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Welcome to my review!

Is a scam or legit social media earning network?

Have you been invited to join (some call it InboxDollars) and are wondering if you should give it a try?

No matter the questions you have about, you’re in the right place because here I reveal all that you need to know about it.

You know, there are too many frauds out there and they come in different forms, that’s why I’m glad to see that you’re doing your due diligence.

That’s the way to avoid scams and find the real way to make passive income online!

You have probably seen many people promote, but I’m not one of them.

Are you ready to know why I’m not promoting If you read this post until the end, you will learn how this platform really works and whether or not it’s right for you.


Table of Contents review summary

Name: InboxDollars (not to confuse with

Website URL:

Founder: Anonymous

Created in: January 2020

Cost: Free to join (but it can cost you money)

Best for: The owner

Do I recommend it? No, it’s a fraud!


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What is about? (it’s said to be named InboxDollars) is a website that claims to be the #1 social media network that can help you make money online with social media.

They claim you get $25 after signing up and you can earn $500 per day, which sounds awesome but unrealistic at the same time.

As someone who has reviewed hundreds of websites, I can say that many of the websites that claim you can make $500 per day end up being scams.

I have found lots of websites that claim to be the #1 influencer/earning network, but these sites have turned out to be complete frauds that need to be avoided. claims you only need to share your referral link, install mobile apps and complete surveys to make big money. This is a red flag because doing this is not the way to make a lot of money.

I mean, GPT (Get Paid To) websites don’t pay that much. They’re only good if you want to earn some extra money.

The fact that claims you can join for free is another reason many people end up signing up without thinking twice. How could a free-to-join website be dangerous?

Oh, and the testimonials and payment proofs are another factor that make look awesome because it looks like there are people who are making money thanks to

Well, keep reading because I’m about to reveal why does not work as advertised.


Does work? does not work as advertised because it doesn’t really help you make money.

The truth is that is not a website you can trust to make money online, and I’m about to explain why.

First of all, they claim to work as an intermediary between advertisers and members, which is actually true. But they definitely cannot afford to pay the kind of money they promise.

For example, they cannot afford to pay $2 per click or $20 per referral because they’re not making money when people visit and they’re not making money when people sign up.

I mean, there are no ads in the site and nobody is paying to sign up. So they definitely will not pay members if they’re not getting paid.

When it comes to the tasks to be completed, they actually make money when you complete them, but the truth is that they are not earning the kind of money they claim to pay you.

Advertisers don’t pay $50 or more per task, so there’s no way they will pay $50 per task. The truth is that scam sites are the only sites that claim you can make $30-$50 per task.

Completing these kind of tasks can make you about $2 or less, so never believe someone who claims you can make $50 per task. 

You see, if it was possible to make $50 just by downloading an app or completing a survey, don’t you think that making a fortune online would be easy? But the reality is that making money online is not that easy because there are lots of people struggling financially. 

So don’t be fooled by scammers that claim you can make a lot of money without doing much work!


How really works does not pay. It works in a way that the only ones who profit are the scammers who have created it. 

They claim you can make $500 per day by getting referrals and completing tasks because that’s what the con artists need to make money themselves. 

Signing up requires you to give away your email address, name and password, which is what these scammers want. 

Then they tell you to share your referral link because they want other people to sign up and give away their info. 

Once these scam artists have collected lots of emails and passwords, they will use it all for profit.

For example, they will sell this information to other fraudsters, who will do the same. 

If you’ve given away your main email address, you can expect to receive spam and unwanted emails. 

But that’s not all! They will also use your email and password combination to try to get access to your personal accounts and steal all your money and info.

For example, they can get access to your paypal account and then find other ways to get access to your bank account. You can be sure they will do their best to take all your money. That’s what they have done to other people who have fallen for scams like this.

And there’s more! You need to be careful with the tasks they tell you to complete because these tasks are more dangerous than they seem.

These tasks require you to download apps that contain malware, which can harm your device. You don’t want to need to spend money on another device, right?

Apart from that, they also require you to visit websites that will ask you to give away other info, not to mention that they will probably ask you to pay for something. 

These tasks are a complete waste of energy because they will not help you earn any money and can put you in a position where you lose money and time. 

No matter the number of clicks, the number of referrals or the amount of tasks you complete, will never pay you.


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Lack of information about the owners

One of the red flags I have found is the fact that there’s no information about the people behind

The owners don’t show up and they don’t even reveal how they can be contacted. 

I know they provide an email address and phone number, but the problem is that they’re fake. If you try to contact them, they will not reply.

Like I said, I have exposed lots of scams, so I know what I need to take into account to determine if something is a fraud or not.

I have realized that many of the websites that don’t provide any info about the owners tend to be scams. 

The fact that the owners are not transparent means that they’re trying to hide something, and that’s never a good sign. 

Honestly, I’m not surprised to see that they’re not honest about their identities because the other copies of this scam don’t reveal this kind of information either. 

Scammers usually avoid showing who they are because they don’t want to get caught.


Fake website stats claims to have made over 900,000 payments and they also claim to have paid over $6,700,000 to members.

But the problem with this is that these stats are invented a.k.a. fake as hell.

How do I know? Well, the truth is that is a new website that was registered in January 2020.

Yes, it’s not even been half a year since was created. According to whois, the domain name was registered in January 2nd 2020.


Because of this, there’s no way has paid the amount of money they claim. 

But there’s another way you can conclude their stats are fake. You just need to do some math.

I mean, if they have made over 900K payments and everyone is apparently getting $25 after joining, the minimum amount of money for each payment should be $25. 

If you do a simple multiplication of 900,000 x 25, the result would be 22,500,000. So that’s the minimum amount of money they should have paid to members.

So why are they lying about the amount of money they have paid and the payments they have made? The reason is that they haven’t paid anyone, and it’s obvious that they don’t want you to know that does not pay. 


Fake testimonials

Another scam sign is the fact that the payment proofs and testimonials are fake. 

Like I have explained, they haven’t paid anyone. So the testimonials must be fake.

These people are not real members of The comments have been invented by the fraudsters and the people who appear in the images are not real members.

I did some image searches and found out that those images can be found in various different websites, which basically means that the scammers have downloaded or bought those photos to use them for fake testimonials.

Below you can see what I mean:

Another way I can conclude they’re fake is that the usernames of those members cannot be found on social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. So it’s clear that those usernames and names are invented.

The reason they have created these fake testimonias is that scammers want you to believe that there are real people making money with, but the truth is that no one has got paid by


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Lack of social media presence claims to be the #1 influencer network that can help you make money with social media.

However, how can we believe it if it does not have any social media profile? They’re not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

If you search for “InboxDollars” on Google or social networks, you’ll see that people are talking about 

As you can see, and are not the same. They’re not owned by the same people. is actually legit and has existed for more than 10 years, but has been created in January 2020. 

The scammers behind are taking advantage of the fact that has some good reviews and opinions to mislead potential victims. 

They basically want you to confuse them and make you think that is the same as 

But my big research says that is the one that has social presence, while is a scam that has no social presence.

As you can see, is being advertised as a website to make some extra cash, they don’t promise $500 per day like does.

You see, does not promise $500 per day, $2 per click, $20 per referral or $50 per task. Scammers are the only ones who make those kind of promises. 

The fact that has no social media presence is a clear indication that they don’t practice what they preach. I personally stay away from people who promise too much but deliver little to nothing. 


Lack of legal information

Last but not least, a big red flag is the fact that doesn’t provide any legal information.

No privacy policy, no disclaimer, no terms & conditions. Nothing legal.

This is a scam sign because these pages are essential to have. Why are they hiding what their rules are? Why are they hiding how they will use members information?

In my opinion, they simply don’t want to say the truth because if you knew it, you wouldn’t do what they want. 

From my experience, I can say that websites that don’t provide any legal information tend to be scams. That’s the reason I decide not to get involved with them.


Will scam you?

If you have read everything I’ve written, then you already know what I think about 

But I’ll repeat it in case you haven’t read everything: is a scam that doesn’t pay members

The reason I’m not calling it “InboxDollars” is that there’s only one real website with that name, which is

I hope people do their research and find this review because it’s important that they know is a scam that is taking advantage of the reputation of I hope people see the differences between these sites and avoid the scam.

There are too many red flags in 

  • Lack of info about the owners
  • Fake testimonials and payment proofs
  • Fake website stats
  • Lack of positive reviews
  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Fake address & contact information
  • No social media presence
  • Lack of legal information
  • It’s the same as other sites that claim to be the #1 influencer network
  • It’s taking advantage of another platform called (this is something that only scammers do)
  • They use your personal data to profit at your expense is a complete waste of time and effort because it works in a way that can harm you. 

It’s not only the fact that they make you waste your time, the fact that they can make you feel negatively is also important to consider.

So I would say that is also bad for your emotional and mental health. Many of the people who have fallen for other copies of this scam have ended up feeling guilty and upset for having told their family & friends to join. 

Because of everything I’ve told you, I won’t waste my energy on

What you decide to do is up to you, but my final advice is that it’s best to avoid

Other websites to avoid:


Stop wasting your time on frauds! Here’s the real way to passive income

I could actually recommend some GPT sites that actually pay, but the reason I don’t recommend these kind of sites is that I don’t believe they’re worth your time.

I mean, your time is worth waaay more than $2 per day, don’t you agree? Making $2 per day is definitely not enough for you to pay your bills. You can even make more than that with a normal job. So that’s why I don’t recommend taking surveys or completing tasks for cash.

My suggestion for you is that you build your affiliate marketing business because that’s how you can earn passive income and reach the kind of income that allows you to quit your job and live your life on your own terms. 

Affiliate marketing is a newbie-friendly business model that allows you to earn commissions by helping other people find solutions to their problems. 

When someone buys a product or service through your link, you get paid. So this is basically about driving targeted traffic to other legitimate companies. 

In my opinion, if you have got referrals for a scam like, you can definitely drive customers to legit sites. 

I’m living proof this business works, as you can observe here: 

Income Magnet review income proof

Why am I showing this? Because I don’t want those fraudsters to make you lose hope, I want you to see what’s possible.

If you’re serious about making passive income, I encourage you to check out my FREE guide here:

My guide is FREE (no login information required, just click here to start reading it), which means that you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain 🙂

Oh, and what if you ever have questions or need help? No problem! I’m not like those scammers because I’m honest about who I am and I also show you how you can contact me. 

If you read my free guide until the end, you will learn how you can get started today for free from zero, what training and tools I have used, the reasons this method works, proof that it works and so on. 

Stop wasting your time on data harvesting scams and start your affiliate marketing business today!

I will leave this quote here:

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

I hope this review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision.

Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions about or would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you all!

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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  1. Yes, it appears that InboxDollar has all the red flags that should discourage anyone from using it. InboxDollar makes promises that can’t be kept. It is sold on false advertising. The fact that they are trying to scam people that are signing up by using emails and passwords in an unethical and probably illegal manner means stay away! Stay Away!! Your recommendation is a better and safer way to go. Fake website stats are another real big red flag that this is basically a scam. 

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