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Amazon Cash Websites scam – Honest review with REAL PROOF here!

Amazon Cash Websites scam
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Welcome to my Amazon Cash Websites review!

I recently got sent an email that contained a link about a work-from-home opportunity, so I clicked on it to see what it’s about and got taken to the Amazon Cash Websites page.

I have come across other pages like this in the past so I know what it’s about and how it works. I thought that I wasn’t the only one who got sent to that page so I decided to write a review to let other people know what Amazon Cash Websites is really about.

I guess you’re here because you have questions about this “make money online” opportunity. You might be wondering is Amazon Cash Websites a scam or the real deal, right?

Well, you’re in the right place because here you will find everything you need to know about this program. I also need to congratulate you for taking the time to do your research before buying another online money-making product! This is the way to avoid scams and find the real way to earn money online!

My purpose with this Amazon Cash Websites review is to help you make an informed decision by the end of this post.


Amazon Cash Websites review

Name: Amazon Cash Websites

Website: multiples

Created in: May 2018

Price: $47 + upsells

Overall Rating: 1/5


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What is Amazon Cash Websites said to be?

Amazon Cash Websites claims to be a new work-from-home program that will help you make money with Amazon.

They claim you don’t need any experience or special skills to make money. You only need an Internet connection and a smartphone/laptop to make this work.

You will be able to set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want. It all sounds great and the whole news article is designed to get you excited and buy into this program.

They also talk about how this amazing program changed the life of a 37 year old father named Chris, who lost his job back in 2015. He was invited to try this program for free and now allegedly earns $14,000/month.

All he had to do was to choose his own hours and work a schedule that fits his lifestyle as a father. He now gets to spend more time with his family, which makes him feel blessed. 

However, they don’t mention what he exactly did to earn money. They claim he was given his own website that makes him money, but nothing else.

They make it sound as if it were easy to make a full-time income online, but I can tell you right now that it’s not. The whole article is very misleading and full of lies. It’s a fake news article created to promote another scam program. 

I’ve noticed that scam artists usually create fake news articles to get people to pay for their scam products, so this is nothing new to me. 

The truth is that this is not a new work-from-home opportunity, it’s been around for a long time already. I’m going to explain how it really works so that you know how they try to scam you.


How Amazon Cash Websites really works

According to the information on the fake news article, you only need to take three steps to make money:

  • Visit the “Amazon Cash Websites” and fill out the application to see if you qualify.
  • Pay for the small enrollment fee to get access to the program.
  • Complete your online tasks and choose how you want to get paid.

And now I ask: didn’t they claim this was about making money with a website and Amazon? What kind of tasks will you have to do to make money?

When I read “complete your online tasks”, I thought they meant something like filling in forms, taking paid surveys or downloading apps. But this program doesn’t have anything to do with surveys or other kind of tasks.

I personally don’t like the fact that they are not clear about what this is about. They tell you to buy this program without telling you what you need to know to make an educated decision.

The whole article is full of the scam links. No matter where you click, you will be taken to the scam program page. So I clicked on one of those links and landed on the scam site. 

Below you can see how it looks:

Amazon Cash Websites scam
MSW System scam page

When I landed on that scam page, I was like “what about Amazon Cash Websites? There’s nothing about it here”. 

This scam page looks like another get-rich-quick scheme because it has the typical red flags:

  • $500/day just by pressing a button.
  • 8 positions available. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to earn $500 per day online, but it does not happen just by pressing a button. Making a living online takes a lot of work and dedication. Only low-quality or scam programs claim this is easy or fast, just to take your hard-earned money.

When it comes to the positions available, this is a fake scarcity tactic they use to get you to fall for this scam as soon as possible. There are no limits when it comes to the amount of spots available because they want as many people as possible to fall for this scam.

They’ve sent a lot of emails to promote this scam, so there’s no way this is a limited offer.

If you watch the sales video, you will realize that the spokesman doesn’t mention anything about Amazon or online tasks. He merely talks about how much money you can earn thanks to a “money sucking website”.

He just tells you what you want to hear to part with your money. The training you will get if you buy into this program is basic training that doesn’t go over everything you need to know to start making money.

Oh, and you can also expect to get bombarded with upsells. This is how these scammers make the most money.

You can check out my Money Sucking Website system review if you want to learn more about how this poor quality program works.


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Is Amazon Cash Websites a scam? Yup

There’s no doubt that Amazon Cash Websites is another work-from-home scam. It’s not the name of the real program they’re selling, which is one of the big red flags. 

I mean, you wouldn’t like to receive something different from what you have purchased, right? 

Apart from that, the whole news article is full of lies and fake claims, which I’m going to point out next.


Chris Peters and his family are made up characters

Chris Peters and his family are made up characters. All his story is completely invented by the con artists behind this scam.

The people from the picture below are not Chris and his family. The truth is that these people might not even know that their picture is being used to promote a scam.

Amazon Cash Websites scam
Fake characters

I know they’re made up characters because I did an image search and found out that this picture is a stock image found on Shutterstock:

Amazon Cash Websites scam
Proof 1


The earnings screenshot is fake

If Chris Peters is a made up character and the story they tell us about him is fake, then I thought that the earnings scheenshot was also fake.

Amazon Cash Websites scam
Fake earnings screenshot

I was not wrong. I found out that the earnings screenshot are from 2011, when Google changed the AdSense interface:

Amazon Cash Websites scam
Proof 2

So yeah, everything is invented and fabricated. Those earnings have nothing to do with making money from Amazon.


The tweets are a complete fabrication

The tweets from the right bar of the Amazon Cash Websites page are completely fake. The people who appear in these pictures are not real members of Amazon Cash Websites and are not Twitter users.

If you search those tweets on Twitter, you will not find them.

Amazon Cash Websites scam
Fake tweets

I did an image search and I actually didn’t get surprised when I saw the stock image. Scammers usually use stock pictures to create fake testimonies.

Amazon Cash Websites scam
Proof 3


They contradict themselves

They first claim you only need to work 1-2 hours a day, but when they explain how to join, they claim “work only 2-5 hours a day”.

Why can’t they be clear about what you exactly have to do and how much you will need to work? By saying that you don’t need to work much, they’re creating false expectations.

Amazon Cash Websites scam

They want people to believe that they will not have to do much work to make money, but the truth is that it requires a lot of work, especially if you’re a beginner. 

I don’t like programs like this that claim making a living online doesn’t take much effort or time. They’re giving people false expectations, so people end up getting disappointed when they realize this is much harder than they thought.


This is not a job

Another lie they tell you is that this is a job.

Well, I can assure you that this is different from an online job. This would be a job if they paid you depending on the amount of hours you worked, but the truth is that they will not pay you for the time you spend doing this.

If this were a job, then they wouldn’t tell you to pay an enrollment fee. A job wouldn’t require you to make a payment upfront.

In this case, you could put in 40 hours a week and still not get paid a dime. In fact, the first month you might not earn any money. No one can tell how much is going to take you to make money because there are so many factors to take into account (your work ethic, your experience, your skills, your knowledge, your budget…).

Amazon Cash Websites scam
This is not a job

So what is this? A business. This is a business, which is different from a job. You will get paid depending on the sales you make, something different than getting paid for the time you spend working.

How do I know this is a business? Well, as I said, I watched the sales video and also reviewed the “Money Sucking Website system” some weeks ago. In the video, the spokesman mentions “affiliate marketing websites”, which means that the program is focused on the affiliate marketing business model.

Your job as an affiliate marketer will be to promote other companies’ products/services and make a commission for each sale you make. In other terms, you will work as an intermediary between a company and a customer.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model and I personally use it to make money. It can be very lucrative when used correctly.

When it comes to the Amazon Cash Websites, the problem is that they’re not being transparent about what you will have to do. They do not even mention that this is a business, not a job. I see they’re targetting people who are looking for a job and want to earn money from day one.

And the problem I have with the Money Sucking Website system is that the training they provide doesn’t go over everything you need to know to build an affiliate marketing business that is profitable for the long-term. I explain all of this in my Money Sucking Website system review.


My final verdict on Amazon Cash Websites

I definitely don’t recommend Amazon Cash Websites or the MSW System.

They’re not honest about what they’re offering, they use fake characters and testimonials to promote this scam, they use false scarcity tactics, the training they provide is basic… There’s no way I can recommend it, but the final decision is up to you.

When people realize that there are no easy or fast ways to make money online, then they will stop wasting their time on “make money online” scams. 

Truth be told, if making a living online was easy, then don’t you think that most people would have already made a fortune?

When it comes to making money online, there are more scams than reliable programs I can recommend. After trying many ways to make money, I’ve reached the conclusion that building an online business is the way to go if you want to make a job-replacing income online.

As I said before, I use the affiliate marketing business model to make a consistent income month after month. In fact, there are many people using this business model to make a living online.

I love the fact that this business model allows people to make money from something they’re passionate about and also takes advantage of the million of products that are being sold online every single day. Yes, you will learn how to make money from Amazon products. 🙂 

It takes time and work to build a thriving affiliate marketing business, but it’s definitely worth it.

With the right step-by-step training and easy-to-use tools, I believe that anyone can achieve success in this business.

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This is your chance to stop getting scammed and get on the right track to make money online! If I can do it, so can you =)

I hope you have found the answers to the questions you had in this Amazon Cash Websites review. Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that might benefit from it.

If you have any questions or you want to share your opinion, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you soon. ? 

Best wishes!

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

32 thoughts on “Amazon Cash Websites scam – Honest review with REAL PROOF here!

  1. I think it is really suspicious that they did not say how the father makes money. Showing website does not say a lot since I have been in this industry over years and if we can’t know it, it really does not make sense to join this program. And we always know what happens when a program has upsell. Seriously thanks for this overview.

    1. Hi Furkan,

      You’re right, the fact that they’re not clear about what this is really about and what needs to get done to make money is a big red flag. Most low-quality/scam programs always talk about how much money can be made but don’t talk about the process.

      Have a great day =)


  2. This post is very informative and helpful for anyone outhere who wants to make a living online.

    Shame on all those “scammers”, its really good that you bring this up to the surface, so people can avoid being misled and fooled.

    Great job, keep it up – it will be helpful for many people, for sure!

    1. Hey Anna,

      Glad to hear that you found this post helpful, it means a lot!

      I hope people do their research, find this post and stay away from this scam.

      Have a great day =)


  3. Hi Miren,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this warning regarding Amazon Cash Website scam product, it is absolutely appreciated, thanks and huge kudos.

    I did notice though out your review and the screenshots used that the company offered zero in terms of income proof involving amazon earnings. $14,000 a month from amazon is possible, even as an associate (affiliate) but that amount is usually from someone that is running some kind of shop or dropshipping using amazon FBA.

    …I mean $14,000/month from 4.5% commission rate is a heck of a lot of sales something in the region of $300,000+ monthly or well over $3.5m gross sales volume.

    1. Hey Derek,

      Glad that my review was helpful to you =)

      You made a good point! The earnings screenshot they show is not even from Amazon. They’re just looking to rip off people who don’t know anything about the online money-making world, so I hope people will do their research  before falling for this.

      Best to you,


  4. Hey Miren! Thanks a ton for this informative post. Getting attracted by these fake scams is usually rather easy and people instead of researching further end up losing a lot of money. Surely Amazon Cash Websites might tempt people who wish to make money online but not mentioning exactly how and the number of hours a person has to work is really suspicious. Your article can sure help a lot of people from being scammed. Great job!

    1. Hi Saurav,

      Glad to hear that you found this post helpful, it means a lot! If everyone did their research I’m sure scammers wouldn’t spend their time trying to rip people off. I hope potential victims will take the time to do some research and land on this review to find the truth about this Amazon Cash Websites scam.

      Thanks for stopping by, have an amazing day =)


  5. I’m really glad I came across your page. I was thinking it was kinda iffy. I would like to know more on how to make money online but not sure where to start.

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      I’m happy to hear that this post has been helpful to you. If you’re looking to make a full-time income online, I recommend that you read my FREE earn money online guide where I explain how EVERYTHING works, how I and other people make money, where you can get started for free and more! I believe it’s going to help you get started the right way =)

      Best to you,

  6. I got a phone number with a link for this site, stupid me signed up and paid the minimum of $47 to start; I couldn’t access member page, it said to call them for original password to get in, they have NO PHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT THEM!! I have looked all over the actual website online. Of course it’s too late to contact my bank today. I guess I will hope for the best on Monday to get my funds back

    1. Hey Denise,

      Oh my, what an ugly scam! I’m really sorry that you have fallen for it… Have you contacted your bank today? If they can’t reverse the transaction, I suggest that you file a report to the BBB or FTC.

      Best of luck with getting your money back!

  7. Thank you so much. I didn’t get an email but recieved a voice mail from a missed call about this company. They gave a website of it went straight to the above mentioned you have laid out. I shared your information on my Facebook page. They had the web address specific to my city. The first place I went to was to google was this a legit company and clicked on your link first, thanks for the heads up!

    1. You are very welcome, Amy!

      These con artists usually use multiple fake websites to drive people to their scams. They detect your country/city so they claim this is exclusive for you to get you to fall for it.

      Thanks very much for sharing this post with other people, hopefully it will save them some money and time!

      Have a great day =)

  8. Awesome work providing a great service to your community. I got a phone call to go to and KNEW I would need to figure out if it was FAKE first! Of course it REEKED of B.S. and I then Googled “webstorejobs reviews” next and found you. There is always someone out there trying desperately to separate you from your HARD EARNED $$. Thank you for doing what you do Miren! 🙂

    1. Hey Angela,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words, I’m happy to know that this review saved you some money =) I’m tired of these scammers who don’t have any kind of consideration for others, I hope potential victims will do their own research just like you’ve done and avoid this scam.

      Best wishes 🙂

  9. Thank you for your time and effort investigating this. I actually received an automated telephone call stating there were 28 positions available in my area. My mother always said if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. (Today being the 2nd anniversary of her death) Her words were very loud in my ears. I desperately need a job, but NOT to be scammed. Thank you!

    1. Hey Kathryn,

      It seems there are many people who are receiving these calls. Your mother was right, I’m sure she was a beautiful person. I hope you find a job, if not, I invite you to get my free step-by-step guide where I explain how you can build a profitable online business. I will be happy to help you out!

      Have a great day =)

  10. I received a phone call from them saying they were hiring 23 people , first of all they don’t call people who did not apply for a job saying they have 23 openings and then giving a web site the web store .org my cell even said scam likely ( EVEN MY CELL KNOWS ITS A SCAM ) when I put in the web site yours also came up read your first but I knew it was a scam I receive at least one to two a month from them. JUST BEWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING ONLINE WITH THESE PEOPLE I LOVE YOU ADD

    1. How intelligent your cell is lol =) I’m glad that you didn’t fall for this scam, it seems these con artists want to scam many people…

      Thanks for dropping by!

  11. An online scammer reviewing another online scam organization… great job!! Miren, your review carries not a single ounce of legitimacy when attempting to pitch your own scam in the process. Your pathetic and useless piece of existence makes me feel ashamed having to be of the same species as you. You degenerate, unworthy, steaming pile of cow dung whose feeble little brain should be utilized for tasks strictly limited to opening that mouth to perform fellatio.

    1. Hi Dan,

      You are calling me a scammer when you don’t even have any real proofs or logical arguments… well done! I hope you consider that words have power and can be harmful. I hope you use your words more carefully next time you speak or leave a comment. I hope you realize that hate doesn’t take you anywhere. I hope you decide to be kind and loving towards yourself and other human beings.


  12. Thank you. You confirmed what I suspected when I got a phone call from “Sarah” stating she saw my online resume since I am retired and do not have a resume online. Did some research and found your website. Thanks for your hard work and for letting everyone know about this scam. ?

    1. Hi Gerry,

      I’m glad that you did your due diligence and avoided this scam. Thanks so much for your kind words! 🙂

      Have a nice day =)

  13. Thank you for posting this. I actually got a call this evening from a Sarah saying that she found my resume online and thought I would like to hear more about working for amazon writing reviews about products and could earn $17.00 to $42.00 an hour.
    People and scams suck.

    1. You’re welcome, Erin.
      It seems like many people are getting a call from this person named Sarah. I’m glad that you’ve done your own research and haven’t fallen for this scam. It sucks that there are unethical people who don’t care about ruining other people’s lives just to benefit themselves.

  14. I just received a voice message from the same Sarah person claiming that I could make $17 – 32 an hour. I don’t trust get rich quick ploys so I looked up the Amazon site she mentioned and behold everything pointed to Scam.
    Thanks for putting out this information.

  15. Thank You.
    This type of watchfullness for consumers is so very beneficial. The government is so overloaded with complaints after the “fact” of an incident.
    Very informative source.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Diane,

      Glad to hear that this information provided was helpful to you, I will continue doing this!

      Have an amazing day =)

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