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Newbies On Fire SCAM [Review] – All RED FLAGS exposed!

Newbies On Fire scam review

Will Newbies On Fire scam you? Or is a legit program to make $500 a day on autopilot?

If that’s what you are wondering, I’m glad that you have found this Newbies On Fire review because here I reveal how this program really operates.

Knowing that the Internet is full of scams and they come in different forms, you’re smart for doing your research before taking out your credit card.

That’s the way to avoid frauds and find the legitimate way to earn passive income every day!

When it comes to Newbies On Fire, I’m not promoting it for several reasons that you will know if you read this post until the end.

Instead of promoting, I’m about to reveal the pros and cons of this program so that you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you or not.


Newbies On Fire review summary

Name: Newbies On Fire

Website URL:

Owner: Christina Hooper

Launched in: September 2019

Cost: $25 + upsells

Do I recommend it? No


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What is Newbies On Fire about?

I recently received an email about this program called Newbies On Fire, so I thought I would look deep into it to see if this one was worth it or just another scam.

When I came across the sales page, I didn’t get good vibes because the sales page looked like other scammy sales pages I had seen before.

The headline: “Discover how you can make $500+ a day on autopilot by copying & pasting ‘high-converting’ ads on social media!” made me think about other illegal schemes that have similar claims.

But I didn’t want to conclude Newbies On Fire was a scam without knowing exactly how it really works.

Newbies On Fire is being advertised as a system that can help you get paid 100% commissions every day. 

According to the information on the sales page, you only need to make a one-time investment to start making money, which sounds great.

This program is supposed to be for people who hate their jobs, people who are struggling to make ends meet, people who want to earn more money, individuals who are unemployed, people who want to achieve financial freedom, people who want to make money online… So it seems that there are lots of people who could benefit from Newbies On Fire.

Well, that’s what they want you to believe. There are definitely important factors that they don’t tell you about, which I’m about to mention in a bit.

Newbies On Fire claims you can start making from $500 to $3000 this week or this month, which sounds awesome because that kind of income would allow some people to quit their jobs.

But it actually sounds too good to be true because making money online doesn’t work that way, especially if you’re starting out.

I mean, there’s no program or system that has been designed for newbies to earn money fast. Many of the programs that have this kind of advertising end up being illegal or flat out scams.

So how does Newbies On Fire really work? Let’s see…


How does Newbies On Fire really work?

Newbies On Fire works similarly as MLMs, affiliate marketing and pyramid/ponzi schemes programs. 

All these business models have in common that you don’t need to create your own product to start making money, but the problem is that pyramid & ponzi schemes are illegal. More on this later.

In order to become a member of Newbies On Fire, you need to pay a fee of $25 for the Starter course, which is about setting up a blog and branding.

This package is good to get started, but not to start making money because there’s not much training about getting traffic to your blog, and without traffic, there’s no money to be earned.

With the starter package, you can earn $25 per sale if you recruit other people who buy this package.

Apart from the Starter course, there are 3 more courses:

  • Basic course. This one is about market research and getting visitors. Cost: $100.
  • Advanced course. This course is about growing your traffic and increasing conversions. Cost: $250.
  • Elite course. This one teaches how to create your own products and find affiliates to promote them. Cost: $500.

If you get the Elite course, you’ll get the right to earn $25, $100, $250 and $500 commissions. 

In case you buy the Advanced course, you’ll only be able to earn $25, $100 and $250 commissions. 

If you acquire the Basic course, you will only be allowed to earn $25 and $100 commissions.

In short terms, they only allow you to earn on the package you buy or below. So if you buy the Basic course and one of your referrals buys the Advanced course, you’ll miss out on the $250 commission.

Another thing to take into account is the fact that the commissions of your second and fourth sales are given to your sponsor (the person who recruited you). So all the second and fourth sales of your referrals will pass up to you, given that these sales are not higher than the package you’re in.

For example, if you are on the Advanced level but the second person recruited by your referral is someone who pays for the Elite package, the $500 commission will be given to the next sponsor who has acquired the Elite package.

This is the MLM component of the program. If it was only possible to earn from your referral, it would only be affiliate marketing. But the fact that they allow you to earn on different levels makes it work like an MLM.

However, is there any difference between a legit MLM company and Newbies On Fire? I’ll explain it later.

When it comes to payments, Newbies On Fire allows members to get paid via Stripe, PayPal, Cashapp and Bitcoin. 

Paypal is one of the most used payment processors but there are people who have got their Paypal accounts closed because they’ve used them to receive money from pyramid/ponzi schemes (illegal business models).


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Who’s behind Newbies On Fire?

When I research a website or company, I like to know who has created because it helps me get an idea of its legitimacy.

You know, I wouldn’t like to join a company created by a known scammer. So it’s important to know if the people who have created it can be trusted.

In the homepage of Newbies On Fire (, I read that the founder of this program is named Christina Hooper. I’ve never heard of her, but I have found out that she’s been involved with other MLM programs.

I have to say that I’m glad that she turns out to be a real person, since there are so many websites and programs that use fake names. She has a Facebook profile with more than 5K followers, but I’ve found out that she hasn’t created other programs.

In other terms, she’s quite new when it comes to creating products in the digital marketing space, that’s why I don’t like the fact that Newbies On Fire is being advertised as a program to make hundreds of dollars a day.

I mean, if there are no proofs that the creator is earning that kind of money, why are they advertising it as a way to make hundreds of dollars every single day?

As someone who has reviewed hundreds of websites, I can say that the ones that promise a lot of money tend to be scams or programs that don’t work.

There are platforms like my favorite program that have been around for years and don’t have high income claims, even though they make it possible for members to make passive income every day and become financially free.

Based on the owner of Newbies On Fire, I wouldn’t call it a scam because she’s not been involved in other 100% scam programs, but I don’t like the fact that Newbies On Fire is being advertised as a way to make hundreds of dollars without doing much work, since it can be very misleading when we take into consideration that the owner of the program doesn’t have a decent track record.

Another thing I don’t like is the fact that she doesn’t show up in the website, and there’s not much information about her on there. I would have expected her to at least post a picture of herself, just like it happens with the owners of legitimate companies.


Is anyone making money with Newbies On Fire?

Yes, there are people earning money with Newbies On Fire, like Adriana Villegas and other affiliates who are promoting it.

It was Adriana who let me know about Newbies On Fire, and I remember reviewing No Limits Team a while ago.

I want to point out that she’s been involved in other programs like Impact Mailing Club and Email Processing System. And this is something that happens with the other affiliates who are making money with Newbies On Fire.

These marketers already have experience, so they know how to get traffic to the programs they promote. They have YouTube channels with subscribers and have also built mailing lists, which means that they already have an audience of people to market offers to.

That’s why you can expect these marketers to make money within a short period of time. And what I don’t like is the fact that they promote programs as an easy and fast way to make money, when they know that newbies or people who don’t have an audience need to put in the work and time before making their first sale.

In my opinion, it’s kind of unethical to promise easy and fast cash to newbies or people who are on a low budget, since it takes time, effort or money to reach the point where someone can start making a substantial income online.

When it comes to Adriana Villegas, she has been promoting lots of systems like Newbies On Fire for a long time. 

You see, if these systems were so good, she would still be promoting them. But it seems like she promotes the newest one until it falls down or gets shut down, since lots of these systems end up being pyramid schemes.

For example, one of the systems that she was promoting is Email Processing System, which is a system that is now defunct. Below you can read that someone commented it in the YouTube video that Adriana had created to promote the system:

As you can see, Adriana doesn’t respond emails. I personally wouldn’t like to do business with someone who doesn’t seem to care about customers.

So if you’re wondering if it’s possible to make money with Newbies On Fire, I would say yes, but it’s way harder for newbies than it is for experienced marketers.


Newbies On Fire is quite new

Another factor I like to take into account is how long a company has been around because the longer it has been around, the less likely it’s a scam.

When it comes to Newbies On Fire, I can affirm that it’s quite new because it has only been around since September, which means that it has only existed for 6 months (as of this review).

In my opinion, 6 months is very little for a company that promises a lot. There are companies like my favorite platform that have been around for more than 10 years and they don’t promise hundreds of dollars a day.

As you can see, the domain name was registered in 5th September 2019, according to whois:

For me, this is kind of a red flag because it means that there are not so many successful members yet. Also, it’s a red flag because it’s something that many pyramid schemes and scam websites have in common.

Fraudulent websites and pyramid schemes are usually a few months or 1 year old. Illegal schemes last about 3 years or less, so we’ll see what happens to Newbies On Fire in the future.

I personally avoid getting involved with companies that are quite new, since I believe that companies that have been around for years are better for newbies because someone who’s starting out will have a better experience in a company that is legit.


Lack of social media profiles

Another red flag I have found is the fact that there are no social media profiles for Newbies On Fire. This doesn’t make the program a scam, but it’s weird because they claim to have helped over 16K marketers grow their businesses.

You know, any legitimate company has social media profiles, so I found it strange that Newbies On Fire doesn’t have any.

Like I said, I have been reviewing lots of websites, and something I have noticed is that lots of the websites that are scams don’t have social media profiles. 

So I can affirm that a company that is not on social media loses credibility.


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It’s not risk-free

Something that is important to know is that there’s a very limited money-back guarantee.

According to their refund policy, they only give you a day (24 hours) to request a refund, which is a very red flag because one day is not enough for you to test the system and make money.

I mean, most people who get involved will not make money within the first 24 hours, which means that they’re not giving members enough time to make sure the system is right for them or not.

It’s actually the first time that I see a program with a 24-hour money-back guarantee, most programs have 30-60 days money-back guarantees. 

Also, I don’t like the fact that they’re not giving second chances to become a member again. There are people who request refunds, regret it in the future and want to purchase the product again. 

And if we take into account that there’s no guarantee that you will make your money back, we can conclude that Newbies On Fire is quite risky, especially if you’re on a low budget.

Another factor to consider is the fact that they will recommend you to pay for ads in order to drive traffic to the system. And you know, there’s no way to get your money back when it comes to ads. 

That’s why, in my opinion, Newbies On Fire is not for beginners. Someone who is starting out would like to test things out before making big investments, don’t you think?


How much are members earning?

We know that there are people making money with Newbies On Fire, but are most members succeeding thanks to it?

I believe that no, most members are not earning money. The ones who are making hundreds of dollars a day are experienced marketers like Adriana Villegas, and others who got in early.

This is actually how these kind of systems work. The ones who join early and the ones who have previous experience are the ones who succeed. 

They even state it in their earnings disclaimer:

As you can read, they claim that most members don’t earn their money back. Most affiliates don’t earn more than they have invested, which means that they end up losing money.

And when it comes to their “more successful customers”, they’re referring to Adriana V and other experienced marketers. But there are no newbies who have succeeded thanks to this program.

This is such a big red flag in my opinion, it’s like saying that Newbies On Fire is not as awesome as advertised, since all affiliates who are promoting it make high-income claims.

I actually have read similar earnings disclaimers in systems that work like this one, and some of these systems are now defunct.


Is Newbies On Fire a pyramid scheme?

I believe that Newbies On Fire is not sustainable because it does not work like a normal affiliate marketing program and it doesn’t operate like a legit MLM company.

A legit MLM company offers real products and offers the business opportunity as an option. So a legit MLM company has both customers and independent distributors/sponsors.

I mean, a customer doesn’t need to participate in the business opportunity. Customers can purchase products (usually tangible products) without having to promote the business opportunity.

But when it comes to Newbies On Fire, it doesn’t offer tangible products that have nothing to do with the business opportunity. All the courses they offer are focused on getting you to promote the system.

When it comes to making money, the money only comes from the people who join the program and pay for the courses. 

In other terms, the money only comes from the people who participate in the business opportunity. So guess what will happen when people stop joining… The whole scheme will collapse and money will stop coming in, and without money, the system cannot last long.

The system cannot last because there’s a limit when it comes to the amount of people who can sign up, which means that there’s a limit when it comes to the amount of money that can come into the system.

If Newbies On Fire offered some products or services apart from the courses, then there would be money coming from real customers, not only members/affiliates. But that’s not the case.

So is Newbies On Fire a pyramid scheme? It’s clear that their main focus is on promoting the same system, which requires members to recruit others.

I have to say that the courses actually contain valuable training that can help people build their businesses, and I believe that there has been a lot of effort put into that. 

But the thing is… are most people joining just to promote the same system? Or are they joining to learn from the training and build their businesses?

If I had to judge it based on the income proofs on the sales pages, I would say that the testimonials are members who have made money by promoting the same system. And when you take into account that most members don’t make money, you can conclude that it works like other pyramid schemes.

The program is new, so maybe it’s still soon to call it an illegal pyramid scheme, but it does work like other programs that were shut down by the FTC, like MOBE and Digital Altitude.

Other programs that remind me of Newbies On Fire are Easy 1 Up and 25 Dollar 1 Up.


Will Newbies On Fire scam you?

Whether Newbies On Fire is a scam or legit actually depends on your definition of a scam.

If you call a scam something that takes your money for nothing, then Newbies On Fire wouldn’t be a scam because you get some training.

In case you consider a scam a product that doesn’t live up to its promises or a product that has false advertising, it would be ok that you called Newbies On Fire a scam because it’s being advertised in a misleading way.

After everything that I have told you, if you consider Newbies On Fire a pyramid scheme, it would be considered a scam by the FTC.

There are people who won’t call a program a scam if this program makes them money, but there are people who will call it a scam because most people don’t make money.

A program that is structured in such a way that most people involved lose money is a program I cannot recommend.

Like I said, I don’t believe Newbies On Fire is for newbies because the business model is not beginner-friendly and it’s riskier than other businesses.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I have to conclude that I do not recommend Newbies On Fire.


Why spend money to start if you can start for free?

The good news is that you don’t need to spend money on risky systems that won’t last long because there are platforms that allow you to start for free.

Yes, that’s right! You can get started without spending a dime, and you don’t need to spend anything if you conclude that this business is not right for you. So making sure that this is a good fit for you is risk-free!

The method I use doesn’t require you to spend money on traffic to get people in front of your offers. And another great thing is the fact that you don’t need to recruit others into the same system because you’ll be able to choose between lots of products & services to make money from.

This business model I’m talking about is called affiliate marketing, it has been working for decades and it doesn’t make you dependent on a single company because you’ll be able to make money from different affiliate programs/companies.

You’ll learn to build your own online business that can make you passive income every single day. If no one had shared this with me, I wouldn’t be here sharing this with you, since I only share what has been working for me.

Here’s some proof that this business works for me:

Income Magnet review income proof

If you’re committed to earning a full-time income online, I encourage you to check out my FREE guide here:

My guide is FREE (no login information required, just click here to start reading it), which means that you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain 🙂

If you read my free guide until the end, you will learn how you can get started today for free, what training & tools I have used, the reasons this method works, proof that it works and so on. 

Stop wasting your energy on dangerous scams and start your affiliate marketing business today!

I will leave this quote here:

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

I hope this Newbies On Fire scam review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision.

Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions about Newbies On Fire or would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you all!

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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