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Hey everyone!

Have you come across or and are wondering if it’s possible to make real money? Or perhaps you’re suspecting of these websites and are wondering if they’re a scam, am I right?

Well, the short answer is that yes, and are the same scam. I’ve been exposing other websites like these so I know what they’re about and have noticed that there are many people falling for this scam.

That’s why I decided to write a review and let you all know the truth about these fraudulent websites. I’ll be going over how they try to get your money, the scam signs and more. and review





Owners: Unrevealed

Price: Free to join

Overall Rating: 0/10


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What are these websites said to be? and are two identical websites (the only difference is their name) that claim you can make a living online by only viewing ads and getting referrals.

They say that you can earn 10 cents for each ad you view, so you only need to view 1000 ads per day in order to earn 100 daily bucks.

After signing up, you will get a referral link ready to be shared wherever you want. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, chats… wherever you can think of.

If people who sign up through your affiliate link (your referrals) are active members, you can allegedly earn 50% of their earnings.

I personally believe that 50% of your referrals earnings is way too much. It makes me wonder if they’re going to take their earnings and give it to you or where the money comes from.

In general, these two sites sound too good to be true because they make it seem like it’s easy to make money as you don’t need any prior experience or special skills to view ads or share links.

And the fact that it’s free to join makes it very very tempting to try it out.

I personally didn’t try to make money from these websites because of all the red flags and scam signs I’ve found. More on this later.


How they try to scam you

I know a lot of people might believe that something can’t be a scam if it’s free. I also used to believe that when I was getting started.

However, I’ve realized that scams come in different shapes so it’s best to be careful and always do your research because scammers do the most to “get you”.

When it comes to and, their goal is to make as much money as possible at your expense.

First of all, they want as many people as possible to sign up because they want to get as much data as possible.

How they do that? By telling you to promote your referral link and get other people to sign up. 

Then, once they’ve collected lots of email addresses, they will sell them to other companies or con artists. 

That’s why you can expect to receive junk and spam emails from people you don’t know. I don’t recommend that you open those emails because they might contain malicious links or files.

But this is not all. They also try to get your money when you want to make a withdrawal.

For example, let’s say that you have $100 in your or account and you want to get paid.

You will have to choose a payment method and enter your financial information.

Just after entering your information, you will see a message like this one below:

is a scam
Output error message

As you can read above, they require you to have earned at least $150 in order to cash out.

If you view 500 more ads to reach $150 and then try to claim your payment again, this time they will tell you that you need at least 40 referrals.

At this point, they will give you two options: 

  • Wait until you get 40 referrals 
  • Buy 40 referrals in order to cash out

If you choose the second option, that’s how they get you! The referrals they are selling are fake which means that you would pay them for nothing.

Once they have your money, they will kick you out of your account and that’s when you’ll realize they’ve scammed you.

In case you have fallen for this, I suggest that you get in touch with your bank and tell them that you’ve used your credit card in a fraudulent site.

Then they should cancel the transaction and get you a refund, and then cancel your credit card to prevent the scam artists from charging you.

If you have started using or, I recommend that you stop viewing ads and stop sharing your referral link to prevent other people from falling for this scam.


Click here to check out my top recommendation (FREE to get started)! and scam signs and is the same scam, there’s no doubt about it.

The thing is, it’s possble to determine these two sites are scams without joining them because they have some red flags and scam signs that indicate they’re not reliable.

Let’s see these scam signs you need to be aware of.


No information about the owners

The fact that they don’t provide any information about the people who are behind these websites is a red flag because it means that they’re trying to hide something.

I mean, legitimate companies and sites usually reveal who their owners are. If you’re offering a great service, why would you want to hide?

I’m actually not surprised that the con artists behind and don’t show up because that’s what I’ve seen in other scam sites. These unethical people usually hide or fake their identities to avoid persecution.


Lack of important information

There’s no legal information which means that these websites are illegal.

The fact that they don’t provide a privacy policy, terms & conditions or earnings disclaimer is a big red flag because this information is essential in order to make an educated decision concerning a website.

They don’t reveal how they’re going to use your data, their rules when it comes to terminating accounts… the fact that they’re hiding this information means that they don’t really care about you.


No support

What about help or support? They don’t mention their email address and they don’t even provide a phone number.

The only thing they allow you to do is to post a comment on the support section, but they will not reply because all comments from the support section are invented by the con artists.

They want you to believe that there are people making money with their websites but the truth is that the only ones making money are the scammers.

As I said before, both and are identical, and the comments are no different. and scam fake comments and scam fake comments

Therefore, it makes no sense that the same websites have the same comments because the same people haven’t signed up to the two websites. It’s all fake.


Negative comments

While doing my research I found some comments from people who have joined these fraudulent websites.

I like this comment I took a screenshot of because what it’s the truth: and scam comment (source:

Another important detail is the fact that the only people who get to see real comments are the person who has posted it and the scammers. 

This person posted a comment on the site and only he/she can see it (apart from the scam artists), which means that the scammers are hiding other people’s comments to prevent potential victims from realizing it’s a scam.


Learn a real method to make money online

I highly don’t recommend or because they’re not going to benefit you in any way. 

The scam artists behind these websites created them to make money at your expense, which is very unethical and unacceptable. 

I’ve come across many websites like these and I’m trying to expose them all, but there are other kind of scams that need to get exposed as well. 

The day that people realize that making money online is not easy or fast, they will stop wasting their time on these “make money online” scams.

If your goal is to make a full-time income online, I believe it’s best to build your very own online business that makes you money for many years to come.

The business model I’m using has given me a way to make a consistent monthly income. In fact, there are many people who are making a living using this exact business model.

It’s something that requires you to put in the effort and time, but this happens with anything worth achieving in life. It’s never come easily or quickly.

With the right comprehensive training and business tools, I believe that any person who is committed to doing what it takes can build a successful online business.

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Your online business will be based on a topic you’re passionate about, which will make the process more enjoyable for you =)

Furthermore, when you get inside the platform I’m in you will get to meet other like-minded people who want to see you succeed and you’ll get my personal help and support as well!

So excited for you to say bye to the scams and get on the right way to make money online!


I hope you have found the answers to the questions you had concerning and

If there’s something else you want to know or you want to share your opinion, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 🙂 

Have a great day!

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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