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Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam or $500/day from YouTube? Full review!

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Welcome to my Tube Profit Sniper review!

Looking at this new product called Tube Profit Sniper ( and wondering if you can earn a substantial income from YouTube? Or is it just another scam created to get as much money as possible from you?

There are too many low-quality products and scams out there so it’s necessary that you do your research in order to make a wise and educated decision. Doing your due diligence is the way to avoid scams and find the legit way to earn money online!

Here in this review, I will show you what Tube Profit Sniper really is, how it really works, what they don’t tell you and more. 


Tube Profit Sniper review

Name: Tube Profit Sniper

Website URL:

Creator: “Mike Andrews”

Price: $37 or $17 (discount) + upsells

Launched in: May 2018

Overall Ranking: 21/100


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What is Tube Profit Sniper about?

The moment I came across the Tube Profit Sniper sales page I thought I was in front of another get-rich-quick scheme because of the hype and outrageous claims. 

But I didn’t want to conclude it was just another ClickBank product like others I’ve recently exposed so I decided to watch the sales video and after watching it I was not surprised at all, since it’s very similar to other scam videos I’ve watched in the past.

According to the spokesman, Mike Andrews has created this amazing system called Tube Profit Sniper that is helping people make at least $500 per day from YouTube. 

Even though they also claim it can make you over $2,000/day, which is kind of a contradiction. I mean, what’s the real earning potential of this system?

Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
Contradictory claims

In fact, he claims all his students have started earning money the same day they’ve purchased this system and they didn’t even have any technical skills or experience in Internet marketing.

This is a “done-for-you” system that doesn’t require you to do much work to start making money. As you can read in the picture above, it supposedly only requires 17 minutes to set up.

Oh, and it also makes money on autopilot so you will be able to take some days off without worrying about making money.

He makes it sound as if this was the system that will finally enable you to become financially free and have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? I mean, most people would have made a fortune online if systems like this really worked.

So, I can tell you right now that making a full-time income online is not as easy as he claims and there’s so much more to it. 

The Tube Profit Sniper sales video is very misleading, it’s overhyped and doesn’t tell you everything you need to know to make a good decision concerning this product. That’s why I’m here to let you know the truth and the red flags I’ve found.


How Tube Profit Sniper really works 

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to make money with the method taught in Tube Profit Sniper, the short answer is yes. 

However, it doesn’t work as easily as the spokesman claims. 

According to him, you only need to take 4 steps to make this system work:

  • Step 1. Log in
  • Step 2. Pick a niche (choose a topic you’re passionate about)
  • Step 3. Connect your cash siphon
  • Step 4. Collect your money

He makes it sound as if you just had to push a few buttons to start making money, but then when you get inside the course you realize there’s a lot of work to do.


The business model

Tube Profit Sniper focuses on a business model called affiliate marketing, which I also use to make money online.

If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing before, it basically consists in revenue sharing. As an affiliate marketer, you will be promoting other people’s products/services and will earn a commission each time someone purchases a product through your affiliate link.

There are many ways you can promote a product or service to earn money. In this case, Tube Profit Sniper is geared towards using YouTube to promote affiliate products.

This is the step-by-step process you will basically need to follow:

  • Choose a topic you’re interested in.
  • Open a YouTube channel.
  • Create videos about the topic you’ve chosen.
  • Join affiliate programs and networks.
  • Find products relevant to your audience and get your affiliate links.
  • Add affiliate links to your YouTube videos.
  • Get your YouTube videos ranked in the search engines.
  • Make commissions when people buy the products you’ve recommended.

Most affiliate programs and networks are free to join but some of them will require you to have a website or a minimum of traffic to your channel, that’s why you might not be able to promote many affiliate products when you’re getting started.

Apart from your YouTube videos getting ranked on the search engines, you can promote them on social networks, your email list (if you have one) and your website (if you have one).

I personally recommend that you primarily focus on creating valuable videos that can help your target audience before thinking about making sales because you first want to earn your audience’s trust.


The training

Tube Profit Sniper costs $37, but you can get it for $17 if you try to exit the sales page.

Once inside the members area, you will be able to start watching the training videos that explain things like:

  • How to start a YouTube channel.
  • How to find good keywords to get your videos ranked.
  • How to add a logo or image to your channel.
  • How to add a description to your channel.
  • How to add pictures to your videos.
  • The different styles of videos you can create.

In total, inside the Tube Profit Sniper course there are 19 videos divided in 9 parts. The problem I see is that they don’t talk about how to choose a niche, how to find good affiliate products to promote or how to monetize your YouTube channel with ads. 

The training merely covers the getting started part, but I honestly didn’t expect much for $17 that I paid.

Apart from that, there are three videos about:

  • Making money by taking surveys
  • User testing
  • Freelancing

Paid surveys and user testing are good methods to earn extra money, but not a full-time income. I personally didn’t like that these videos are from other YouTube channels like why pay for them if you can find them for free on YouTube?

This is how the members area looks:

Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
Tube Profit Sniper members area

Oh, and I noticed that the “extra fast cash strategies” has no video.

I’m actually not surprised with what’s included inside Tube Profit Sniper, since it’s very similar to other ClickBank products I’ve bought in the past, like 60 Minute Profit Plan.

There’s more stuff included in the members area, which I’ll go over in the next section because they’re related to other red flags.


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Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?

I know many people would call Tube Profit Sniper a scam because it doesn’t live up to its promises. I mean, there’s no way someone is going to make $500 per day in a short period of time.

Not to mention that the training the provide doesn’t cover everything you need to know to make a substantial income from affiliate marketing.

In my opinion, Tube Profit Sniper is a low-quality product like many others I’ve exposed. Some of them are the following:

With that being said, let’s see what I don’t like about Tube Profit Sniper and other red flags I’ve found.


The testimonials are paid actors

The people who appear in the sales video and claim to have earned thousands of dollars thanks to this system are not real members and don’t even have YouTube channels.

They’re Fiverr actors that have appeared in other videos from other low-quality/scam products.

For example, this woman below has appeared in the AZ Code sales video too:

Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
Fake testimonial
Is The AZ Code a scam?
Fake testimonial (The AZ Code)
Is The AZ Code a scam?
Proof 1

And this guy below is also a Fiverr actor:

Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
False testimony
Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
Proof 2

If Tube Profit Sniper really worked like they claim in the sales video, they wouldn’t have had to pay these actors to get positive opinions.


The comments are fake

In the sales page, we can also find some Facebook comments and tweets, but the problem is that they’re completely invented.

They look fake to me and just by observing them you can conclude they’re fabricated.

Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
Fake comments

As you can observe above, they have used the same picture for “Scott Sibley” and “Howard Myers”, which is an indication that the man who appears in the picture has nothing to do with Tube Profit Sniper.

I mean, it makes no sense that the same person has two different names. It’s clear that they’re all fake. You can even search on Facebook and Twitter for those comments and you will not find them.


Mike Andrews is not the real owner

The spokesman claims Mike Andrews is the owner of Tube Profit Sniper, but this is not true.

Firstly, we’re not shown any picture of himself and he doesn’t even tell us how we can get in touch with him. 

Secondly, we’re shown a picture of someone who’s supposed to be his friend but I did an image search and found out that this picture is being used in many other websites, which means that the people behind this program has got that picture from other websites.

Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
Fake characters
Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
Proof 3

All of this leads me to believe that everything we’re told about Mike Andrews is fake. He’s a made up character used for this low-quality product.

The fact that the people behind this program doesn’t show up is a red flag because it means they’re trying to hide something. I personally wouldn’t buy anything from people who are lying about their identity.


They pressure you to purchase it

Another thing I don’t like is the fact that they use the fake scarcity tactic to get you to purchase it. There’s no way there are limited spots left because this product has been sent to many email addresses.

These con artists have affiliates who send these kind of systems to their email subscribers, which means that they want to reach as many people as possible.

The truth is that they claim there are limited spots left to get you to buy it as fast as possible, but they never limit themselves when it comes to the amount of sales they want to make. They will not reject your payment because they want to earn as much money as possible.


The upsells

After paying $37 or $17 for this product, you can expect to be bombarded with upsells and downsells.

There are 3 upsells and downsells:

  • Upsell & Downsell 1 – Gold version a.k.a. Tube Profit Sniper Pro ($147/$97)
  • Upsell & Downsell 2 – Platinum version a.k.a. Auto Profit Multiplier ($97/$47)
  • Upsell & Downsell 3 – Titanium version a.k.a. Tube Profit Duplicator ($97/$47)
Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
“Tube Profit Duplicator”

I don’t like the fact that in the main sales page they don’t mention these upsells or downsells because knowing all the costs is something you want to know.

I got access to these additional products and found out that they’re not what they tell us.

If you purchase them, this is what you will receive:

  • Gold version – Online Income Formula (a PLR product)
  • Platinum version – 21 videos about YouTube ads
  • Titanium version – Overnight commissions by Glynn Kosky

Note that these products cost something like $10, way less than what they’re selling them for. Well, this is understandable. 

What it’s not ok is the fact that they’re marketing them as a different products than what they are. It’s unethical to deceive people this way.

I mean, you wouldn’t like to purchase a shirt and receive a jumper on delivery day, would you?


The problem with their recommendations

Last but not least, I don’t like their recommendations because they’re not good.

Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam?
Bad recommendations

For example, they recommend that you claim your “free” website (it’s not even free) with CoolHandle, which has many complaints.

They also recommend that you purchase a product I exposed called eCom Profit Sniper, but the problem is that it’s another low-quality product and is about dropshipping, it has nothing to do with making money from YouTube. Why are they recommending it if it’s about another business model?? Honestly, I see it kind of unnecessary.

Another problem I see is that they don’t provide any training about website traffic or content creation. Like really? If they’re telling you to build a website, don’t you think they should at least provide some training on content creation and traffic?

All of this leads me to believe that they don’t care about helping you build a successful online business. They’re using affiliate links so the reason why they are recommending CoolHandle and eCom Profit Sniper is to earn affiliate commissions at your expense.


Learn to build a complete affiliate marketing business

After everything I’ve explained, I conclude that Tube Profit Sniper is not worth it. I don’t like that they market it as a get-rich-quick scheme because it gives people false expectations and some might end up losing hope when it comes to making money online.

The good thing I see about it is the fact that it’s sold via ClickBank, which means that you can get a refund if you end up getting this product.

In order to build a successful affiliate marketing business, it’s important that you choose the right niche, build your own website, build an audience and recommend valuable products/services that you believe in.

It’s not easy or fast to build an online business using the affiliate marketing business model, but putting in the effort and time ends up paying off.

There are many people who are using this business model to earn a full-time income online, so I believe you can do it if you are committed to doing the work and get the proper step-by-step training and marketing tools.

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I’m so excited for you to leave the low-quality/scam products behind and get your affiliate marketing business started today!


I hope this honest review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision for you.

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions concerning Tube Profit Sniper, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! ? 

Best wishes =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

14 thoughts on “Is Tube Profit Sniper a scam or $500/day from YouTube? Full review!

  1. What a great and detailed review. I was looking for a review for tube profit sniper and I found your detailed review about this service very useful. It answered all my questions and I’m glad that I found your blog with many useful reviews and post. I’ll visit your site again and looking forward to see more useful posts on your site.

  2. Thank you so much Miren, for telling us about yet another clickbank scam. I have seen this advertised on clickbank and I am so glad I read your review before I got sucked in. I really appreciate you providing us with information on these scam products.
    I am totally with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate training for the money.
    Thanks again, I am going to check out your other articles right now!

    1. Hey Curtis,

      Glad that you found this review helpful, it means a lot =) You’re right, I still haven’t found an affiliate marketing platform better than Wealthy Affiliate!

      Have a great day 🙂


  3. This program sounds like a big scam, it is a lot harder to make money from youtube. I think gaining traffic and subscribers to youtube is a lot harder then anything else. I also know about fivver so if they are actually getting fake testimonials then they are hiding something. Thanks for this really good review on them.

    1. Hi Justin!

      Glad to hear that this Tube Profit Sniper review was of help =) I agree, the con artists behind this product want to hide the fact that it doesn’t work like they claim, that’s why they paid those Fiverr actors for positive reviews.

      Best to you,


  4. It looks like a scam for sure. I mean who would use his friend’s pic? But even that is not even his friend. He is probably just some actor.
    You said that eCom Profit Sniper is also scam and I was actually looking for a good dropshipping training. Can you recommend me one?

    1. These con artists are always using other people’s pictures for their invented stories lol. Well, I actually did not say that eCom Profit Sniper is a scam, I said it’s a low-quality program. If you’re looking to make money dropshipping, I recommend that you check out some dropshipping courses on Udemy, some are free and others not so expensive.

  5. Hi Miren,

    This is a great post on how Tube Profit sniper and to be frank with you it’s my first time to hear about this. After reading this post, I realized that their claims on how you to make money right way are not true,

    Am beginning to learn about online business and particularly I’d like to know how I can make money online through YouTube videos. Which is your best recommendation in terms posting videos? I wouldn’t want to use a way which would my hard earned money.

    Wishing you success.


    1. Hey Paul,

      Happy to hear that you found this Tube Profit Sniper review helpful! 

      If you want to use YouTube to make money as an affiliate marketer, I recommend that you talk about a topic that you really love (relevant to your audience) and then include a link to your website post in the video description. Your website post will include your affiliate link so you will earn a commission when someone purchases your recommended product/service through your link. You can also include tags in your YouTube video so that people find it more easily. 

      I hope this helps!


  6. Tube Profit Sniper is likely not a complete scam, but it sure sounds like it can’t live up to its own hype either.

    I’ve been looking for other ways to make money online and there are just so many scams out there, that’s why I like to research things first.

    It’s sites like yours that really help people like me avoid the scams and cons in the online world. I think I’ll give this particular “opportunity” a miss.

    1. Hey Darren,

      It’s great that you do your research before getting involved in a money-making opportunity because there are many scams out there, as you said.

      I’m tired of these scammers so I’m committed to providing more honest reviews like this =)

      Best wishes!


  7. Hi, Miren!

    Thanks for a great and detailed review. I had never heard of this program before, but thanks to you, I can now know that I should stay away from it!
    I’ll keep an eye on your site and your reviews.

    Thanks again! Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Hi Marios,

      You’re very welcome! I’m glad that this review was helpful to you =)

      Have an amazing day! 🙂


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