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Will scam you and waste your time? Or is it a legit site that you can use to earn real cash?

No matter the questions you have about, you’re in the right place because this review shows you the full truth about this platform.

The Internet is full of scams, so it’s important to do your own research before taking out your credit card.

That’s how you can avoid scams and find the legitimate way to earn money passively every day!

To be frank with you, here you will not see any referral link because my goal is not to promote

Instead of that, my purpose is to help you make the best decision for you. 


Table of Contents review summary


Website URL:

Owner: Anonymous

Cost: Free to register

Best for: The owner

Recommended? No


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What is about? is a website that makes some unrealistic claims.

Most of the claims they make sound too good to be true and I have heard them too many times to know that they’re not real.

They say that you can earn 10 cents per each ad unit you view, so you have to view 10 ad units to earn $1. 

After seeing the ad units, I can say that you can easily view 10 ad units in a few minutes, so making a decent amount of money by doing this is easy, but the problem is that it’s not real money.

10 cents per ad unit is high when we take into account that legit GPT (Get Paid To) sites don’t pay that much. 

Sites that make earning money online seem easy tend to be scams that only make some con artists richer.

Apart from that, also claims you can earn by referring other people. If your referrals are active users, you can allegedly earn 50% of their earnings. This is way too high as well.

I haven’t heard of any legit sites that pay 50% of referrals earnings. There are too many fraudulent sites that make this kind of claims.

Oh, and the fact that is free to join is another reason it sounds too good to be true. It sounds like the site that can help most people earn an online income because most people know how to view ads and share links. 

But the truth is that there’s nothing real about It’s no different than other BS sites I have exposed and I have proofs.


Does work? only works for the people who are running it.

It’s not a website that you can rely on to make money.

I have reviewed hundreds of sites and products, and I have come across lots of websites that are identical to The only difference between them is the name, but they work exactly the same way.

Honestly, I have lost the count of the sites that look like because these con artists never stop creating scam sites.

For example, looks the same way as, or These are just some examples but there are too many copies of this scam.

Scammers keep creating scams under different names because that’s how they can keep misleading potential victims.


How really works

Many people fall for this kind of scams simply because they’re free to join. They don’t see the danger in something that’s free.

But the truth is that it’s more dangerous than it seems. The cybercriminals behind are using multiple ways to profit at other people’s expenses.

If you have tried to make money with it, you have probably noticed that your account balance increases as you go viewing ads,

These scammers want you to believe that you’re making money for a simple reason. If you believe that works, you’ll more than likely be willing to share your link on social media.

Their goal is to get you to promote because they want as many people as possible to sign up.

When you sign up, they immediately collect your email address, name and password. So they want as many people as possible to give them their personal info.

These con artists want as much info as possible because the more info they have, the more money they can get.

After having a big list, they will not hesitate to sell it to other fraudsters & hackers, who will do the same. So your information can fall into the wrong hands, which is very dangerous because it can put you at risk for getting your identity stolen.

And that’s not all! They will also try to access your personal & financial accounts, such as your email address and your PayPal or bank account.

Another thing you can expect is to receive some spam emails that are full of files infected with malware or scam links (links to fraudulent sites). 

There’s no doubt these scammers do the most to steal money from unsuspecting folks.


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If you have tried to cash out…

In case you have been viewing ads & getting referrals, and have reached the point where you have asked to get paid, you may be waiting for a payment that will not come.

They haven’t paid any members, that’s for sure. Instead of sending payments, they have tried to get their members to send them payments.

How? Something they do when you try to cash out is to tell you to get more referrals, since they want more people to fall for their scam.

They know that many members want to get paid as soon as possible, so they take advantage of that. They tell their members they can buy referrals if they don’t want to wait until they get enough referrals.

That’s how they try to “get” you. They want you to purchase referrals because that’s how they can get your financial information. 

If you give them your credit card information, they’ll charge you as much money as possible. They won’t give you any referrals because they already have what they want, your money.

After that, they’ll kick you out of your account and won’t let you in. That’s when most members realize they’ve got ripped off.


Lack of information

If I asked you who’s behind, what would you say? 

I personally wouldn’t know the answer because there’s no information about the owners of this platform. They don’t mention any names and they don’t even post any pictures.

They don’t even provide an email address or phone number to call them, not to mention that they don’t even say where they’re located.

All this information would definitely increase trust, but they don’t provide it. They basically don’t do anything different than the other scammers because the others also hide their identities and contact information.

On this day and age, most people have at least one social network profile or website. Why can’t they tell us if they have a website or social network profile? It’s clear that they’re trying to hide who they really are.

The truth is that they don’t want their victims to know them because they don’t want to get caught, reported or sued.

After having reviewed hundreds of sites, I can say that most sites that lack this kind of information tend to be scams.

If they really wanted to help you, don’t you think they would at least have a customer service? They have a section where you can leave a comment but all the comments on there are fake because they have been invented by these scam artists.

And that’s not all! They don’t allow you to leave a comment without having signed up first. So that section is only available for members. Where’s support for non-members? There’s no support.


Will scam you?

I’m 100% convinced that is a scam because it’s identical to other scam sites I have exposed.

Also, it has the same red flags as the others and I haven’t heard of anyone who’s made money with this site.

Well, the owners of are the only ones who profit from it. They want you to do their dirty work without compensating you.

What they’re doing is unnecessary and unacceptable, not to mention that is illegal because it doesn’t have any legal page.

That’s right, doesn’t have any privacy policy or terms & conditions page, which is a big red flag because it means that they are not transparent about the way they use members’ data.

I personally avoid getting involved with sites that lack legal information because this kind of sites tend to be frauds.

What you decide to do is up to you, but my final verdict is that I highly don’t recommend


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I will leave this quote here:

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

I hope this review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision.

Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions or would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you all!

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

5 thoughts on “ SCAM – Review reveals what they HIDE from you!

  1. I hate these get rich quick schemes I find online. They are just about always too good to be true. Thank you for exposing as the scam that it is. I am very intrigued by this other option you talk about, a 4 digit passive income would be nice combined with my normal income. I will look this over and see how it works. Thank you for the information!

    1. Hi Travis,

      You’re right, all these get-rich-quick scams always sound too good to be true, and they end up being fake. The other option I talk about is about building your own website and becoming an affiliate marketer, which is about sending customers to other people or companies. My free guide shows you the method I use and how it’s possible to start for free!

      Best to you 🙂

  2. Over the years of looking for a legit means of making money on the internet, I too have come across some scams and wasted my time with programs that just made me no money. This is no different and scams people into doing the work but never really getting paid for anything… 

    I recently had an ad on the back of my car for about a year, drove to texas from pa the first day I put it on, then back and nothing. I drove to work and back home every day for a year which is a 40-minute drive, nothing! I never made any money but they made me paid $12 in shipping for a sticker so I go hosed and they got free advertisement.

  3. I’m sure I came across this site some time ago when I was looking for legit ways to make money online, good for me I didn’t fall for them thanks to scam exposing sites like yours. The normal payments to get for clicking ads is less than 5c, actually 5c is quite a good deal when it comes or clicking ads, 10c is too good to be true and you can’t really make money clicking ads because legit ad sites always have a maximum number of ads you can click so you are really limited and won’t make much progress. Fake ad site beware.

    1. Hi Donny,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m glad to hear that you didn’t fall for this scam.

      Best wishes 🙂

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