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is a scam

Hey everyone!

I recently came across a site called, which looked legit but I thought I would look deep into it in order to find out what it was really about.

Make sure you read this review to find out whether BannerBit is the real deal or just another online scam that needs to be avoided.


BannerBit review

Name: BannerBit

Website URL:

Real creators: hidden

Created in: April 2017

Price: at least $250

Overall Rating: 1/10


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What is is said to be an online advertising platform where you can buy and sell ads. 

Their site looks professional and a place you would rely on to make money online. 

They claim to be the world’s number 1 destination for buying and selling banner ads. 

Their team is allegedly composed of passionate people. Some of them are in sales, others in software development and others in customer support. 

It sounds good and I believe it’s important the fact that they’re passionate about their work, it’s the key to doing a great job. 

They also have a presentation video where they explain the opportunity they offer but I don’t really like the fact that the owners of Banner Bit don’t show up.


How does really work?

In order to join, you’ll have to complete a form with your name, your email address, a password and your phone number.

Then you can search and buy ads from their marketplace, like the ones below:

is a scam marketplace

In order to buy one of those ads, you’ll have to fund your account with at least $250. 

They claim the ad you buy runs on a network of publisher sites and reaches hundreds of thousands of people. And then you’ll make money with every click your ad gets. 

You can also earn money by selling your ad to other BannerBit members for a higher price than you bought it.

Another way they claim you can make money is by inviting other people to join 

is a scam
BannerBit affiliate program

But I will not try to get anyone to join that site because BannerBit is not a trustworthy platform (more on this in the next section).

The problem here comes when you want to make withdrawals because they force you to verify your account first. And what does this mean?

What this means is that you’ll be asked to provide personal documents like the following:

  • Your ID, your passport or your driver’s license.
  • A bank statement or utility bill that must show your name, your address and the issuer name and logo.
  • The front and back of the credit card used to make deposits to your BannerBit account.

This is actually very dangerous as they can use this information to steal your credit card and for identity theft. That’s how they’ll try to get you.


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Is a scam?

I believe is a scam because it will not make you any money. It wasn’t created with your benefit in mind, it was created to generate profits for its owners.

There are several reasons why I don’t trust that site and I believe you need to know them in order to make an informed decision.


Who is behind

I really dislike the fact that they lie about the people behind 

In their homepage there are pictures of people who’re said to be part of the Banner Bit team.

is a scam
BannerBit fake team

The problem here is that those people above are fake team members. They have nothing to do with BannerBit.

I did some images searches and found out their pictures can be found on other websites and stock photo sites.

is a scam
Proof 1

As you can see, Amanda is not the front-end developer. That woman’s name might not even be Amanda. She’s a stock model whose pictures can be found on Shutterstock. 

And same happens with the other team members. They might not even know their pictures have been used to created fake characters.


The comments & testimonials are fake

After finding out that the BannerBit team members are fake, I wasn’t surprised to find out that the testimonials are false too.

is a scam
BannerBit fake testimonials

It looks like BannerBit is kind of a get-rich-quick scheme as well. “Laura A.” claims she’s made $100,000 in 47 days but this is far from the truth. Those comments are completely invented and haven’t been written by the people who appear in those pictures.

“Michael Z.” is not really Michael, that guy is part of a stock picture that I found out on 123RF.

is a scam
Proof 2

And Laura A. is not even Laura. I know this because that picture has also been used to create a fake testimonial for the Bitcoin Code scam, which I remember exposing some months ago.

is a scam
Proof 2

I wouldn’t be surprised if the unethical people behind BannerBit were the ones who are behind The Bitcoin Code and other binary options scams.


They lie about the amount of years they’ve been around

In their homepage they claim to have already been 10 years in online advertising but that’s not true.

I found out their domain was registered on April 27th 2017:

is a scam
Proof 3

Why do they lie about the years they’ve been around? I guess they want you to believe they’re experts in their field.


They’re not transparent when it comes to the real cost

In their homepage they say nothing about how much you’ll have to invest in order to buy ads. You find out you have to invest at least $250 once you’ve joined.

I don’t like the fact that they don’t address this important information in their homepage as this information is essential to make an informed decision.


Nobody has had success with

Without taking the scammers into account, I strongly believe nobody has made money from One of the reasons I believe that is because was created by the same scam artists who are behind other scam systems and the testimonials are fake, as I’ve made evident.

If people who have joined BannerBit had really benefitted from it then those con artists wouldn’t have created unreal testimonials to make you believe that their platform works.

Apart from that, I found out this complaint on Scamguard:

is a scam
BannerBit complaint

So you can expect those fraudsters to call you and ask you to deposit as much money as you can. They have no limits when it comes to the amount of money they can get away with.

And then you’ll not hear from them again. That’s what these scammers do. Once they have your money and information, they run away.


My final thoughts 

I highly recommend that you stay away from because it’s not a platform that will make you money. It’s run by scam artists who are behind other scams so there’s no way I can recommend it. 

Even if it were possible to make some money from that site, I know I wouldn’t want to do business with those dishonest people.

It’s not only what they’re offering that matters, the way they’re offering it is also important. And they’re doing it in a very deceitful way.

This one wasn’t like most scams as their site looks legit and professional but the final goal is the same as other scams. 

You can’t never judge a book by its cover and can never judge a person by its physical appearance. What really counts is what’s inside. 

When it comes to making money online, you can find lots of sites and programs that promise you’ll make money the same day you join or purchase them, which can create unreal expectations because making money online is not easy or fast when you’re starting out, it takes time and real work. 

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I also love the fact that this platform provides many ways to get help and support. You can literally ask questions and there’s always someone there to help you out!

You can rest assured knowing you’re not alone in this, you can also count on me for help and support =)

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That’s it for today! I hope this review has been helpful to you and you now have enough information to make the right choice.

If you have any questions or want to share your opinion regarding BannerBit or anything else, feel free to leave a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂 

Have an amazing day =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

49 thoughts on “ review – Is Banner Bit a scam?

  1. I just read your article about Bannerbit. I think I got scammed out of $5,200.00. I have been emailing them constantly and have not heard from them at all. I have made no $$, and when I tried to withdraw from a decent balance I had, they emailed me back and stated that I have a $0 balance. I actually can’t believe I fell for this, but your article helped me to re-think these scam artists and not ever try this again.

    1. Hey LAB,

      I’m really sorry to hear you’ve fallen for that scam… I suggest that you contact your bank and change your credit card or bank account information, whatever information you’ve given to those scam artists. You can also read this article I wrote about spotting online scams.

      I hope this helps and you don’t get scammed again!

    2. Well, Bannerbit owes me $500.00 and I never intended to sign up with them in the first place! I received an email from the Bitcoin Billionaire Club about making $13,000 in a day, etc. I should have hit delete. But I thought I would check it out. Well, they advertised a site called Binbit which I thought was interesting and I guess I thought why not. Well, unbehounced to me I was redirected to Bannerbit’s site. Although the name is different, I guess I didn’t think too much of it as that happens so often when one company owns another, or manages it. So I paid my $500. A foriegn man called me by the name of Chase and started telling me about Bannerbit. I then realized these were two completely different things and this is not at all what I paid for ( so I thought). I explained to him how I got from that first email to and he acted flabbergasted. He said he would contact customer support immediately and they would contact me that same day. No one did. I have emailed them several times without a response. In the initial email I received from that Chase, his telephone number was included. I called him and got a recording stating he was “on holiday until April!” When this Chase and I spoke on the phone before I knew it was not what I paid for I did see I had a balance of $500 in my account. About 2 hours after that, I logged in to find a number to reach someone and low and behold I had a zero balance! How can these people go through life without a conscience? My hard earned money is NOT theirs to take just because they found a way to do it. SO if anyone knows any way to reach someone at this company please share it with me. If it exists at all.

      1. Hey Laurie,

        Thanks for sharing your experience with us, this way other people will get to know what they can expect from BannerBit. I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed… I also don’t understand how they can be this greedy, it’s because of people like those scam artists that the whole “make money online” industry has a bad reputation.

        I recommend that you always do your research before getting involved in a business opportunity. Get in touch with your bank and see if there’s any way you can report BannerBit or get your money back. Also change the information you’ve provided to BannerBit (cancel your credit card and get a new one).
        I wrote an article about tips to spot scams that might help you.

        Hope your situation gets better,

      2. Hi Laurie, you are not alone! Protect yourself from any further money going to BannerBit by canceling the card you used with them and getting a new card. I reported them to my bank as fraudulent and they are investigating for me. It is a little embarrassing but my bank was very professional and put me at ease. Hope you get your money back!

      3. Here is a number you can reach them at.
        His name is Eugene Roberts so he says. I am sure these are all fictitious names being they have accents.
        PH: +1-917-341-2177

    3. I was also scam by Bannerbit. The first thing I did was file a complaint to my Attorney General. He wrote back with a website and told me to file my complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center or “IC3”. The website is . The more complaints that they have on them the more they will investigate.

  2. Hi Miren, I get an email from Bitcoin , saying you can buy shares and gain profit , but when I fill out application , and it’s was time to buy , I recognize that the money will go to Bannerbit, I just that was funny . Then I decided to read up on the site. I come across your article about the bannerbit. Thanks for your information it was very helpful,

    1. Hey Gemm,

      Lately there have been many scams that are taking advantage of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies boom. I’m glad that you did your research and found this review helpful.

      Have an amazing day!

  3. It’s a good thing that I stumbled across your review on before I invested my life savings of $250! I would’ve been devastated! So I thank you very much…your a life saver in my book!

    1. Hey Mike,

      Well done on doing your research! I’m very glad to know that I’ve saved you from this one.

      Have an amazing day =)

    2. Hi. Ya i got Scammed with Bannerbit $250 to start then they wanted another $200. Thats qhen i found your article. They withheld 42 adds about $550 worth of adds and now i cant even get the ibitial funds back. I would love to find a Legal company that buts and sells internet adds. Any ideas? Be Blessed. Michael

  4. Really i am grateful for this honest article of urz… Their customer care called me today and i gave them my credit card number…and fortunately for me i had no money there…. Then i told them i will get back to them… Now i just came across this inspiring article… Am very grateful bro.. Thanks

    1. Hey Osonwa,

      Glad to know my review helped you not fall for BannerBit. Thanks for your kind words =)

      Have an amazing day!

  5. Here is what I’m seeing after 2 weeks. My balance was as high as 180. One day when I was busy I asked for the “autopilot” mode (not it’s actual name, I forget what). Suddenly I had tiny balance and they said its because all my profits were being used to buy more banners. They called telling me about levels of giving like 2500, 5000, 7500 or something like that. Big pressure to at least go with the $2500 program. I suppose I’m not surprised, any sales person wants you to buy, buy, buy. That’s why I like being my own boss with the stock market, I talk to no brokers just do my own thing. I can also see how your “profits” are like Madoff profits – did you see those shows – they sent out statements showing how much your investment is worth and you think its great until you actually need to take the money out. So I am content to have spent my $250 and not get it back. I’ve had plenty of option transactions go to zero so it’s not like a big amount of money. It was just something I wanted to try to see what the deal is.

    1. Hey there,

      That’s what you can expect from them. They want to know your phone number to call you and convince you to buy the expensive packages. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

      All the best,

    1. Hey Fatima,

      You’re welcome, thanks for dropping by! I’m glad to know I’ve saved you from getting scammed by BannerBit.

      Best wishes!

  6. I invested $250, so I thought in response to Bitcoin. To Buy shares and increase profits. I immediately realized it was a scam when I did not receive an email response confirming my investment. Usually the company will respond with a returned confirmation of payment received and thanking me the Customer. Usually, as I said previously! After couple hours I received an email/advertisement from Bannerbit! I was dumbfounded and ticked that I got duped into something I didn’t sign up for. I quickly emailed Customer Support requesting my money back. To date I have not received a response.

  7. Could you forward or screenshot all this info to me and everything you saying is true abt BannerBit I wish I would’ve know this sooner

    1. Hey Wesley,

      If you want to share this information with someone, you can use the social buttons to share it on social networks or just copy and paste this post’s link.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  8. I still can’t get my money back – my so-called account manager, Alex Blake, keeps saying that she released one of my withdrawal requests (probably the lowest one, there are 5 of them). I threatened to call the Cyber Crimes div. of FBI, and they’ve locked me out of my account. Tell everyone not to sign up with them!

  9. Just been conned.. stupidly gave my card details to bannerbit thinking via a facebook advert that clearly give the impression it was an investment into bitcoin. I cmsaid to this to the rep from the company and he made no attempt to correct me.. email got sent through after i payed £250 saying they were a avertisment banner company. I went on line and found lots of scam warnings.. withing 5 mins of making the payment i contacted HSBC to ask them to stop the payment and even though the payment was still pending they said they were unable to stop the transaction.. all i could do was block my card and put a claim through after the payment had cleared. I stressed that i beleived they were being complisent with a fraud but it made no difference. Bannerbit has since contacted me.. i have requested that they cancel the payment .. to which they agreed… i do not beleive the condecending tw#t … guess i will find out tomorrow when i check my account… more angry with HSBC than bannershite… but we live and learn. Will cancel my account with HSBC once back from my 3 week break in indonesia.. with a blocked bank card… i am screwed even if bannerbit come good with cancelling the payment. I feel or rather i am such a fooool.. never done anything like thiz before and def wont do it again!

  10. thank you for the report. great info, I almost paid them. I was lead to them by a quantum code video seems it was another binary trading program that ran on autopilot. When I saw that bannerbit logo I stopped, as the leadin video had nothing to do with the purchase.

    1. Hey William,

      Yes, they’re using scam pages like QuantumAdCode and FreeAdCashSystem to get people to BannerBit. Glad that you did your research and didn’t fall for it!

      Best wishes,

  11. I signed up 11/23/17 and put in $250. Then $1000 all the way up to $5000 my account rolled up to $5000 in transactions They paid me back $2500 but when I went to withdraw money to break even and make a profit all communication stopped. Contacted my credit card and FTC n filed formal complaint. This really needs stopped as they are posing as a legitimate business and are not..It’s a shame as it is a good concept .But some agency needs to shut them down.

    1. So sorry to hear about your experience with them… What they’re doing is unacceptable! I hope the FTC sues them just like they did with Digital Altitude last month.

  12. I did my research and read their documentation on the website. HIGH RISKS is clearly stated. As far as I can see, there is no real office in Canada and USA, only phone numbers. I’m happy my card didn’t go thru. I was alerted of the scam and location. Nicosia, Cyprus. Their office is in the The Republic of Cyprus. Scams come from there and here is another one. Now, I have the honor to tell the person that referred me to James. I believe the hurt is going to be 9.9 with the investment in the thousands. Thanks for taking the stand, Miren.

    1. Only one. Claims he said he is reporting to FBI and he got it back. A friend is working on it because she paid with Visa credit card.

  13. I stupidly gave the my credit card info. They got me for a grand that I now am trying to get back. They Keep giving me the run around. Live and learn. STAY AWAY .

  14. I fell for the same as the rest of you, was looking for Bitcoin and ended up BannerBit.
    They talked me into another 500.00 by matching it. The next week I did another 500.00 that they matched. Then I freaked out because that was a lot of money to me and I lost my job (family reasons). So I started to ask for my money back and the website was like dead, no clicks worked, no phone numbers were valid, just dead ends. I kept on emailing them and kept getting switched to a better fast talker than the last person. But I kept on pressuring them and now they have said that they returned 1000.00 to my account, that my bannerbit account was closed and that it would take 4 days to see it in my account. Its been 2 days, I will let you know if I got any back. They are very good at what they do. Beware! Not trustworthy at all!

  15. File a complaint with The internet Crime Center or IC3. Their website is . The more people complaining about them the more they will look into them.
    I was scammed out of my hard earn money to by bannerbit. They are rude and they told me that they only make money for their senior investors and that I should have known that I would loss my money. They will keep scamming people like us out of our money unless we turn them in to all the places and people we can. I have filed three complaints one to my Attorney General of Kansas, one to the ftc, and one with the ic3.

  16. I wish I would have seen reviews like these when I signed up for it last year. I did a search and did not see any negative reviews and it seemed legit. I put in a lot of money on my cards and the company matched it. They told me that I could start withdrawing in about a month and when that time came, they stalled for 2 weeks, then told me that I couldn’t take money out without a penalty. I asked how long it would take to make a withdraw without a penalty and they said another couple months. A couple months went by and I asked for a withdrawal and they put it on a card that I had told them was closed out. They said they would reverse it and they never did. I was not happy with the account and needed money out of it as it had a balance over $5,000 so I could pay bills. The company said I could not take out a huge amount without it being “settled” and closed. I said ok, I want my money back and was told I wouldn’t because it was breaking the “contract” for the amount the company put in. I said ok as I was desperate and broke. I asked them to put it on a card that was used and still open-they put in on the cards that were closed out. I am still fighting with them to get it reversed and I am also talking with a couple of attorneys to see if they can do anything. Please do not fall for this scam!!!!!

    1. Hey Laura,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! Sorry to hear that you’ve fallen for this scam… It sucks there was no information when you searched it for the first time. I remember exposing this scam back in December 2017 but it had been created in April/May 2017 so they might have scammed many people 🙁 In fact, I noticed that they deleted the fake testimonials and other proofs days after exposing them, I guess these con artists thought they would get away with it.

      Hopefully you end up getting your money back, best to you!

  17. I am so sorry to hear about your scam and thank you for letting me know., But I fill out personal information like my name , email address, and password. Thank God I didn’t go any farther before I saw your review I am so Thankful to you! I am Sorry about what happen to you.

  18. This company is nothing but a scam I put money into it and trying to get my money out and I’m getting nothing but the run around for months now calling Better Business Bureau on them

    1. Hi June,

      Sorry that you have fallen for the BannerBit scam. I suggest that you report them to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to see if they can shut them down. The FTC has shut down the Digital Altitude and MOBE scams so hopefully they pay attention to BannerBit.

      Best of luck!

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