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Is CryptoCash For Beginners a scam? Review reveals UGLY TRUTHS!

Is CryptoCash For Beginners a scam? Review reveals UGLY TRUTHS!
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Welcome to my CryptoCash For Beginners review!

Wondering if you can earn thousands of dollars thanks to this new “system” that has recently been released? Or is CryptoCash For Beginners a scam that will waste your time and lose your hard-earned money?

Well, the first thing I need to do is to congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research because this is the way to avoid scams and discover the legit way to earn money online!

Honestly, I’m not affiliated with Crypto Cash For Beginners so you will not see any affiliate link on this review.

I’m just going to show you how this system really works, the scam signs I have found and more.


CryptoCash For Beginners review

Name: CryptoCash For Beginners


Created in: July 2018

Price: $37 + upsells

Owner: “Edward Clark”

Overall Rating: 1/5


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What is CryptoCash For Beginners about?

According to the spokesman for the CryptoCash For Beginners sales video, you will discover a secret that will allow you to turn $5 into $5,000 in no time.

He even claims you could already be making money in 20 minutes from now, just by trading cryptocurrency.

CryptoCash For Beginners has supposedly been designed to help complete beginners earn huge sums of money by trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

All you have to do is to sit in front of your laptop and make the trades that this amazing system tells you to make.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any previous trading experience or technical skills, anyone can make money thanks to Crypto Cash For Beginners.

It’s a “done-for-you” system so you don’t have to do much work to make money trading cryptocurrency, he even says that you don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin.

Everything he says about this system sounds awesome but after watching the sales video and doing intensive research, I found out that this is not as good as he wants you to believe.

The sales video is kind of misleading and I’m not even surprised, to be honest. I have reviewed many ClickBank products like this one and it turns out that they never work as advertised so I’m sure CryptoCash For Beginners is no better than the following:


The truth about CryptoCash For Beginners

If you are wondering if you can make money thanks to CryptoCash For Beginners, the answer is yes.

However, you will not make the kind of money they talk about because this system is not as good as they claim. There are no secrets to turn $5 into $5,000 in a short period of time.

Yes, it’s possible to earn huge profits with cryptocurrency and there are people who have made millions, but it’s also very risky so there’s no guarantee that you will make any money at all.

CryptoCash For Beginners is no special system that can guarantee you will earn money with cryptocurrency. 

According to them, you can profit fast because the value of a cryptocurrency can increase fast, but they don’t mention that it can also go down very quickly, which means that you can also lose a lot of money and CryptoCash For Beginners is not going to give you any secrets to prevent you from losing the trades.

That’s why I don’t recommend that you invest more than you can afford to lose if you end up getting into cryptocurrency.

If you pay $37 to get Crypto Cash For Beginners, you will be provided with a comprehensive beginner’s guide that will supposedly tell you how to trade step-by-step but this guide does not guarantee that the trades you make will be profitable.

They also claim they will send you some trading signals two or three days every week and some daily cryptocurrency tips, which means that this is not really a done-for-you system like the spokesman claims.

I mean, you will have to learn, research and make the trades, so it’s not done-for-you at all because you are the one who will have to do the work.

They make it sound as if this was an amazing system that can guarantee you always win the trades you make but the truth is that it cannot guarantee anything at all.


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CryptoCash For Beginners scam signs & red flags

I have found some red flags that tell me Crypto Cash For Beginners is not as legitimate and good as they want you to believe, so I’m going to point out all these scam signs to bring awareness.


  • Edward Clark is probably a made up character

Edward Clack is supposed to be the owner of Crypto Cash For Beginners and he claims to have earned over a million of dollars in the ten months he’s been trading cryptocurrency.

However, he doesn’t show his face and doesn’t tell us how we can get in touch with him so how can we trust him? 

There’s no real proof that he’s a millionaire or that he’s making money trading cryptocurrency. I also searched for information about him but there’s nothing regarding Erward Clark and cryptocurrency.

Successful traders in the crypto space are usually on social networks talking about anything related to crypto, so what about Edward Clark? Wouldn’t he be known in the crypto industry if he was really a millionaire?

Because of this, I believe Edward Clark is a fictitious character used to market CryptoCash For Beginners.

I review products like this all the time and I have noticed that many of them are promoted under fake names.


  • The testimonials are fake

What about the people who appear in the sales video and claim to have made thousands of dollars thanks to CryptoCash For Beginners?

I’m sorry to tell you this but the truth is that they are not real members and they might not even be making money trading cryptocurrency.

They are people who sell video testimonials on freelancing sites like 

Below you can see the proof:

Fake testimonial

These Fiverr actors usually sell these video testimonials for as little as $5 (4.49€), which is no big deal for the con artists behind CryptoCash For Beginners.

The fact that they are using fake testimonies is an indication that what they are offering is not as good as they claim.


  • They are not transparent when it comes to the cost

Another red flag I have found is that they are not honest concerning the total cost of this product. 

I mean, if you end up purchasing Crypto Cash For Beginners, you can expect to get bombarded with some upsells.

How do I know this? In the page for affiliates, they claim each affiliate can earn up to $844 per sale, which would not make sense if Crypto Cash For Beginners only cost $37.

If each affiliate can earn $844, then the total cost must be higher than $844. 

“$844 per sale”

They will tell you that you need these upsells in order to make more money or make money faster, but the truth is that they just want to take your money. They will try to get as much money as possible from you.

After all, it would make no sense that they sold a valuable product for only $37.


  • It’s marketed as a get-rich-quick scheme

One of the biggest red flags is the fact that they are marketing this product as a way to earn thousands of dollars fast.

For example, in the email swipes they have prepared for affiliates, they claim you can make $10,000 in 5 days only working 10 minutes a day.

“$10,000 in just five days”

Everything they say sounds like the typical get-rich-quick scheme that doesn’t really work. 

It also seems that they are targetting people who are looking for a way to get urgent cash instead of people who are looking to get started trading cryptocurrency.

I mean, they wouldn’t be saying over and over again that you can make thousands of dollars in no time if they were focused on people who want to learn and make money with cryptocurrency.

There’s really no system or way to earn thousands of dollars quickly with little to no work, especially if you are a beginner.

That’s why you will get disappointed if you believe what these get-rich-quick schemes promise. These scammers just tell you what you would like to hear to make money at your expense.


Is CryptoCash For Beginners a scam?

CryptoCash For Beginners will not make you a millionaire like it claims, it’s way overhyped.

So is Crypto Cash For Beginners a scam? It really depends on how you define scam. I know there will be people who call it a scam because it doesn’t live up to its promises.

In my opinion, it’s not a complete scam because they provide you with some training and you can also get a refund since it’s a ClickBank product.

However, if you invest more than you can afford to lose, you might end up losing money so it’s important that you are aware of it if you decide to get involved with crypto.

From my point of view, you might benefit more if you check out cryptocurrency courses on platforms like Udemy because some courses are created by experts and you can also read real reviews from people who have bought them.

After everything I have mentioned in this review, I don’t recommend Crypto Cash For Beginners.


What about trying something less risky?

Cryptocurrencies cannot provide you with a stable, consistent monthly income because they’re volatile and highly risky, so it’s good to go into it thinking that there’s no guarantee you will make more money than you invest or that you make money at all.

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It’s a newbie-friendly business model that takes advantage of many of the products that are being sold online every day.

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I hope this CryptoCash For Beginners review has been helpful to you and you will make the best possible decision. Don’t hesitate to share it with whoever you believe that will benefit from it!

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! ? 

Whatever you do next, I wish you nothing but the best =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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