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Can you really make money by taking surveys online?

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to earn money just by filling out surveys? I bet it would.

I have to say that this subject really attracted my attention when I entered the online money making world. There are survey sites or companies that claim that you can make like $25 just by completing surveys that will take you a very little amount of time like 5 minutes. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Of course it does, since you could fill in a couple of surveys a day and you would at least earn $1000 a month. Well, that’s what they promise.

The thing is, I tried it, and today I want to share my experience so you can get to know what you’re in front of in case you’re looking to make money by taking surveys online or are interested in this kind of opportunities. 


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Can you earn that much?

In case you’re still wondering if it’s possible to get paid just by completing surveys, the answer is yes! Therefore, it’s not a myth and people who say that you can earn cash by taking surveys are not lying 🙂  

However, what a lot of people try to sell is the idea that surveys arefast and easy to complete” and “you can get paid from $20 to $50 per survey“.

Well, guess what we find out when we try to fill in a survey: they are long to complete (it can take you like half an hour to finish one), they are elaborate (a little bit complex) and you don’t get paid much ($1 or $2 per survey). 

Now that you know how much you can make per survey, let’s say that you spend an hour or two on taking surveys every day. Want to know how much money you would earn per month? No more than $150. 


Filling out surveys is not a business

Ok, now let’s say that you can dedicate the most part of the day to fill out surveys, but there’s something important to considerate. Let’s try to answer this question: how scalable and long-term profitable can it be? By scalable I mean if taking surveys is a business model that offers potential of economic growth. 


Getting paid for completing surveys is not the same as building a business. Why? Because you’re not creating assets, you’re not creating passive income… Filling out surveys is not scalable, your income depends on the amount of surveys you can fill in and how much they pay you for each survey, so when you stop completing surveys, the money stops coming in. In other words, it’s just another job where you exchange your time for money


Beware of sites that promote “Make money with paid surveys”

Another thing to take into account, most sites that promote make money by filling in surveysdon’t sell the possibility to access to those paid surveys, they sell a list instead. What kind of list? A list of companies that will pay you to complete surveys. 

In other words, those people sell a document with the links of the companies that pay for taking surveys. And that document can cost you like $100 or more, since they took their time to search for those companies/pages. But who says you can’t find them by yourself so you don’t need to pay? 

You don’t need to spend a coin to make money by completing surveys, so be careful with sites that ask you to make an initial payment.


Put yourself in the shoes of the companies

Imagine that you are some kind of supply company and want to pay a group of people for their opinions about a special topic.

How many people are you willing to pay? How much are you willing to pay for every completed survey?


You don’t know if people are going to be honest about their opinion or if they have any knowledge about the topic. If their main purpose is to make money then they’ll take the survey because they want to get paid, not because they like the topic. They’ll try to complete the survey even if they need to lie about something. 

When you put yourself in the shoes of the companies, you recognize that you wouldn’t pay a lot of money for people’s opinions, especially when you can’t assure that they are “good quality opinions”. 


My closing thoughts

Before you try to make money by taking surveys, you should consider your main goals, the amount of time you can dedicate to it and how much you can get paid for each survey you complete.


If your goal is to make money in the long term, then I don’t recommend completing surveys because is not scalable and it has no potential for growth, it is limited when it comes to the money you can make. It’s like a normal job as I mentioned before.

I don’t even see completing surveys as the best way to earn money in the short term because you don’t get paid just after completing a survey, sometimes you have to wait like a month or more.

I believe it is a good method to make a supplemental income, so it’s recommendable for people who want to earn extra money and are willing to dedicate some of their free time to it. 

However, if what you’re looking for is to build a sustainable and profitable online business, then I recommend that you read about my 1st recommendation to create and grow a business or check it out for yourself!

I hope this article was useful and now you have an idea that will help you decide if taking surveys to make money is for you or not. If you have had an experience with paid surveys before or have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! I will be more than happy to connect 😀 


Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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