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Printly review – Scam or $278.62 per hour?

is printly a scam
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Is Printly a scam or a great opportunity to make money online? I guess you’re here because this is what you’re wondering so make sure you read my honest review on this program before purchasing it.

I will be explaining what Printly is about, what this product offers and whether it’s possible to earn money with it or not. 

Without going further let’s start this Printly review!


Printly review

Name: Printly


Creators: Brendan Mace and Ike Paz 

Created in: 2017

Price: $14.60 + upsells

Overall Ranking: 62/100


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What is Printly about?

Printly is an Internet marketing course that focuses on a new and “never seen before” method to make money online.

Brendan, one of the creators of this product, claims that Ize has been using this method to make $278.62 per hour.

According to Brendan, this method presents the following:

  • You don’t need real tech skills or qualifications.
  • It only takes 20 minutes to set it up.
  • It has nothing to do with creating videos, affiliate marketing, email marketing, building websites or paid traffic.
  • It can make you passive income in a very short period of time.
  • It can make you $200 or more per hour.
  • It relies on free traffic.
  • It works in many different niches.

So what is this method really about? Selling printables (templates than can be printed instantly at home or with a professional print shop after downloading them).

is printly a scam


What does Printly include?

If you decide to purchase this training program, this is what you’ll learn about inside the step-by-step video training:

  • How to decide a profitable niche for printables.
  • 7 types of printables that sell the best.
  • How to create your own printables.
  • A method that Ike has been using to quickly make $100.
  • A free traffic method.
  • 2 online marketplaces to sell your printables.
  • A method to set up an online store to sell printables.

Apart from that, you’ll also get the following:

  • Free resource guide. You’ll discover free tools to use, where to get them and how to use them.
  • Bonus #1 – Top 9 profitable niches cheat-list. A list of 9 niches you can choose from.
  • Bonus #2 – Free traffic getting software. It accelerates the process to get free traffic.
  • Bonus #3 – 10K case study. Case study that shows how Brendan makes $10,000 per month with affiliate marketing.

All of this costs $14.60, which I think is quite affordable.

Furthermore, they’ll try to incite you to purchase some additional products (upsells & downsells) that are more expensive than what I’ve explained before.

  • Upsell #1 ($37). 30 done-for-you printables that you can start selling.
  • Upsell #2 ($97). License rights to resell Printly and earn 100% commissions.
  • Upsell #3 ($2,000). One-on-one personal coaching with Ike Paz.
  • Downsell #3 ($197). Coaching membership site where you can find the information that Ike teaches in his one-on-one coaching.
is printly a scam
Printly upsells & downsells


Pros & Cons of Printly

This product looks kind of decent to me, but there are some things that I don’t like, which I’ll enumerate in this section.


Pros of Printly

  • You can make money by selling printables.
  • The step-by-step training is easy to follow and understand.
  • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can get a refund.
  • The creators of this product, Brendan and Ike, are real people (not fictitious characters common in scams) and you can contact them via Facebook. 


Cons of Printly

  • Overhyped claims. They kind of exaggerate when they say “$278.62 per hour” or “20 minutes to set up” because it’s not that easy and fast. Trust me, to sell printables you’ll first need to get traffic to your store or the marketplace where you sell them, and this can’t be done in 20 minutes. It will take you days or even months to get a lot of traffic and generate good profits.
  • They claim that there are no hidden costs but don’t mention the upsells/downsells. I believe they should mention them because as a purchaser, wouldn’t you like to know the price of everything they’re going to offer you? I don’t understand why they claim that there are no hidden costs like what about the upsells or downsells?
  • You can’t try it for free. You don’t get to see whether it’s for you or not before giving them your financial information.


Is Printly a scam?

Printly is not a scam, it’s a good product because you’re getting some good lessons that will help you make money online. 

I also like that it’s true that they’re teaching a new method, I don’t know another course that teaches to sell printables. 

Most products or systems that claim to teach something new or “never seen before” end up being inappropriate products or scams.

With that being said, it won’t be as easy or fast as they claim it to be.

Just like everything worth achieving or having, it will require you to work hard and put in the effort to earn money.

No matter if you want to set up your own store to sell the printables or will want to sell them in online marketplaces, you’ll first have to attract visitors, which takes time and dedication.

Take into account that you’ll have to spend time creating your own printables, unless you purchase the 30 “done-for-you” printables that will cost you $37.

If you buy the 30 printables, note that there will be other people that will be trying to sell them.


My final thoughts 

Printly offers a good way to make money online, but it’s not the best in my opinion.

I believe there are better options for newbies and people who are looking to build a long-term online business.

If you’re willing to work hard and do what it takes to generate an income online, then there’s a digital marketing platform that I’m sure you’ll love.

This platform (free to sign up, no credit card required) offers step-by-step lessons and courses that will help you build your own business from scratch, the proper way. 

You’ll learn to build a business based on your passions/interests, and this will make the process more amusing because you’ll be doing something you love! 🙂 

I also love that this platform is full of members who are willing to support and help you out with any questions or issues you may have. I’ve been a member for more than a year now and I’ve always had my questions answered!

The owners of this platform are usually interacting with the members as well as helping them, not to mention that they keep on improving and updating the trainings and features of the platform. They genuinely care about our success. 🙂 

If you’re interested in learning more about my top recommended platform, you can now click the button below to read the full review I wrote about it:

wealthy affiliate my top recommendation


I hope this review has been helpful to you and now you have enough information to make an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to share it on social media so more people can benefit from it.

In case you have any questions or opinions regarding Printly or another online program, or simply want to request a review, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. I love hearing from my readers! 🙂 

All the best 🙂 

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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  1. Miren, I love people like you for your helpfulness, your integrity in serving all of us who would love to start making a few homest bucks online
    Bless you sister!

    1. Thanks for your beautiful message, John!
      I’m glad to know that what I’m doing is being helpful, I’ll keep up this way =)

      Have an amazing day 🙂

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