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Why Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a Scam!

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Today I’m going to write about the reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam

If you’ve heard of WA but didn’t join because you were skeptical about its legitimacy, I understand you because I’ve been there and know that there are many scams out there so we need to avoid them.

Perhaps you’ve been scammed before and now you are wondering “is there any legitimate program that teaches about online marketing and how to make money online?”, and the good news is that the answer is yes, Wealthy Affiliate being one of them! 🙂  

So let’s see why WA is far from a fraud…


The owners are always willing to help 

To begin with, we get to know who created WA (Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun) and it’s been proved that they’re real people just like you and I. Take into account that scammers usually hide their real identities.

Kyle and Carson with their families

Throughout the years (since WA was founded), they’ve been showing that their main purpose is to help other people succeed. They spend vast amounts of time on the community guiding and interacting with other WA members, while also working behind the scenes trying to improve the whole platform.

Wealthy Affiliate then and now

Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that they provide ways to get in touch with them so their students can contact them whenever they have any doubts or questions. You can reach out to them by interacting with them or sending them a private message on WA. You can also find them via other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Kyle interacting with another WA member

Before launching Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson were already successful online entrepreneurs. They also own and created other two projects: Jaaxy (the most powerful keyword research tool) and Street Articles (an article directory). The fact that they had a good reputation before WA says a lot about the kind of people they’re.

Bear in mind that Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for more than 12 years, which tells us a lot about its legitimacy. Note that scams don’t last for a long time.


Let’s say bye to falses promises

They say that you can’t trust people who are saying that you can get rich quick and without doing nothing, but do Kyle and Carson claim that? No, they’ve never said that it’s possible to achieve success in an easy and fast way. 

They don’t make falses promises to their students and don’t brag about their lifestyle or their income. They’re not the ones to show pictures or videos about their life just to prey on people’s hopes and dreams. They’re straightforward and honest with WA members and will tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear.

See this blog posted by Kyle a while ago, where he talks about what it takes to build a thriving online business: If I Work at This 8 Hours Per Day.

Success won’t happen overnight

Another thing is, if you search for Wealthy Affiliate opinions and reviews, you will see they’re all positive. You will find positive reviews from real WA members, and if you’re still skeptical about it you can also contact them privately.


You can try it without spending a penny

Don’t you find it’s amazing the fact that you can get started for free

Perhaps you find it’s weird the fact that you can start without spending a coin, and you may be like “but what if I need to give them my personal and financial information to join?”.

Well, do you remember the kind of information you need to give to join social networks like Facebook and Twitter? It’s the same at WA, you only need to post your name, your email, choose a username and create a password and voilà… you have a starter WA membership! 

Join WA for free

The good thing here is, you don’t need to get a premium membership if you don’t want (even though the premium membership has some great benefits), you can remain free forever 🙂 

Know that there are no upsells either (apart from the premium membership), so there are no secret costs or fees. You also need to take into consideration that they won’t push you to buy the premium membership, the premium membership will always be available to purchase, therefore you can take your time to decide what’s better for you.


They have a sustainable business model

It’s important that you get to know about the business model the company or program is operating with before joining, so you can know whether it will stay in business for long or get shut down eventually. In the case of WA, there’s a product to sell (the premium membership) and they use affiliate marketing as a business model, which creates a win win situation because it’s beneficial for both the founders and the affiliates.

Their main focus is not on making money, it’s on providing value to people instead, and that’s what makes WA so successful and lucrative.

You also get the information about what WA includes, which lets you know if the program will be of benefit to you or not. Remember that fraudsters won’t tell you essential information like what they offer.

Below you can see a comparative table of the two WA memberships:


See you inside! 🙂 

Okay, as you can see WA is like the opposite of a scam. There are a lot of indicators that prove that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate program, from the owners to the business model.

I personally don’t know about another online business community like WA, which lets you try things out with 0 investment and provides everything you need to build a business. If you know a program like WA, let me know in the comments lol

I’ll be very happy to give you a warm welcome if you finally decide to join this amazing platform. It will be my pleasure to help you and support you along the way 🙂 

You can register now for free or read my full Wealthy Affiliate review if you want to know more about it.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding WA, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! I’ll be very glad to connect with you. Thanks a lot for reading 🙂

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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