (found at is a website that claims you can earn money with social media.

All you have to do is to join to get a $35 bonus, and then you only have to share your referral link and complete some tasks.

They claim you can earn $1 for every click your referral link gets and $5 per referral. It definitely sounds great because it doesn’t sound too complicated.

I mean, getting people to click on your link is not hard. You just have to share your link on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and you can also share it on chats, groups, forums, blogs…

There are so many places and websites where you can share your link, and sharing a link is something that anyone with basic computer skills can do. So why isn’t everyone using to make money?

MoneyGenie is also free to sign up, which sounds awesome, doesn’t it? So is the perfect solution for everyone who’s struggling to make money online?

The truth is, MoneyGenie is not as amazing as advertised. I have seen lots of people promote it, but the truth is that these people have not got paid by

In fact, MoneyGenie has not paid and will not pay anyone. I’m 100% convinced it does not work because it’s the same as other scam websites I have exposed.

You see, I have exposed hundreds of scams, so I have some knowledge about how these fraudulent sites work. is no different than these other scam sites:


Does really work? only works for the people who have created it to profit. The owners are the only ones who make money, at other people’s expenses.

The creators of are taking advantage of the fact that there are lots of people who want to make money fast for free. They’re taking advantage of the fact that there are people who don’t know what it takes to earn money online.

If it was possible to make money fast or without doing much work, don’t you think most people would be doing it? I know many people would be quitting jobs they hate every day, and other people wouldn’t struggle to make ends meet.

Don’t let the scammers behind fool you! They’re after your personal info and money.

You see, they don’t allow you to withdraw the $35 you get after joining. They want you to share your referral link to get others to join because they want as many people as possible to sign up.

Inside, you can find some tasks to complete, but the problem is that these tasks are more dangerous than they seem.

These tasks require you to install/download apps or programs that are filled with malware, which means that they can really harm your device.

And that’s not all! These tasks also require you to visit other dangerous or fraudulent websites that ask for your information. For example, they will ask for your phone number, which they will use to call you and send you messages that can cost you money.

Because of this, I don’t recommend that you try to complete those tasks. They’re not worth your time.

So how will they use your information? They will sell it to other con artists and hackers, who will do the same.

They will also use it to access your personal accounts. For example, they will use your password and your email address to access your PayPal account and steal your money.

Victims of other copies of this scam report getting all their money stolen. There’s no doubt that the scammers behind are willing to do anything to get as much money as possible. 

It really doesn’t matter how many referrals or clicks you get because will never pay you.


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What will it happen if you try to cash out?

If you reach the minimum payout threshold of $200 and ask to get paid, they will send you a payment confirmation.

But don’t get too excited because this payment confirmation is just a trick they use to keep you promoting

In other terms, they want you to keep promoting MoneyGenie because they want to get as many people as possible to fall for the scam.

The day you’re supposed to get paid, they won’t send you any money. They will change the payment date, but they will never pay you.

Instead of paying you, they will remove your account, which means that you won’t be able to access it. 

This is the point where many members ask themselves “what about all the money I had inside my account?”, and the answer is that the money you see in your account is fake money. Those numbers are not real, they’re part of the whole scheme.


Who owns

If I asked you “who’s the owner of MoneyGenie?”, would you know the answer? 

Perhaps you would say that Olivia P. and Ashley D. are the affiliate managers, am I right? 

Well, the truth is that Olivia and Ashley are not the real affiliate managers, they have nothing to do with

Their email addresses are fake because they don’t exist, which means that you cannot expect to receive a response from them.

I checked out if their email addresses exist, but it turns out they don’t. Those are fake email addresses that are there just to make you believe that there’s someone you can contact.

As you can see below, Olivia is a stock model that appears in different websites like this one.

The same thing happens with Ashley. These women have nothing to do with The scam artists behind have used their pictures to lead you to believe that there’s someone you can receive support from.

There’s no way to contact the real owners because all the email addresses provided are fake. It’s clear that they don’t want to hear from you because helping you is not one of their interests.

You see, they don’t reveal their real identities because they don’t want members to know who they are. They don’t want to face the consequences of scamming other people.

Furthermore, they want to be able to keep creating scam sites like and the others I’ve mentioned earlier. 

After finding out these scam signs, I can say that I cannot take MoneyGenie seriously. They cannot be trusted because legit sites don’t lie about this kind of stuff.


Fake testimonials

For me, the fact that the owners don’t show up and the fact that they have created fake characters, is enough to conclude that is a scam.

But there are more red flags that I have found. One of them is the fact that there are no real testimonials. 

You see, the payment proofs are fake because they’re prior to the day that the domain name was created.

This check is said to be from July 22nd 2019, which cannot be possible because was registered in October 23rd 2019, according to whois.

MoneyGenie is on social networks like Instagram, where I found some video testimonials.

The problem is that these testimonials are fake. They’re Fiverr actors who have got paid to pretend they have made money with MoneyGenie.

As you can observe below, this woman who claims works is selling her acting services on Fiverr, which means that her testimonial is not real.

You see, if she had made money with moneygenie, she wouldn’t be selling spokesperson videos. So don’t take her words seriously! 

All the other testimonials are fake as well. The written testimonials are invented and the people who appear on the photos are not real members because those photos can be found on multiple different websites.

The reason they’re using fake testimonials is that there’s nobody who has made money with MoneyGenie. 

I have seen some people promote on YouTube, but the truth is that these people are members who have not got paid. They’re promoting MoneyGenie because they think they will get paid.

If you search for real MoneyGenie reviews, you won’t find any real positive reviews. You will only find fake positive reviews from people who want you to sign up or honest reviews that claim MoneyGenie to be a scam.


Will scam you? is a scam, without any doubt.

There are some people who will not call it a scam because it doesn’t ask you to make a payment, but what about the fact that it wastes your time and puts you in a position to lose money?

It’s easy for members to feel ripped off because they haven’t got paid, and new members won’t get paid either. They’re basically helping some fraudsters get richer, without knowing it.

Scammers behind want you to spread their scam because they only care about themselves. They don’t care about you wasting your energy, and they don’t even care about your feelings.

You see, getting scammed definitely makes you feel negatively. It can make you feel frustrated and it can also make you feel guilty, especially if you have told your friends and family members to join this scam site.

There are also people who keep promoting and realize they have got scammed when it’s too late. 

If you have been trying to make money with MoneyGenie, I recommend that you stop using it and protect your personal accounts. For example, you can change your gmail or PayPal password, or you can add 2FA (two factor authentication).

What you decide to do is up to you, but I have to conclude that I highly do not recommend MoneyGenie.


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I will leave this quote here:

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

I hope this review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision.

Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions or would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you all!

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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