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is a scam

Hey everyone!

Someone recently asked me about a site called, so I thought I would check it out and write a review.

Make sure you read this review until the end in order to find out what really is and end up making the right decision.

. review

Name: Th News 18

Website URL:

Owner: unknown

Price: free to sign up

Created in: December 2017

Overall Rating: 0/10


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What is claims to be an agency that works as an intermediary between the media and readers.

Their clients are supposed to be news sites owners that are looking get more visitors and gain popularity.

So is said to get paid by these news sites owners and then they pay the 80% of their earnings to readers like you and me.

For every piece of news that you read you can make $4, so you apparently get to earn $120 per day because they allow you to read 30 pieces of news every day.

Additionally, you can also make money as an affiliate as they have an affiliate program. You’re supposed to get paid $170 for every person that joins the site through your referral link.

So wouldn’t it be amazing to earn at least $290 per day? I know it would, you would be able to quit your job because $290 per day is over $8,000 per month.

And you only need to reach $1,700 to cash out, according to the information on their site. They claim to make payments via Payza and PayPal.

And the best part is, it’s free to join and you’re not required to have any special skills or previous experience so this seems to be something that anyone can do to earn a living online.

But truth be told, it’s not what they claim it to be. Let’s see what’s the real nature of


How works

You’ll have to complete a form with your email address and password in order to sign up.

Then you’ll get taken to your account dashboard where you’ll find a list of pieces of news like this:

is a scam list of news topics

If you click one of them, you’ll get taken to another page where there’s another list of sites where you can read about a specific topic. 

You can see below a news site that talks about how iPhone prices have increased in India:

is a scam
News example

So if I read it I’ll get to earn $4, right? That’s what I did, and I also got a $70 bonus. So now I have $74 and I have to reach $1,700 to claim my payment, which doesn’t seem that hard because everyday I can do what I’ve done today and get to make over $2,000 within a month.

is a scam account balance

I can also share this affiliate link below and get to earn at least $170 per each referral, right?

is a scam affiliate link

Wrong. Sharing that link and getting others to join will not make us any money, so I won’t be sharing it.


Why we won’t make money with

ThNews18 will not pay us so that’s the reason I have for not sharing my affiliate link. If I share that link and get you to join, we will not benefit in any way.

Why aren’t we going to get paid? Because is not getting paid by those news sites they talk about. And it wouldn’t make sense that they paid us without them getting paid first, nobody gives away free money.

I know the news sites they mention aren’t paying ThNews18 because ThNews18 are not affiliated with those news sites. The news articles links they’re using are not affiliate links, so they’re not getting credit because the news sites owners don’t know when their visitors are coming from

With that being said, you need to keep in mind that news sites don’t pay $4 just for reading the news. Even though some of these news sites have ads, they get paid way less than $4 for every reader that sees those ads, so they wouldn’t have enough money to pay $4 each time someone reads the news.

If helped the news sites make sales, then ThNews18 would get paid, but this is not the case here.

And the fact that doesn’t have any ads or sell any products makes me wonder how they’re making money. What I know for sure is that they didn’t create their site for nothing. The site was created with a purpose in mind.


Why does exist? exists to generate profits for its owners, not people like you and I.

They’re looking to collect personal data from as many people as possible. That’s why they are claiming we’ll get paid for getting others to join. They want to collect other people information. 

And why do they want our information? In order to sell it to other scam artists.

That’s why you can expect to receive undesired emails from people you don’t know. They’ll try to get you to buy other scam products and they might even attempt to steal your identity.

And why do they ask you for your PayPal or Payza account number when you want to claim your payment? In order to steal your account. That’s another goal of theirs.

If they really wanted to send you money, they would have enough knowing your email address. They don’t need to know your account number to pay you.


Is a scam?

Yes, there’s no doubt that is a scam. I’ve already explained why we can’t rely on that site to make money and what they’re after.

Now let’s see some scam signs that expose as the hoax it is.

  • No information about the owners. Why don’t the owners of show up? Why don’t they let us know who we’re dealing with? I personally like to know who’s behind a site or a program in order to determine whether I can trust them or not. I personally don’t like to do business with scammers or dishonest people and the fact that people behind remain hidden indicates a lack of transparency, so I don’t want anything to do with them.
  • Lack of important information. Why don’t they have at least one of the important pages (like privacy policy, terms & conditions or income disclosure)? The fact that they don’t have any of those pages indicates that they might not want you to know how they’re going to use your personal information, something of importance when it comes to making an informed choice. 
  • Another lie. I noticed in their news project section they have 2 updates but the problem is that those updates’ dates are fake. As of this review (December 18th 2017), I know they have only existed for 3 days, since I searched for the domain information.
is a scam false updates
is a scam


A real way of making money online

There’s no way I can recommend ThNews18 because it will only waste your time and money. 

Even though they’ve only been around for 3 days, I have already reviewed other sites that operate the same way like, so I know they will not pay anyone.

And today one of my readers told me he’s sent them two emails and they haven’t replied so I don’t even suggest that you try to get a response from them as their intentions are clear.

Another thing that I don’t like is the fact that they want you to believe it’s easy to make a full-time income online, since that’s far from the truth.

Making money online is like making money offline as it requires time and work from your part. If it were that easy, don’t you think that everyone would be doing this?

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This is your time to say bye to scams and get on the right track to success!

I hope I’ve answered the questions you had before coming across this review.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to share your opinion concerning I always reply to my readers! =)

Have an amazing day! ?

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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