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22 Minutes To Profits SCAM – Review exposes this FAKE PROGRAM!

22 Minutes To Profits scam review

Will 22 Minutes To Profits scam you out of your hard-earned money? Or is this a legit system that can help you generate big profits online?

If that’s what you are wondering, this honest review will show you the answers!

Before getting started, let me congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before getting into another business opportunity.

The Internet is plagued with frauds, so doing your due diligence is the way to avoid scams and find the genuine way to make passive income every day!

When it comes to 22 Minutes To Profits, the truth is that it’s very similar to other programs I have previously exposed, so I know how it really works and I’m going to prove it to you.


22 Minutes To Profits review

Name: 22 Minutes To Profits

Website URL:

Owner: “Frank Stafford”

Launched in: 2018 (the same as other programs)

Price: $47 + upsells

Overall Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No


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What is 22 Minutes To Profits about?

The second I saw the 22 Minutes To Profits sales page, I thought it was not legit because it looked very similar to other sales pages I had come across before, so I felt something was not right from the start.

But I didn’t want to conclude it was a scam without looking deep into it, so I did my homework.

In the first video, the spokesman claims he’s going to show you how you can earn $300, $400 and $500 per day thanks to this system. 

This program allegedly has nothing to do with MLMs, trading, paid surveys or get-rich-quick schemes, so does this mean that this is not a scam?

Honestly, I don’t believe him because he says that your online business can be up and running and make you money very quickly, which makes this sound like a get-rich-quick scam.

Online businesses take time and effort to build, so why is he lying about it? I have reviewed lots of websites like 22 Minutes To Profits, and I have realized that people who make this kind of claims tend to be scammers.

Also, he says that you will learn how to make this kind of money in 22 minutes and for free, which makes this sound like a complete scam because “easy, fast and free” systems only tend to work for the people who created them.

The first video didn’t give me good vibes, so I completed the form with invented details just to get access to the second sales video. 

And when I watched the second sales video, I was kind of glad that I had not given them my personal info because there are too many red flags.

If you have watched the video, you will have seen some people who claim to have earned hundreds of dollars the first day they got started. Sounds cool, right?

I hate to tell you, but what they say is pure BS! “Frank” (the spokesman) is basically trying to get you excited to make you buy this program.

You see, he first said that this is free, but in the second sales page you can see it costs at least $47. Why was he hiding it from you? 

He’s doing exactly what the other gurus do, which is telling what you would like to hear to convince you that this system is the solution to solving all your money problems & living your desired lifestyle.

The truth is, 22 Minutes To Profits is no different than these other low-quality/scam programs I have exposed:


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How does 22 Minutes To Profits really work?

22 Minutes To Profits only works for the con artists who have created it. It doesn’t work for people like you who are looking to earn a full-time income online.

According to “Frank”, this system is about building a website that you will be using to sell products that people are looking online.

It’s actually possible to make a substantial income doing this, but it’s not like he claims. It doesn’t matter if you sell your own products or other people’s products, building an online business is not the way to go if you need instant cash.

He shows some screenshots where you can see income proofs from the Amazon Associates program, which is the Amazon affiliate program.

So this program is focused on affiliate marketing, which is a business model that I actually use to earn a 4-digit monthly passive income online.

The thing is, there are various ways of using this business model, so depending on the method you follow to build your business, you can achieve a different level of success.

If you decide to buy 22 Minutes To Profits, you will bombarded with upsells right after making the payment. And if you don’t purchase their upsells, they will send you spam emails concerning this scam.

Also, do you remember that they ask you for your phone number in the form from the first page?

If they have your phone number, you can expect to receive sales calls concerning this program or other scams. These con artists do the most to get as much money as possible.

It doesn’t even matter if you buy their scam or not, since they will also try to profit from your personal information. Scammers usually sell lists of email addresses & phone numbers to other individuals or companies, so that’s another way they make money at your expense.


22 Minutes To Profits scam signs revealed!

Are you wondering how am I so sure that 22 Minutes To Profits is a scam? Here I will show you some undeniable proofs that indicate this program cannot be trusted.


The testimonials are not genuine

The people who appear in the second sales video are not real members of this program. 

I know it’s kind of exciting to hear that there are people who have started earning money the same day they started. But everything they say is to lure you in.

Have you noticed that they don’t explain how they earned that kind of money? Have you noticed that they don’t even mention their websites?

The truth is, they are not real testimonials. They haven’t made any money with 22 Minutes To Profits and they haven’t even bought this program.

Wondering how I know they are fake? I have seen them in other scam pages, so I recognized their faces. 

They are Fiverr actors who have got paid to recite what the scammers wanted them to say.

Just take a look at the proofs below:

Fake testimonial
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Proof 1
False testimony
Proof 2

The fact that they have used false testimonies is an indication that there are no successful members or that the people who have bought 22 Minutes To Profits haven’t earned any money at all.


What about Frank Stafford?

What’s wrong with Frank Stafford? Isn’t he the owner of 22 Minutes To Profits? 

You probably would think he’s the creator of this program, but would you be able to prove it?

I personally cannot prove that the owner of this program is named Frank Stafford, since he doesn’t show any picture or real proof.

If he’s so successful, why doesn’t he mention his website or why doesn’t he tell us how we can contact him? Is he even on social media?

I did some Google searches and found nothing about this man. There’s no information concerning Frank Stafford and his connection to 22 Minutes To Profits, so I believe he’s just a made up character.

The people behind this program don’t show up because they are scammers who don’t want to get caught. They remain anonymous to keep creating fictitious characters to market scam programs like this one.

Therefore, I cannot trust someone who makes fake claims and doesn’t even show up. 


It’s very similar to other scam programs

22 Minutes To Profits is very similar (not to say it’s a copy) to another scam program named Real Profits Online. 

As you can observe below, the sales page for both programs is almost identical! They have the same claims and colors:

Real Profits Online scam fake claim
Real Profits Online sales page
22 Minutes To Profits sales page

Real Profits Online had lots of complaints, so I believe that the scammers behind it have just changed the name of this scam to keep misleading potential victims.

They know that there were lots of negative Real Profits Online reviews, so they are now calling it 22 Minutes To Profits to prevent people from finding the truth about this fraud. 

I’m 100% sure it’s the same scam because both programs cost the same and have even been created by the same unethical company, which I’ll show you below.


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Lack of support

The fact that they don’t provide any support or customer service is something that tells me these unethical people are just after your pocket.

I took a look at their terms & conditions page, and I found that 22 Minutes To Profits has been created by a company called, which is the same company behind Real Profits Online.

22 Minutes To Profits privacy policy is not a legitimate company and I haven’t found any positive opinions about it. Everything I have found are complaints. review scam complaints

As you can read, they don’t reply to any emails or calls, since the contact information they provide is fake. 

People who really care about their customers don’t do this! It’s clear that the con artists behind don’t want to hear from you. 

Like I said, they only care about making money at your expense, which is unacceptable and cruel. 


Final verdict on 22 Minutes To Profits

22 Minutes To Profits is like a copy of another scam programs like Real Profits Online, which didn’t benefit anyone but the scammers who created it.

Even though affiliate marketing is a legit business model that can help you earn passive income, I have to call 22 Minutes To Profits a scam because they don’t give you anything for your money.

The fake testimonials, 

If you purchase this program, they will not even give you access to the members area and they will not even reply to your questions or issues because they do not provide any real contact information.

So everything they want is your money for nothing in return, and they don’t even give you the opportunity to get a refund. That’s why I consider 22 Minutes To Profits a complete scam.

There are lots of programs that have overhyped and scammy sales pages, but I don’t call scam to all of them because some of them allow you to get a refund.

However, in this case, 22 Minutes To Profits is a 100% scam because it’s the same as other scams I have exposed in the past.

In the end, you are free to do whatever you want with your time, but after everything I have explained, I have to conclude that I highly do not recommend 22 Minutes To Profits.


Your chance to say bye to BS programs

The bad news is that there’s no shortcut or push-button system that works, but the good news is that it’s definitely possible to make an income online and I’m living proof!

When you realize that anything worth achieving in life takes time, you come to the conclusion that the way to go to build a profitable business is by putting in real work.

I’m very glad that I learned a proven, newbie-friendly method to profit from an affiliate website, since thanks to this I stopped wasting my time on scams and finally got on the right way to make money online.

This method doesn’t require me to pay a penny on traffic. That’s right! I didn’t have to spend any money to get you in front of this post. Sounds cool? 🙂

I want to be completely transparent with you, so I’m not going to say that this is a super easy method that doesn’t take too much work. This method is only for people who are committed to learning and taking action!

If you are one of those people who are willing to do what it takes, then I invite you to check out my FREE guide here:

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You will learn how you can build this business around a topic you are passionate about, which will really make you enjoy the process because you will be doing something you love =)

In addition, I show you how you can get started today for free! Exactly, it doesn’t cost you a penny to get access to the step-by-step training that will help you make sure this business it’s right for you.

If you decide to read my free guide until the end, you will also discover how you can receive my personal help and guidance, not only from me but also from thousands of affiliate marketers!

I’m very happy with some comments and feedback I’ve been getting lately. This message below is just one of those beautiful messages that make me smile: scam wa message

So what’s next? Are you ready to stop wasting your time on scams and start building your affiliate marketing business today?


I hope this 22 Minutes To Profits review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision.

Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! ?

Whatever you do next, I wish you the best =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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