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Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam or legit automated system? Truthful review

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam?

Welcome to my Easy Retired Millionaire review!

Have you come across the Easy Retired Millionaire sales page ( and wondering if this system can make you real money online? Or is it just another scam that you need to stay away from?

I’ve personally come across many systems like this one and they all have a lot in common. It must be very easy to create these kind of automated systems because there are many of them. 

Here in this Easy Retired Millionaire review, I will show you what this system is really about, how it really works and what you need to know about it so that you end up making an informed decision.


Easy Retired Millionaire review

Name: Easy Retired Millionaire

Website URL:

Owner: “Kathy Graham”

Price: $37 + upsells

Overall Rating: 2/10


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What is Easy Retired Millionaire about?

The sales page for Easy Retired Millionaire looks like other scam pages I’ve come across in the past. A page with a “free” video that supposedly can change your life.

And what about the title? It makes you think that the person who has created it is a millionaire that has retired easily. In fact, I remember some months ago I reviewed another get-rich-quick scheme called Retired Millionaire.

Anyway, I wanted to know if this one was what I was thinking about so I started watching the sales video. And you know what? I’m not surprised after watching the sales video and doing some research.

This system is another “too good to be true” system that makes this kind of claims:

  • You don’t need to do much work to make money online.
  • You are not required to have any prior experience or special skills.
  • You can earn money inmediately.
  • It works on complete autopilot.
  • You can start living your dream lifestyle thanks to this system.
  • You will not have to worry about money or paying the bills ever again.

Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? People who create these “magical” systems really know how to get you excited.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam?
“simply click and sit back”

They take advantage of the fact that there are people who know nothing about making money online so that they will believe it’s easy. I mean, the Internet allows us to get fast access to websites and social networks, so these con artists want you to believe that earning money online happens fast too.

But if you think about it, why hasn’t everyone made a fortune online yet? If these automated systems make it so easy for people to make money, why isn’t everyone rich yet?

Truth be told, these “amazing” systems don’t work like the owners want you to believe. Most of these are just scams created to rob you blind.

They just tell you what you want to hear to take your money. It’s no different from other low-quality products I’ve recently reviewed like Doodle Starter, The AZ Code or 30 Minute Money Methods.

So here I am to let you know what they do not tell you and the truth about it.


Can you make money with Easy Retired Millionaire?

The short answer is that you might make some money, but not as much as “Kathy” claims. And definitely, it will not happen fast.

Remember that “Kathy” talks about earning commissions with just one click? This indicates that this system will not teach you to create your own products, it’s basically based on promoting other people’s products to make money.

This way of earning money online is called affiliate marketing, a legitimate business model that many people are using to earn a living online.

I personally use affiliate marketing to make money and know it can be very lucrative when done the proper way.

However, the problem here is that Easy Retired Millionaire is not telling you the truth on how this business model works or what you will have to do to make money.

I personally don’t like the fact that they do not say anything about what kind of training you’re getting with this system or where these “autopilot” commissions come from. 

“Kathy” claims that you’re earning commissions while watching the sales video, something that makes no sense. She doesn’t even say what she’s selling to make that money. It’s all so fake.

She doesn’t even mention the way they will teach you to do affiliate marketing to make money, which is a red flag because there are many ways to do affiliate marketing and not all of them are good for the long-term.

I had a look at the checkout page and I didn’t like the fact that they claim this system is “secret” because it is not. Anyone with a laptop or smartphone and an Internet connection can get access to it. Not to mention that they don’t even say what “bonuses” you’re going to get. Would you purchase a product you don’t know what includes? I personally would think twice before submitting my payment.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam?
Easy Retired Millionaire checkout page

And what about the price? Do you think that a system that can apparently make you thousands of dollars is only going to cost $37? Think again.

The way these low-quality products work is by making you think that you’re receiving a lot for a small amount of money, but this is only to get you ready to do the big spending.

After you purchase this system (if you do), they will try to get you to purchase another product by making you believe that you need it to make more money, and then another one and so on.


Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam?

I don’t consider Easy Retired Millionaire to be a 100% scam because you’re getting something for your money and you can also get your money back. I mean, this is not like the cryptocurrency and binary options scam softwares where you make a deposit and lose all your money. 

In my opinion, this is just another poor quality product that doesn’t deliver much. The training you’re going to get is not going to allow you to earn money fast or easily, that’s for sure. In fact, there’s no product out there that can give you financial freedom in a short amount of time.

To be honest, I didn’t see the necessity to buy this product because the red flags I’ve found indicate that it works the same way as other get-rich-quick schemes I’ve exposed. 


Kathy Graham doesn’t show up

Kathy Graham, the alleged owner of this system, doesn’t show any picture of herself and doesn’t even tell us how to get in touch with her.

I personally don’t trust programs or systems whose owners don’t show up because it means that they’re trying to hide something. I mean, if her system is that good why does she hide? Or why do the people behind this system hide?

When it comes to low-quality programs or scams, I’m not surprised that we’re not show who the real owners are because scammers usually hide or fake their identities to avoid getting persecuted.

In my opinion, Kathy Graham is a made up character used to promote this get-rich-quick scheme.


The testimonies are fake

The people who appear in the sales video and claim to have made money with this system haven’t really purchased this product.

They’re nothing more than actors and spokespeople that have got paid to recite the script the con artists have given them.

For example, this man below sells his services on Fiverr:

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam?
Fake testimonial
Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam?

If this system really worked like they claim, then they wouldn’t have had to hire Fiverr actors to get positive opinions. 


Limited spots available

The fact that that claim there are only 45 spots left is a red flag because this is the tactic that many of these get-rich-quick schemes use to make you take action as soon as possible.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam?
Fake scarcity

The truth is that they want as many people as possible to pay for this system. These con artists send the link to products like this to lots of subscribers so there’s no such thing as it being limited.


Your fake account results

Remember that “Kathy” talks about how much money is coming into your new account during the video?

Well, this is completely fake because it’s not happening live. I mean, it’s a YouTube video that has already been uploaded so there’s no way it’s happening live.

If you watch the video tomorrow, it will say the same thing. She doesn’t even say where the commissions are coming from so it’s obviously fake.


The truth about earning money online

I definitely don’t recommend the Easy Retired Millionaire system, but the final decision is up to you.

I also checked out their disclaimer, where the truth about this product is stated:

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam?
Easy Retired Millionaire disclaimer

As you can read above, average results are not known, which means that there’s no way to know what results you will have.

No matter the method or system you try to make money, success or money are never guaranteed. There are many factors you need to take into consideration when it comes to making money online: your experience, your work ethic, the business model, your knowledge…

You know what’s for sure? It will not happen easily or fast. Without putting in the work and time, you will not earn anything. You will stop wasting time on scams when you keep this in mind.

There are many people making a full-time income online through affiliate marketing, so I believe this is possible for anyone who is willing to do the work and gets the right step-by-step training and marketing tools.

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This online business you will learn to build will be based on a topic you’re passionate about and will make you money for many years to come. It’s just a matter of time and effort.


It’s your time to leave the scams behind and get on the right track to make money online!

I hope you have found the answers to the questions you had concerning Easy Retired Millionaire and you will make the best possible decision.

If there’s something else you want to know or you would like to share your opinion, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you soon. 🙂 

Best wishes!

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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