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Is Copy My Email System a scam or can you make money sending emails? Honest review

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Welcome to my Copy My Email System review!

Have you come across and are wondering whether you can earn money by sending emails everyday or is Copy My Email System a scam created to rob you blind?

There are many scams nowadays so you need to ensure you know what you’re in front of before opening your wallet. That’s the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to earn passive income online!

I’m glad you’ve landed on this review because you’re going to find out the truth about, whether it can help you make money or not and more.


Copy My Email System review

Name: Copy My Email System


Owners: “Bobby”, Brian Jones?, Michael Beeson?

Price: “Free” 

Recommended? No


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What is Copy My Email System about?

The moment I saw how the Copy My Email System sales page looked, the words “get-rich-quick scheme” came to mind because of the bold claim “$160 to $440 a day sending simple emails…”.

It just sounded too good to be true so I started watching the sales video to find out how this works.

The spokesman, who is supposed to be named Bobby, claims he’s been working online for 19 years and has managed to earn millions through email marketing.

He talks about the lavish lifestyle he has. He travels the world, he doesn’t have to worry about paying the mortgage, his wife doesn’t have to work and he gets to spend time with his children. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Now he’s giving you the chance to partner with him and start earning money immediately, and the best part is, it’s completely free.

is a scam
Fake claim

According to him, he now has over a million subscribers on his email list, so he’s looking for people to send emails for him and he’s going to pay them in return.

It seems a win-win situation because you’ll be helping him send emails faster and profit more, so he’ll pay you for that.

And you will not even have to worry about building a list. You’ll just have to log in every day, select an email to send and then you’ll get paid $0.20 every time someone clicks a link of your email. If you do this everyday, they’re supposed to add 500 subscribers to your list every week.

Oh, and they also offer an affiliate program, so you’re supposed to make money by getting others to join. They claim you can earn 10 cents for each of their link clicks.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Yes, it seems a great money-making opportunity for everyone because we all know how to send emails, so it would be awesome to get paid for it.

However, after doing intensive research, I found out that CopyMyEmailSystem is not what it appears to be.

Let’s see how it really works.


How does Copy My Email System really work?

After joining Copy My Email System for free, you get access to the members area where you can start watching the videos where they explain what you have to do next.

They’ll tell you to purchase an email sending account so you can start sending the emails and make money.

This costs $1.95 the first 5 days and then an additional payment of $97.

is a scam
CopyMyEmailSystem price

Then they claim you can jump start your commissions by 10 weeks if you buy a package of 5000 subscribers for a one time fee of $199.

is a scam
CopyMyEmailSystem upsell

But this doesn’t finish here. There’s more.

Remember that they have an affiliate program? Well, they claim every referral that generates 100 clicks a day can make you $300 per month in commissions. 

Therefore, they’re 3 offering packages of referrals a.k.a. emailers: 

  • 20 referrals for $297
  • 5 emailers for $97
  • 2 emailers for $47
is a scam
CopyMyEmailSystem referrals packages

After all this, I’m wondering:

  • Where do the subscribers come from? Are they going to be interested in the emails they get?
  • Where do the referrals come from? And how can I know they’re real people?

They don’t explain anything of that, something that’s important to know to ensure an informed decision. 

And then, after you set up your account, start sending emails and people click links, your red flashing commissions amount will start to rise and rise, something that will make you believe this is the real deal.

is a scam
CopyMyEmailSystem red flashing commissions

However, you need $500 in order to claim your payment, something that’s not that easy to achieve in little time.

If you do some math, you need 2500 clicks to earn $500.

Anyway, we’ve seen that this is not free like “Bobby” claims. This is a big red flag.


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Is Copy My Email System a scam?

After everything I’ve found out regarding Copy My Email System, I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s a scam.

In fact, it’s not new. This scam has other names like Guaranteed Email System, GIM System, The Email Syndicate, Guaranteed Income Machine…

I believe the people behind this are the same who are running another scam I’ve exposed in the past called Profit With Michael.

Scammers usually change the name of their scams in order to mislead and confuse potential victims. 

Let’s see the scam signs and red flags that prove this system is not worth it.


The testimonials of the members area are not real members

If you’ve joined Copy My Email System and have taken a look at the members area, you might remember some of the video testimonials. These people claim to have been successful with this system.

For example, this one below:

is a scam
Fake testimonial

However, I found out she’s a paid actress who sells her services on Fiverr for $5:

is a scam
Proof (source:

If people had been successful with this system, then the con artists behind CMES wouldn’t have paid for positive opinions.


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The type of emails you’ll be sending

What about the type of emails you’ll be sending? What are they about? 

While watching the videos, I noticed some examples of the emails you will send if you decide to buy this system.

Here’s one of them:

is a scam
CMES email example

As you can observe above, I highlighted the red flag found in that email. 

Do you believe it’s ok to tell people they can make a full time income online in 5 minutes?? It’s a complete lie and you wouldn’t be doing your subscribers any favor by saying that.

We all know that making money online doesn’t happen fast or easily, so saying things like that only creates false expectations.

In fact, that’s not what genuine entrepreneurs do. That’s what scam artists do.

By sending emails like that, you would only be doing the scammers dirty work. I guess the links on those emails will take people to other scam programs.

Those email examples just prove what kind of people we’re dealing with. I personally don’t want to do business with con artists like the ones behind Copy My Email System.


The complaints

If the video testimonials that can be found in the Copy My Email System members area are paid actors, then what about the people who have bought this system? How’s their experience been?

As I said before, this system goes by other names. I’ve found out many complaints about the GIM System. 

Let’s see some of them:

is a scam
GIM System a.k.a. CMES complaints

No one who has tried this system has got paid. It’s all fake and fabricated to get you to believe you’re making money so that you upgrade and pay and pay, and then when you reach the payout threshold of $500, they will make excuses or will not reply.

Many people have been emailing them and the scammers have even terminated their accounts. That’s what you can expect from these swindlers, they do the most to get your money and then run.


Get on the right way to make money online

I definitely don’t recommend that you purchase Copy My Email System. No one has made money from it but the scammers who have created it.

When it comes to making money online, there are more scams than programs I can recommend. 

Scammers take advantage of the fact that there are people who are in need and don’t know the truth about earning money online

Truth be told, no matter the method you use to make money online, you’ll have to put in the work and time. It will not happen without making efforts. 

It was when I realized this that I stopped believing in get-rich-quick schemes and started working my butt off.

The business model I use has given me the way to generate a consistent income month after month.

And I believe you can do this too if you get the proper training, tools & support and you’re committed to learning, working hard and never giving up.

Many people are doing this and have been able to quit their day jobs and work from home full-time.

If you’re interested in learning how and where you can get started for free, click the button below now:

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You’ll learn how this business works and where you can find the right step-by-step training, tutorials and tools that will help you build a sustainable online business.

I also let you know that you’ll get help and support from me, other bloggers & Internet entrepreneurs. Looking forward to seeing you in the right track to make money online!

I’m very happy with the messages and feedback I’ve been getting lately. This is one of the messages that make me smile:

Amazon From Home scam wa positive comment

I hope you’ve found the answers you were looking for in this Copy My Email System review.

If you have any questions or want to share your opinion, leave your thoughts in the comments area below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Cheers 🙂 

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

34 thoughts on “Is Copy My Email System a scam or can you make money sending emails? Honest review

    1. Sorry to hear this, Laylan…
      I know it’s difficult to trust sites or programs if you’ve been scammed multiple times. I remember when I was getting started I almost got scammed and read comments about other people getting scammed so I had a hard time believing it was possible to make a living online, until I read about the affiliate marketing business model and how it works. It’s my top recommended way to make money online and I believe you can make this work if you’re committed to learning and putting in the work. I wrote this article where you can learn why and how this business works.

      I hope this helps!

      1. My name is Dyrinda. I did not give any money to copy my email system yet. I emailed Brian and told him I wanted in but couldn’t pay til I got my first commission. I got repeated emails back from him that looked just like the first email I received through gmail. I went to log and bam I was active with a hundred showing in my commission o;n the page.. That was on Christmas at 1 am. As of 3:44 am I had $109.20. Something just did not settle with me. So I googled the link. Turns out the office is a sprint store.
        Then I looked through the Google page and found you. I’m deleting my account with them. Enough said! Going to your page
        Gonna try Education and support instead of Quick and easy;
        Talk soon. MERRY CHRISTMAS
        Please message me on Facebook.
        Rachelle Sapp (Dyrinnda Sapp)
        PS: Rachelle is my middle name. Some how I changed it and can’t change it back to Dyrinda
        That’s another story.

  1. Hi there,

    I can not even think of joining system after what i heard from you this is clearly a scam from miles away anyone can see it, but i have a question though if you actually bought the system would ir whatever this is would it make anything at.all even if $5 every day, or aimply put is there anything like this that works?

    1. Hey Dave,

      Glad to know this review was helpful. Even if this system makes you $5 per day, the problem comes when it’s time to withdraw because they’re not going to send you any money. This system is like the GIM System, which has many negative reviews and complaints from people who have never been sent the money they’ve supposedly earned.

      Systems like this that promise you easy money only work for the con artists who’ve created it. The truth is that making money online requires you to put in the effort and time.

      Thanks for your comment,


  2. COPY MY EMAIL SYSTEM………….Thank God I’ve found this honest review, the next step was to send $97. I’ve just cancelled my subscription, is there anything online where I can ‘Make Money Online’ genuinely? Sooo much crap & B.S. online nowadays!

    John Main

    1. Hey John,

      Glad that you’ve found this review useful. I know it sucks that there are many scams and low-quality programs out there, that’s why I keep writing reviews like this one to save as many people as possible.
      The good news is that there are still great programs and platforms that can teach you to make a full-time income online. Here in this post I explain how my top ranked program works and how it can help you earn money. I also want you to know that this is a long-term business and it requires you to put in the effort and time to make it happen.

      I hope this helps, have a great day =)

  3. Thanks for your help Miren, thank God I found out about this SCAM just in time. For any other Internet Marketers beware of: COPY MY EMAIL SYSTEM, this is a complete SCAM.

    1. My pleasure, John =) I hope my review will be found by more people and they will not fall for this scam system.

      1. Hello Miren.I use this program copy my email since 2months already and I didn’t get paid yet. And they don’t answer to the question when you asked, I don’t really know if I’m going to get paid because they don’t want to answer me.I was looking for something serious. So now I am confused. Thanks to let us know

  4. I guess I’ve been scammed also. I had over $1075 commission. I kept asking when I was going to get paid but no one responded. Their support doesn’t even exist.

    1. Hey Harry,

      Sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed… It’s a ClickBetter product so I suggest that you ask ClickBetter for a refund.

      Hope you get your money back!

    2. Same here. I supposedly have over 1235.00 in my account. I’ve sent so many emails…but only to have them kicked back saying no such address. Unbelievable how lowdown some people are.

  5. i have been receiving emails from this man for severtal days and i tried to join but GOD was watching over me but i did get through today but did not pay but the 1’95 now how do i get out. they wanted 97.00 but i told brian i could not it hurts being on fixed income also someone named bobby also going under brains email keeps telling me my mail has been hacked and he said it would only cost 9’00 a month for him to stop it i did pay that but i keep getting the emails about it still happening but it has all ready been took from my credit card but i am getting a new credit card and hopfully they won’t getthat number at lesti won’t bgive it to them just hope that can’ t get that 97.00 out talk later and thanks so much for this info. i am new to the computer and have been looking for something to do that won’t be too hard.i’ll just have to keep looking dianne

  6. It is a scam!!! They bill you $1.95 for using it for the first 5 days. I was averaging 15 to 20 a day during this period with just 500 subscribers. They give you 500 more subscribers every Monday. I decided to go with it and paid the $97.00. I now have 3000 subscribers and average 2 dollars per day in commissions. They claim they will refund your money within 60 days. I have been trying to get a refund for over 2 weeks now to no avail. They do not have a phone number just a email address and you won’t get a response. Stay away!

    1. Hi Kong,

      Unfortunately, Copy My Email System is a scam and the only ones who have made money from this are the scam artists behind it. That’s why I suggest that you stop wasting your time on it.
      I created a FREE step-by-step earn money online guide where I explain how to make a full-time income online, I believe it will help you get started the right way! =)

      Have a great day!

  7. Iam a Disabled Veteran and have been scammed by CMES.
    I paid the upgrade and for referrals.I have over $600 in my account but nobody gets back to my emails. They won’t answer my emails.
    this is not American. Cheaters.
    Thanks- Frank Brina.

    1. Hi Frank,

      I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve fallen for this scam… There have been many people these cybercriminals have ruined =( Have you tried to file a complaint against them? You can file a report to the BBB, the FTC (they’ve shut down two big scams this year).

      Best of luck getting your money back!
      If I can help you with anything, let me know =)


  8. So why isn’t there any government system on the internet that investigates these websites, they want taxes from us whether its at
    a physical offline location or online ? You would think that this SCAM would be investigated, fined and terminated and imprisoned.
    So there’s nothing to be done about such People as these ” Brian Jones ? ”

    I guess when its comes to thieves ” The Government ” takes 1st place in that category and You would think that they would Punish these online types for being Unwanted Competition …

    1. Hi Miren, from Bob and Millie, is there anyway to make money from home online ? We are in our 70s and he still needs to work. A Nuclier Engineer and he barely makes $ 10.00 worked there for 16 years, govt sent him up in the navy. Best educationthey screwed us. His papers are not so he had to do over in collegeall we hove now is more debt⚡️CAN You help me find real work before we lose our home?

      1. Hi Mildred,

        I’m sorry to hear about your current situation…

        There are many ways to earn money online but the truth is that some methods take more time than others. The truth is that the Internet is not the place to get urgent cash.
        I suggest that you read my free guide where I explain the method I use to make money online, why this method works, the training and tools I used and more.

        I hope it helps! Take care =)

  9. I wish I had found this review just in time before I found myself frustrated because I have sent several emails asking for my refund but no one has responded. Believe her when she says that this is a total scam and put out the word and save others.

  10. My copy system, run quick the other way! When I ask how and when do I get paid? They (BRIAN AND BOBBY ) would never answer the question. At that point I needed to stop and take a deeper look into this
    And I found you! Thank God ! Yes it’s over I won’t send out anymore email I’m OUT

  11. Hi Miren.

    I sincerely appreciate the thorough job you’ve done in reviewing Copy My Email System. Yes, you’ve answered all of my questions. Frankly, you’ve confirmed my strong suspicions about this program, but I hadn’t had a previous opportunity to do any research on the program. As I work online myself, people regularly ask my opinion about various work from home programs that they stumble across. I caution everyone that if claims sound too good to be true, they invariably are, but you can’t always save people from themselves. In my experience, making money online is something that involves hard work, commitment and persistence over time. Thanks for spreading the word about schemes of this nature!

    1. Hi Linda,

      Glad to hear that all your questions have been answered! You are right when you say that making an income online involves hard work, persistence and commitment, this is what I always tell my readers!

      Thanks for dropping by =)

  12. I am so glad to be able to read your email scam review. I was wondering how some of these might work, I have heard others speak about them. Then thought it was about time I checked it out, luckily I found your site. Wow, a person really has to be cautious. I am just appalled how some people try and use others for their own gain. Well back to the drawing board. Thanks, know I know what to look for. 


    1. Hi Rose,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I believe that the people who use others for their own benefit lack empathy, so they don’t care about others’ feelings. 

      Glad that you now know the truth about this Copy My Email System scam.

  13. I get emails everyday from all of the names listed above wanting me to pay more money to send my daily emails to 5,000 people instead of 50. It shows I have made money. It tells how you are supposed to get paid after you get to the $500 minimum. HOWEVER, I have been contacting them ever since it hit $500 and there has been ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE AT ALL!!!!! I just keep getting the emails wanting me to invest more money!

    1. Hi there,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you have fallen for this scam, they never reply to anyone so it’s clear that they’re just after people’s money. I recommend that you report them to the FTC or other sites like

      Best wishes!

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