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Clicks Dealer review – scam alert!

Is Clicks Dealer a scam?

Welcome to my Clicks Dealer review!

Have you stumbled upon Clicks Dealer ( and are wondering if it can help you make money? Or is it just another scam that is trying to leave you with less money than you have?

I was looking for information about another scam site and came across Clicks Dealer so I was like “let me determine if this is just another fraudulent site” and decided to look deep into it.

I’m glad that you’ve landed on this post because here you’ll find out what Clicks Dealer really is, how it really works and more.


Clicks Dealer review

Name: Clicks Dealer

Website URL:

Owners: Hidden

Created in: January 2018

Price: at least $200

Overall Rating: 1/10


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What is Clicks Dealer?

Clicks Dealer is said to be a global marketing agency that claims to help you get high quality traffic from direct publishers and lets you set up campaigns easily.

They claim to teach people to decrease their expenses and increase their profits in Internet marketing.

This platform is supposed to offer thousands of top performing banners and many exclusive offers to help you take your digital advertising to the next level.

They also claim you’ll be guided by some experienced account managers to get the best possible results.

The Clicks Dealer homepage looks professional so is this a company you can count on to make good money? Or is it the opposite of what it appears to be?

Well, it doesn’t look like a scam but I’ve noticed some red flags that lead me to believe this is different from what they want you to believe.


How Clicks Dealer really works

In order to sign up, you will have to fill out a form with a name, an email address, a phone number and a password.

I personally didn’t use my personal details to join because of the lack of important information and red flags I had noticed.

Once inside, you can search and purchase banner ads from their marketplace. See some examples below:

Is Clicks Dealer a scam?
Clicks Dealer marketplace

Before buying those ads, you’ll have to buy one of the 5 packages you can observe below to activate your account:

Is Clicks Dealer a scam?
Clicks Dealer packages


But the thing is, the minimum to invest is $200-$250.

When you buy an ad, this is supposed to run on a network of publisher sites and reach lots of people, so you’ll earn money for every click your ad gets.

Another way they claim you can make money is by selling your ads for a higher price than you purchased them to other Clicks Dealer members.

I also noticed they have an affiliate program. They claim you can earn $1000 for free for every person you invite to

However, where is the referral link? They don’t say anything about it.

Is Clicks Dealer a scam?
“$1000 for free”


I personally don’t like the fact that they claim it’s easy to earn $1000 for free as it sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme.

I will not get tired of saying it: making money online is not easy or fast and you will not make a dime without putting in the work.

So, I will not try to get other people to join Clicks Dealer because it’s not what the claim. 

You may be asking, what’s wrong with Clicks Dealer? Well, let me tell you.

If you follow their instructions and purchase the banners and all that, you might get excited when you see you’re making money as your clicks income doesn’tt stop rising.

However, the problem comes when you want to transfer the money to your bank account a.k.a. when you want to make withdrawals. 

They will not let you make withdrawals without verifying your account first, which means that you’ll have to provide personal documents like the following:

  • Your passport, ID or driver’s license.
  • The front and back of the credit card you’ve used to fund your Clicks Dealer account.
  • A bank statement or utility bill that must show your name, your address and the issuer name and logo.

The problem here is that they will not send you any money and they will not even return what you’ve invested, even if you provide this information. It’s actually very dangerous because they can use it to steal your credit card or even your personal identity.

Remember that they ask you for your phone number before signing up? Well, this is because they want to call you and convince you to invest in the most expensive packages. They will tell you that the more money you invest, the higher ROI (Return On Investment) you’ll get.


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Is Clicks Dealer a scam?

Unfortunately, Clicks Dealer is a scam because it doesn’t live up to its promises. 

It’s not a genuine platform because it wasn’t created to benefit you. It was only created to generate profits to its owners. 

I haven’t invested into it and don’t plan on doing it, but I know it’s a scam because of the scam signs I’ve found. 


The spokeswoman is a paid actress

After signing up, I watched the getting started video where appears this woman you can see in the screenshot below:

Is Clicks Dealer a scam?
Clicks Dealer getting started video

She doesn’t mention her name but what I know for sure is that she’s a paid actress who sells her services on Fiverr. 

Is Clicks Dealer a scam?

She’s also appeared in other scam videos like the Millionaire BizPro scam

is millionaire biz pro a scam
Fake testimonial (Millionaire BizPro)

I’ve exposed many scam and low-quality programs and have noticed that scammers usually use these Fiverr actors for their scams. 


No information about the owners of Clicks Dealer

I’m actually not surprised that the con artists behind Clicks Dealer don’t show up because that’s what scammers do.

They usually use paid actors, create fake characters or don’t say anything about them. The reason why they do that is to avoid getting persecuted by their victims. 

I personally don’t trust sites or platforms whose owners don’t show up because it’s an indication they’re trying to hide something.


It’s the same scam as

I’ve noticed that Clicks Dealer is the same scam as Banner Bit, a platform I exposed some months ago. 

The way they’re trying to get people to fall for both these scams is by creating fake pages that look like get-rich-quick schemes. 

The following pages are some scams you need to stay away from:

All of them make outrageous claims like “make $2000 per day starting today” or that you can make money on complete autopilot. You will only need to click a few buttons and then the money starts coming. 

Some of them also use the popularity of Bitcoin but then you see that BannerBit or ClicksDealer don’t have anything to do with cryptocurrencies.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that they’ve used weird terms like “Bitcoin advertising” or “ad flipping” to lead people to believe that this is a new way of making money easily that not everyone knows about.

But the truth is that there’s no such thing as making thousands of dollars doing what they say. It’s all fake to make you fall for the scam. 

I’ve found out they’ve already scammed some people. Read some complaints below:

Is Clicks Dealer a scam?
Clicks Dealer and Banner Bit complaints (source:

As you can read, they stop replying to people once they have their money. They only care about themselves.


My final thoughts on

After everything I’ve found out and explained, I definitely don’t recommend that you invest in Clicks Dealer because it’s a fraudulent platform created to take your money and waste your time. 

Whenever you come across a website or program that promises easy riches, I suggest that you avoid it because it’s more than likely a scam.

The way you can avoid the numerous online scams is by keeping in mind that making money online doesn’t happen easily or quickly.

I mean, you will have to put in the effort and time no matter the way you try to earn money. This is like anything worth achieving in life, it takes time and work.

The day I realized this is the day I started working my butt off and have no regrets because it pays off.

I’m glad I found out about a business model that has given me a way to earn a consistent income month after month. 

It’s a beginner friendly business model that gives you the chance you make money while helping people and working on something you’re passionate about.

I also love this business model because it doesn’t require you to make a big investment to get started. In fact, you can try it out for free!

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There are many people who are earning money using this business model so I believe you can do it too if you’re willing to do what it takes. It’s just a matter of time and work.

To add to it all, you will always get help and support from me and other bloggers & Internet entrepreneurs on the training platform where I got started and still very active today.

It’s great that you’ll be able to ask any questions you have knowing there’s always someone willing to help you out!

It’s your time to say bye to the scams and start your own online business!


I hope you’ve found the answers to the questions you had concerning Clicks Dealer.

In case you have any questions or want to share your opinion/experience, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP 🙂 

Best wishes =)

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

8 thoughts on “Clicks Dealer review – scam alert!

  1. Thanks for letting me know about clicks dealer. It seems like a very shady business that not only will fail in making me money online — but like you said they could potentially steal my private information too.

    I’ll stick with your recommended choice as they are free to try, the owners can be personally contacted anytime of the day, and the training they offer has proved to work for millions of people.

  2. Hi Miren:

    I did a lot of research before joining WA and I wasn’t aware of Click Dealer.

    I don’t like that minimum investment of $200 – $250. That sounds like a lot, especially when I compare it to WA or Chris Farrell.

    You are so right when you say making money online takes work! I am finding that out as there are so many elements to the process!

    As far as the paid actress, you’d think they would be a little more careful in their choice of a spokesperson.

    Thank you for listing the other scams as well.

    Great review. Thank you!

    1. Hey Christopher, 

      Exactly, $200-$250 is a lot to get started, especially for people who are on a low budget. And then the red flags are what confirm that Clicks Dealer is a scam.

      Glad that you liked this review, have a great day! 🙂


  3. I appreciate this article! Funny thing. About 8 years ago I lost my family’s shirt in internet affiliate marketing. $ 10,000 – $20,000 by the time it was over. Had to cash out my retirement to get out from under it. So I was VERY wary when I came across this. I read the terms and conditions. Asked questions. Researched Found that they are always ranged in top 10-20 Best affiliate businesses for CPA revenues. Nothing but praise by multiple sites!!. So even though I was wary (once burned twice shy) I was ready to take it to the next level and pay the $200 even with that little voice still whispering no. Then something caught my eye. The company was NOT the highly recommended! The company is… one extra “s” in the url and company name!! No company would pick a name nearly identical to a direct rival that is so well known unless they were trying to capture clients off a misspelling. It was a big red flag that they would intentionally be one letter off a top 20 company in the same industry. It is reminescent of the XXX rated adult sites that you accidentally get on when searching for a legitamite business with an accidental typo. They told me to google the company. Google autocorrects to ClickDealer (no S) and displays raving reviews! Neat trick!! Thank the good Lord I saw that before I sent a dime in. They say it’s no cost, just a transfer of funds from a credit card. There is no such thing as a transfer of funds! The terms state that you must start with a min of $250 in the account and you have 7 days to buy banners or lose the $. No refunds!!

  4. well thanks for the update. They have a published tel no 888 363-2750 however the line is a bogus kline, I tried to call it but the call does not go through.

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