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Will scam you and leave you disappointed? Or will it help you earn $500 starting today?

If you have questions like these, I’m glad you have found my honest Click2Cash review because here I reveal all the facts you should know about this platform.

Knowing that there are too many scams out there, I’m glad to see that you’re doing your due diligence.

That’s the way to avoid getting scammed and discover the real way to earn passive income every day!

For your information, here you will not find any referral link because I’ve made the decision of not promoting Click2Cash.

Why? Let me show you all the nonsense and red flags I have found when it comes to


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Click2Cash review summary

Name: Click2Cash

Website URL:

Owner: Unknown

Created in: December 2019

Cost: Free to sign up (but it can end up costing you money)

Who is it for? The owner

Do I recommend it? No, it’s BS!


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What is Click2Cash about?

The first time I heard the name “click2cash” I didn’t like it because it reminded me of how other scams are called. 

Also, Click 2 Cash sounds as if you could make money by just clicking, which is also known as making easy money. 

From my experience, I can say that all the websites that promise easy and quick cash end up being scams that profit at your expense.

But I didn’t want to conclude that Click2Cash was like the others, so I did intensive research.

And what did I find? Not what I wanted.

Click2Cash ( claims to be the #1 influencer marketing network that allows you to start earning $500 today, just by getting other people to sign up.

I’ve read the same thing many times in other websites that are scams. They all have these claims: 

  • #1 influencer network
  • Make $500 today
  • Earn money for every friend you refer

In the case of Click2Cash, you can allegedly make $10-$20 per referral. It sounds awesome because it’s free to join, so is Click2Cash the website that will help you make money without spending money?

They even claim you can get $25 after joining! Everything about it sounds amazing but the truth is that it really doesn’t work as advertised.

If it was that easy to make money online, don’t you think there would be more people who are living their dream lives? There would be less people struggling financially and many of them would have quitted jobs they hate.

If websites like Click2Cash really worked, lots of people wouldn’t be struggling to make ends meet. More and more people would have already made a fortune.

But all of this is not really happening, so you can come to the conclusion that earning significant money online is not as easy & fast as advertised in Click2Cash.

You can ask any experienced Internet marketer and the answer would be that making a full-time income online takes learning, effort and a lot of patience.

Whoever claims this is easy or fast just wants to rip you off, so don’t let those scammers fool you!


How really works works in a way that doesn’t make you a dime and it wastes your time.

If you think about the whole business model, you can conclude that it makes no sense.

They claim to pay you for clicks and referrals, but can they afford it? They need to be making enough money to be able to pay members, as well as to profit as a company.

But how can they do it if signing up is free? Nobody is paying to join, so where does their money come from?

They claim their money is coming through ads, but I don’t believe it…

I mean, why aren’t there any ads on the main page of their website? If you have registered, you must have noticed that there aren’t any ads on the dashboard area. 

Therefore, they’re not making money through ads! Why did they lie about it?

Apart from that, they claim to make money through sponsorships, if they mean the tasks and surveys inside the members area, then it would make sense.

But paying $30 per task makes no sense at all. No one is paying that kind of money just to complete a survey or download an app.

The other platforms that claim to pay that amount of money are nothing but scams that don’t work. The layout and claims inside the members area are the same as the other scam sites I have exposed.

Truth be told, they make these high income claims to get you to promote Click2Cash and complete the tasks. 


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What does want from you?

So what do the owners of Click2Cash really want? What’s their real goal? was created for some fraudsters to make money at your expense. Just because it’s free to join, it doesn’t mean it’s not a scam.

There are lots of scams that are free to join. The people behind this want to profit from your personal information, such as your email address and your password.

Their goal is to collect as much information as possible because the more info they get, the more money they make. Once they have a big list, they will sell it all to other unethical individuals, who will do the same.

But that’s not all! Inside the members area, they also ask for your payment information, which allows them to know where you have your money. This could be PayPal, your bank account, cashapp…

And when it comes to the tasks they want you to complete, you’re required to give up more information like your phone number and your address. 

With all this information, the scammers behind these fraudulent websites can use this info against you. They won’t only sell it to other scammers, they will also try to hack your personal accounts (bank account, Gmail, PayPal) and will even try to steal your identity.

That’s why I said that this free-to-join site can end up costing you money. Instead of helping you make money, it can take money from you.


Fake testimonials

The testimonials you can find on can be found on other scams like Click4Kash, Tap2Cash and Tap2Earn.

We can conclude it’s fake because the guy on the photo is the same but the name is different, but the comment is the same. So I personally think that the scammers behind these sites have copied and pasted the comment.

Below you can see what I mean:

The same happens with the rest of testimonials. They appear in other websites that have been proved to be scams. 

If these testimonials were real, they would mention their social networks or they would provide some kind of proof to prove that their claims are real. But they can’t do that because they’re fake.

If you look for Click2Cash reviews, you won’t find any positive honest reviews because no one has got paid. No one has a real payment proof to show.


Click2Cash is connected to Tap2Earn

Like I said, Click2Cash is like other scams I have exposed, and they even prove they’re connected to another big scam called Tap2Earn.

As you can see below, they mention Tap 2 Earn:

They don’t even explain what Tap2Earn is, but if you do some research, you will find that it’s a scam. Tap2Earn hasn’t paid anyone and I have read lots of tweets and comments from people who are mad at these scammers for not having got paid.

Here you can read some real opinions of Tap2Earn: review complaints

There are some people that have been waiting months for their payment but won’t get paid. These scam sites have never paid anyone, the amount of money you see inside the members area is fake too.

Also, don’t fall for their payment confirmations. These con artists send payment confirmations to anyone who reaches the minimum payout threshold, but these payment confirmations are fake.

They claim you’ll receive the payment x day just to get you to keep spreading their big scam.


Read their terms & conditions!

I took a look at their terms & conditions and I had to laugh, honestly.

They claim that anyone under the age of 99 years old cannot use their site features and services, which is the same as saying that no one can use it because they obviously know that no one of 99 or older will use their site.

I mean, our grandparents or great grandparents clearly won’t use it. These scam sites are targeted towards teenagers and young people, and this is common sense.

So why have they made this statement? Because this is what can help them avoid the negative consequences of ripping people off. They are taking advantage of the fact that most people won’t read these terms & conditions.

This is something that indicates that it’s always best to read the terms & conditions before giving away personal or financial information.


Will scam you?

I’m sure you already know my thoughts about, but in case you haven’t read all that I’ve written, I’ll say it again: is a scam that won’t pay you.

There are too many red flags. Let’s sum up:

  • The owner doesn’t show up.
  • Fake testimonials that appear in other scam sites.
  • Fake payment proofs that are dated from before was registered.
  • Their business model cannot work.
  • “Start making $500 today” claim that makes it look too good to be true.
  • The nonsense in the terms & conditions.
  • It’s connected to other scams that haven’t paid anyone.

You also need to consider the fact that no one has showed they got paid. has no real testimonials or payment proofs, which indicates how new this scam site is.

I personally won’t be wasting my time on this fraud because it’s not worth my energy and I don’t want other people to get scammed.

What you decide to do is up to you, but my final verdict is that it’s best to stay away from at all costs.


Leave the scams behind and start making passive income!

If your goal is to make a full-time passive income online, then it’s best to focus on creating your online business.

There are lots of GPT (Get Paid To) websites out there and some of them are legitimate but I personally don’t use them because I don’t believe they’re worth my time.

I mean, GPT sites are only good to make extra money, so why spend your time trying to earn extra cash when the income potential is bigger than that?

I’m grateful that I got the chance to learn a business model that has given me a way to make passive income every day. 

This business is newbie-friendly because it doesn’t require you to create your own product to get started. 

If you’ve been able to drive traffic to a scam site like, I’m sure you can succeed in this business because what you need to do is not much different.

Instead of bringing traffic to a scam site, you’ll have to drive traffic to legit sites. When someone goes to those sites and buys something through your links, you will get paid!

I’m living proof that this business works, as you can see in one of my payment proofs:

Income Magnet review income proof

The reason I show this payment proof is that I want you to know what’s possible. I don’t want those scammers to make you lose hope about earning an income online.

If you’re committed to learning and taking action, I invite you to check out my FREE guide here:

My guide is FREE (no login information required, just click here to start reading it), which means that you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain 🙂

Oh, and what if you ever have questions or need help? No problem! I’m not like those con artists because I’m transparent about who I am and I also show you how you can get in touch with me.

If you read my free guide until the end, you will see how you can get answers to all your questions and support from me and other Internet marketers.

Stop wasting your time on ugly frauds and get your online business started today!

I will leave this quote here:

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

I hope this scam review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision.

Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions about Click2Cash or would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you all!

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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