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9 reasons NOT to start a blog

why to start blog
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Hey everyone!

If you’re someone who’s thinking of starting a blog and taking blogging as a career, there are some things you need to take into consideration before taking the plunge.

In this article I will explain why blogging is not suited for everyone, some reasons why someone shouldn’t start a blog and what I recommend in case you believe blogging is for you.

Are you ready?


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Blogging is not for everyone

This is the truth. People who don’t know much about blogging may get disappointed after reading what I’m about to explain, but I’d rather tell the truth no matter how much it hurts. After all, I believe a white lie would hurt so much more in the long run.

You may have heard that it’s pretty easy to earn money while sitting in the couch and that there are people who have easily been able to live the dream lifestyle and travel the world thanks to blogging. 

Well, don’t be fooled by people who claim that earning money online is easy, since it is not. Anyone who says that it’s easy to make money online may want to scam you. Don’t you think that everybody would be a blogger if it was that easy?

It takes a lot of time, patience, effort, and money, among others. Lots of blogs are being created each and every day, but some of them are also being abandoned when people realize what it really takes to make it as a blogger. 

It is essential that you take this into account before getting started in the blogosphere.


Why not to start a blog

Here we go. In this section I’ll mention (and explain) 9 reasons why I don’t recommend anyone to get into blogging, since you won’t succeed if the following applies to you.


Your main purpose is to make money

Let’s say that you want to start a blog because you want to earn money online. Maybe so you can quit your 9 to 5 job or have the laptop lifestyle. Or perhaps you just want to make extra cash to go on vacation or something like that.

Anyway, if your only goal is to make money online, I believe blogging is not the best way to accomplish that. Yes, it’s possible to earn money blogging, but it’s not easy or fast as you might have been told.

However, if you want to create a blog because you want to help other people or want to pursue your passion, then it is a different story and I highly recommend that you start a blog/website right now.

why to start blog
Pursuit your passion and the money will follow


You want overnight results

I believe this is one of the reasons why many people fall for get-rich-quick scams like 1K Daily Profit, Crypto Wealth, Dubai Lifestyle App, among others.

They expect to make money online just with a couple of clicks, which is something that fraudsters usually want them to believe just to take their money. 

Take into consideration that getting the results you expect (let it be having thousands of daily visitors, thousands of email subscribers or making your first $1,000) won’t happen out of thin air. There’s no magic spell or magic formula that will enable you to make it in no time.

why to start blog
Results don’t happen overnight


You’re not willing to put in the work 

This one is related to the previous ones. People who expect to have it all overnight don’t know that succeeding as a blogger requires to put in the effort on a daily basis

For example, if you plan to go on a vacation for a week, you first need to prepare all the content and articles you’re going to provide to your readers.

If you view yourself from Google or your readers perpective, they’re used to a specific amount of weekly activity in your blog, so it’s better that you don’t fail them no matter what. 


You’re not interested in anything

What if you don’t have any interest? Or perhaps you’re passionate about something but you just lack motivation so you feel like that there’s nothing that really fulfils you. I’ve felt like this before and I know how it sucks.

I encourage you to try new things everyday and most important, get out of your comfort zone. This is a way to get to know yourself better, which will eventually lead you to find your passions.

why to start blog
Go find your passion


You don’t like working with an electronic device

Maybe you’re one of those people who don’t like anything related to technology.

Or perhaps you believe that you need to have programming or coding skills, but let me tell you that you don’t need to be an expert in technology to become a successful blogger

I know it helps to have technical skills, but the truth is that there are many bloggers (included myself lol) who didn’t know a thing about it before getting started, and we’ve all been learning along the way 🙂 


Writing is unpleasant to you

Writing is an essential task of a blogger, so if writing is boring to you then I don’t recommend that you start a blog, since you’ll find it hard to keep up.

Maybe you don’t know what to write about or you don’t have any idea. If that’s the case I suggest that you focus on what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about or your knowledge about a specific topic.

That’s why having an interest or a passion is really important before getting into blogging.


You don’t want to interact with strangers

If you don’t like to connect with people you don’t know, then I don’t recommend that you start a blog because you’ll need to interact with your readers and other bloggers or Internet marketers to share ideas, opinions and help each other

why to start blog
“To blog”


You don’t have time to post in a regular basis

It’s important that you post articles or another type of content in a regular basis in order to help and connect with your readers. 

Maybe you think that you don’t have time because you’re busy with another daily tasks or you have a full-time job, but the more you like the niche/topic you choose the more time you’ll make to dedicate to it. We always make time for the things we love 🙂 

That’s why it’s crucial that you choose one of your passions or interests before you start a blog, I know I have repeated it a lot of times lol.

why to start blog
You must make time


You’re worried about your reputation

Blogs have a bad reputation for some people.

Let’s say that you’re an employee who works for a big corporation. It could be kind of risky like who knows what you could say about that corporation in your blog.

Or perhaps your boss could suspect that you spend your day working on your blog instead of doing your daily tasks as an employee.

Anyway, if you’re an employee who’s thinking of starting a blog, I recommend that you avoid talking about stuff related to the company you’re working at.


What if you want to start a blog?

There can be a lot of reasons not to create a blog, some of them the ones I’ve mentioned in this article.

But what if you don’t think that these reasons should prevent you from getting started? What if you feel ready to start a blog no matter what? Then go ahead. 

In case that you don’t know where or how to get started in your blogging journey, I suggest that you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

I believe WA is a great platform to get started because you can join for free and start building a website/blog. You’ll also learn how to choose a niche, how to create content, ways to monetize your blog… and sooo much more 🙂 

Another good thing is that you’ll get help and support from me and other bloggers and online entrepreneurs so you never feel lost or stuck.


I hope this post has been helpful to you. Are you thinking of creating a blog or are you already a blogger? What would be your reason/s not to start a blog?

If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be glad to reply and connect with you. Thanks for dropping by!

Best wishes =)

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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