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Will scam you out of your hard-earned money? Or is this system legit and real?

Before starting this honest review, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before investing in another money-making opportunity.

There’s a sea of scams out there so doing your due diligence is the way to avoid scams and discover the real way to make a full-time income online!

When it comes to, the truth is that there’s nothing real about it and my honest review will prove it to you.

In this post, you will find why does not work like they told you, what they’re hiding from you and more! review

Name: Amazon Money


Owner: Hidden

Price: $47 + upsells

Overall Rating: 0/10

Recommended? No


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What is about?

The Amazon Money program claims to provide you with an opportunity to make $14,000 a month working from home with Amazon.

They say that Amazon is expanding so they are giving thousands of people the chance to work from the comfort of their own home on their computers or smartphones.

According to them, anyone can do this no matter their previous experience or marketing skills. It’s said to be for everyone who is motivated to make money online.

They make this opportunity sound very attractive because it allegdly only takes you 1-2 hours a day to make this work, so who wouldn’t want to try this out?

If someone can earn $14,000 a month thanks to this, who wouldn’t be willing to work 1-2 hours a day to see if it works? Many people would even quit their 9 to 5 jobs, don’t you think?

Amazon Wealth scam nonsense

They also give an example to make it seem this is a real money-making opportunity but they don’t provide some important information or real proofs that can help you determine if this is for you.

Like I said, there’s nothing real or legit about, so you will get really disappointed if you believe in what they say.

The real purpose of the people behind is just to take as much money as possible from you. They don’t really care about helping you make money because if they did, they wouldn’t lie to you.

This Amazon work from home scam has been around for some months already and I have seen it come in different websites so I’m very familiar with the way it works.


How the scam works

Scammers have been using websites like and (another one I exposed some days ago) to convince people to buy into an Amazon work from home kit that is not valuable at all.

First of all, they send you a robotic text message that tells you they have seen your resume and you have been selected for this Amazon work-from-home opportunity. Then they tell you to visit the website for more details.

These are the numbers they’re using to contact their victims:

  • 816-281-9811
  • 865-290-2516
  • 812-594-4423
  • 832-637-6895

If you visit that website, it redirects you to a fake news article called Amazon Cash Websites, Prime Time Profit, Cash Website Success… They’re using different names to promote this scam, which is an indication that they are trying to mislead potential victims.

Amazon work from home scam

I mean, if they didn’t want to get us confused, they would only use one name to promote this.

I have seen many scams that are marketed under different names, which is something that doesn’t surprise me because con artists don’t want you to find honest reviews like mine.

Once you visit one of the websites I mentioned before, they will try to convince you to visit another website to buy the Amazon work from home kit.

However, this website they send you to has nothing to do with Amazon. It’s a sales page where you can watch a video that promises you can earn $500 a day easily and without putting in the work.

This sales video is very misleading because it doesn’t tell you anything about a work from home kit, it doesn’t even mention Amazon

Truth be told, this scam program is not associated with Amazon. Scammers are taking advantage of the popularity of Amazon to make their scam look legitimate.


When do you pay for a job?

They make it seem this is a job when they say that you need to work a determined amount of hours to make money.

Not only that, the fact that they mention “job” a few times in the fake news article and the fact that they say you can start earning the first day you get started is something that could make you think this is a job.

However, after seeing that they ask you for an initial fee to get started, it’s easy to start suspecting because you wouldn’t be required to make a payment if you were to start a job.

The news article is very misleading because it does not mention what you will have to do or what you will get with the Amazon work from home kit.

Truth be told, this is a business instead of a job. The problem is that scam artists are giving a bad reputation to this business model because this is not a way to make money from day 1.

I guess they’re using the term “job” to make you believe that you can start making money fast. They want you to get excited about the amount of money you can earn so that you buy their BS program.

So what business is this? It’s called affiliate marketing and I’m very familiar with this because I personally used it to make a 4-figure monthly income online.

As an affiliate marketer, you get paid for helping other people and companies make sales. 

In other words, you work as an intermediary between a company/vendor and a customer. You only get paid commissions when you make sales, so you could work lots of hours and still not earn a dime.

However, the income potential is way better than what you can earn on a job and the fact that you can make passive income is something that can help you become financially free.

With affiliate marketing it’s possible to earn $14,000 a month and even more, so is it worth your time and effort? I personally don’t know any jobs that can earn you $14,000/month, do you?


Scammers are the only ones who get to benefit

The truth is that the only ones who get to make money with this program are the scam artists who have created it.

It wasn’t designed to help you earn money because they provide basic training that will not help you make a dime.

In fact, there are people who haven’t received anything just after paying for the initial fee. Some months ago I received this comment in another post I exposed this scam:

Fast Income Generator scam - All RED FLAGS exposed!
Amazon work from home scam complaint

They didn’t give her access to the members area and they didn’t even give her a response. They don’t provide any way to contact them because they simply don’t care about us.

They just want to get your money and then they will try to convince you to give them more money. How? Via your email address and your phone number.

These con artists don’t only try to take your money, they also try to get your information so that they can use it for profit.

They will sell your information to other scammers and will also contact you to convince you to spend more money on additional products. That’s how they get to make the big bucks.

$37 is not much for them, so they always try to persuade people like you to spend more money on their stuff.

There would be nothing wrong if they at least provided something valuable that could help you out, but they don’t. 


The real scam program is MSW System is not even the real program.

Like I said, they’re using different websites to promote this scam because they don’t want you to know the name of the real scam. They want to prevent you from searching information about this scam, that’s why they’re using multiple names.

So what’s the name of the real scam? Money Sucking Websites or MSW System

Is Money Sucking Website a scam?
MSW System sales page

It’s a program that has been around for some months and I remember exposing it back in May. 

Even though their sales video is full of fake claims, I didn’t think it was a complete scam because they actually provided some training.

However, after receiving lots of negative comments concerning the lack of support and the fact that members could not access the training area, I decided to call this system a scam.


Final thoughts on is nothing but a scam that will waste your money and time. 

The whole news article has lots of red flags that prove how much of a scam this program is. Some of the red flags that I noticed are the following:

  • The owner doesn’t show up. The fact that the people behind this program don’t show their face is a big red flag because it shows they’re not transparent.
  • They use stock photos. The story they tell you about Chris is invented and the pictures they show are stock photos that can be found on multiple websites.
  • Only 150 spots available. There’s no limit when it comes to the amount of spots available because these unethical people never limit the amount of money they can earn. They just want you to believe that the spots available are limited to get you to spend your money as fast as possible.
  • Country/city exclusivity is fake. They also mention the place you live in to make this opportunity seem more exclusive and legitimate, but the truth is that this is available everywhere so don’t let them fool you.

There’s nothing real or legitimate about this program because it’s unacceptable to get money at other people’s expenses.

I’m tired of these scammers who take advantage of others to make money themselves. That’s one of the reasons why many people who are starting out quit and lose hope when it comes to making a living online.

They claim it’s possible to earn money quickly and without doing much work but you realize that’s a complete lie when you see their “magical” money-making system doesn’t work.

Because of everything I have mentioned in this review, I conclude that I don’t recommend


How to make a full-time income from Amazon

If you really want to make a living from Amazon or using affiliate marketing, then I believe it’s best that you focus on building your own online business.

Making a full-time income from Amazon and other affiliate programs is definitely possible because there are lots of people doing it.

I personally use affiliate marketing to make a 4-digit monthly income so I believe anyone can do it. It’s all a matter of effort, time and patience.

The mehod I use will show you how you can start building your affiliate marketing business as a complete beginner. You will also be able to choose a topic you’re passionate about to build your business, which will make you enjoy the process because you will be doing something you love =)

There’s a lot to say about this business so I created a FREE step-by-step earn money online guide that explains how it all works:

I left nothing unsaid in my free guide! You will learn how this business works, the reason it works, what you need to make it work, some real proofs…

Not only that, you will also be able to learn from the training and tools I used! 

The place I show you provides the comprehensive training and easy-to-use tools that I have been using to start my business from scratch.

Oh, and did I mention you can get started today for free? You don’t need to spend a dime to check it all out and determine if this is right for you =)

In addition, you will also be able to receive free help and support from me and other affiliate marketers! You will get all your questions answered so you don’t have to do this alone!


I hope this review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision.

Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, please leave your thoughts below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! ? 

Whatever you do next, I wish you the best =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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