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Welcome to my review!

Have you come across OGBucks (also called SpudBucks) and are wondering if it’s a scam? Or could it be a legit site to make quick cash? Should you give it a try? Or would it be a waste of time?

If you have questions like these, I’m glad that you have found this honest OGBucks review because here I reveal how this site really works.

Knowing that there are too many frauds out there, it’s great to see that you’re taking the time to do your own research.

That’s the way to avoid scams and find the legit method to earn passive income every day!

For your information, this review is not like the others because it does not include any referral link.

My purpose with this post is to help you decide whether this platform is right for you or not.


OGBucks review summary

Name: OGBucks / SpudBucks

Website URL:

Owner: Hidden

Created in: December 2019

Cost: Free to join

Who is it for? The owner

Do I recommend it? No, it’s not legit!


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What is OGBucks about?

OGBucks or SpudBucks (found at is a website that claims to help you profit from social media.

They claim to be the #1 influencer network, but I have heard the same thing in dozens of websites that ended up being scams.

In fact, I haven’t found any legit site that claims to be the #1 influencer network. I can assure you that there are no influencers who use

They also say that you will get paid $10-$15 per referral, which sounds quite unrealistic because joining is free. So where does the money come from?

No one is paying to sign up, there are no ads in their site, and they don’t offer any products or services. So how do the owners of OGBucks make money?

It definitely makes no sense to pay $10-$15 per referral if nobody is paying, so I can affirm that the people behind are not being honest with you, since they do not pay.

I’ve seen some people claim ogbucks to be legit, just because they see money on their OGBucks accounts. But the truth is that that amount of money is fake. It’s all designed to get you to promote

After joining, you will see $25 in your account balance, but don’t get too excited because they do not allow you to withdraw it. 

Even if you reach the minimum payout threshold, they will not send you any money

OGBucks is just a copy of these other scam sites I have reviewed:

There are too many scam sites like, and they only work for some con artists to get richer, all at your expense.


How does really operate? works in a way that wastes your energy. It only makes money to the owners, all at your expense.

They claim you can make money, when in reality they’re the only ones who profit.

Just because you see money in your account, it doesn’t mean that it’s real. That’s why many people don’t realize they’ve got scammed until it’s too late.

Like I said, it makes no sense to pay $10-$15 per referral, so the reason they want you to promote is that they want to make money with your information.

If you join, the people behind this scam get your email address and password, which is what they need to profit.

Their goal is to get as many people as possible to sign up, because the more people, the more info these scammers get.

Once they have a big list of emails and passwords, they will sell it all to other con artists and hackers, who will do the same.

And they will also try to access your personal accounts, such as your Gmail or PayPal. Their desire is to get as much money as possible, so they do anything they can.

People who’ve fallen for other copies of this scam, have reported having their money stolen from their PayPal and bank accounts.

This is what can happen if your information falls into the wrong hands. They can steal your identity and steal all your money.

Apart from not recommending to promote ogbucks, I don’t recommend that you complete their tasks either.

Why? Because those tasks require you to visit fraudulent sites or download apps that are filled with viruses. They’re a complete waste of time because they will not make you any money.

And they also can get you frustrated because they can put you in a position where you need to spend money on a new device, or spend money on stuff you don’t want.


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Lack of payment proofs has too many red flags to be taken seriously.

First of all, they don’t provide anything to prove that ogbucks works.

Yes, they have a page for payment proofs and another page for testimonials, but these pages are literally empty.

Here you can see what I mean:

When it comes to reviews outside the site, I have only found YouTube videos created by members who haven’t got paid. So don’t believe those video reviews because no one has got paid.

I hope members realize that it’s not ok to review something that hasn’t worked for them.


No info about the people behind

There’s no info about the owners of ogbucks, which is another red flag because it means that they’re trying to hide something.

And what they’re really trying to hide is the fact that OGBucks does not work for members. They’re trying to hide the fact that they’re the only ones who profit.

Scammers harly ever reveal their identities because they know that showing who they are could put them in a position where they could end up paying for their crimes.

I personally don’t trust sites whose creators don’t show up because I don’t like people who’s not honest or transparent.


Fake contact information

They claim to be the #1 influencer network, but they don’t have a social media presence. 

And when it comes to their contact information, it’s all fake. They claim their email address is, but the problem is that this email address doesn’t exist.

Here’s what I mean:

If you send them an email, they will not receive it because it doesn’t exist, which means that you cannot expect them to reply.

This is a clear indication that they don’t want to hear from members because they don’t care about them. These scammers don’t care about ruining people’s lives.

It’s clear that they don’t feel guilty after having scammed too many people because they don’t stop creating scam sites.


Is a scam? has too many red flags that indicate is nothing more than an ugly scam designed to waste your time and money.

The owners don’t show up, there are no payment proofs, no testimonials, their claims are nonsense, their contact information is fake…

Additionally, they don’t provide any legal information. There’s no privacy policy, disclaimer or terms & conditions page. This is another red flag because it means that they’re not transparent about their rules or the way they use members’ information.

Why do they ask for people’s information if they’re not willing to be transparent about the way it’s going to be used? Why do they ask for your email address if they provide a fake email address? Don’t you think this is very unfair to potential members/members like you?

If you have been told to join OGBucks, you now know how it works and can make a wise decision. Knowing that they don’t pay, I believe you know what’s best to do.

In case you have already joined OGBucks, I recommend that you stop promoting it and I also recommend that you protect your personal accounts.

For example, if you have given them your PayPal email or password, change the password or better add a 2-step verification.

You know that these unethical individuals do the most to take other people’s money, so it’s important to keep your accounts protected.

I know that some people who’ve fallen for this scam, have ended up feeling guilty for having got their family members or friends involved. 

OGBucks is not only bad for your money or time, it’s also bad for the people you love and your emotional health.

What you decide to finally do is up to you, but I have to conclude that I recommend that you stay away from OGBucks or SpudBucks.


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I will leave this quote here:

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

I hope this OGBucks review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision.

Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions or would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you all!

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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  1. Oh thank you so much for reviewing OGBucks. I’m almost interested to join this program due to the referral income, but I thought the website is fishy because there isn’t any info of the owners. I’m glad to find your review, because I also tried to check other people’s review and it’s so hard to find any evidence that this site has paid anyone. Thanks for saving my money!

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