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Arab Money Machine review – Great opportunity or shady scam?

arab money machine

Hey guys!

Today I came across a website called Arab Money Machine so I wanted to know if this one was a legitimate opportunity to make money online or just another dangerous scam.

Honestly, I didn’t like this phrase I read the moment I stumbled upon that website: “a new millionaire is made every day”. It reminds me of other scam sites because this kind of ostentatious slogans are present in most scams. 

However, I wanted to make sure what really was so I watched the promotional video and did a research to find out the truth.


Arab Money Machine review

Name: Arab Money Machine


Founder: Daryll Graham

Created in: 2017

Price: “free”

Overall rating: 5/100


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What is Arab Money Machine about?

Arab Money Machine is a binary options trading software supposed to be created by Daryll Graham, who claims that they’re searching for 100 beta testers who want to change their lifestyle and generate massive profits from the oil industry.

Then he starts talking about his life. He says that he lived in Liverpool and worked as a postman but then he left to the UAE to start working as an oil contractor and even though it was a big pay, he worked so many hours and ended up developping insomnia.

Later, he discovered the online trading world and despite losing everything at first, he then started trading binary options using the oil commodity and ended up making $1200 per day but but understood that in order to make a real profit he had to automate the process and that is exactly what he did with one of his friend’s help.

He claims that his software can make you $50,000 a day and that all you need to do is activate the software and let it do all the hard work for you. What a outrageous claim! To be honest, I don’t get how can someone believe this lol. Everybody in the world would be taking advantage of this software to make a fortune. 


How does Arab Money Machine function?

After watching the presentation video and having done my research on this software, I can assure you that Arab Money Machine is a scam, which only makes money to everybody involved in it but you.

Therefore, stay away from it unless you don’t care about losing money, receiving lots of spam on your email account or having fraudsters sell your personal info.

To begin with, at the end of the promo video they ask you to enter your personal information: your name, your email, a password and your phone number.

Then you’ll be redirected to your trading account and will be asked to fund your account with at least $250 (the unlicensed broker’s minimum requirement) so you can activate your account and start making trades. 

I warn you, if you make the investment, don’t think about getting it back. These scammers work with unlicensed brokers who won’t let you withdraw your money, so the moment you give them your credit card information you can already forget about your money.

If you contact them to ask for your money, they won’t reply or if they do reply, it will be to persuade you to invest more. These crooks never limit themselves when it comes to the amount of money and information they can steal.


Why should you avoid Arab Money Machine?

In the last section, I’ve explained how this hoax works out and how it only benefits the people who’ve created it.

If you’ve checked their website and have watched the video but still wonder whether it’s a scam or not, then pay attention to the proofs I’ll post in this section.


Daryll Graham is a fictional character

As you read it, Daryll Graham is not a real person because there’s no information about him around the web and the picture of him you can see in the video, is just a stock photo the scammers have stolen or bought on Shutterstock. Below are the pictures that support this claim:

arab money machine, arab money machine scam, is arab money machine a scam
“Daryll Graham”
arab money machine, arab money machine scam, is arab money machine a scam
Shutterstock models

If Daryll Graham was a real person, why doesn’t he appear in the Arab Money Machine promotional video while he’s talking? Obviously, it’s all pure lies.


The testimonials are not real

The people who appear in the video and claim that Arab Money Machine has solved all their financial problems as well as given them their dream lifestyle, are actors. Swindlers have paid those people to get positive opinions for their crap. I’ve found out that one of those testimonials is a Fiverr actor. See the proof below:

arab money machine, arab money machine scam, is arab money machine a scam
Fake testimonial
arab money machine, arab money machine scam, is arab money machine a scam
Fiverr actor


Fake news

In the video you can watch this picture of CNN Money news about Arab Money Machine, but if you search for it on CNN Money, you won’t find this fake article. I also researched for “Ivana Kottavona” and found Ivana Kottasová. These scammers made up this fake article with the thought that you’ll believe it if you see it.

arab money machine, arab money machine scam, is arab money machine a scam
Fake article


They play with your feelings

They play with your emotions and prey on your hopes and dreams in various ways.

  • They want you to feel important and exclusive to make it easier to fool you. They want you to believe that you’re one of the few people who have access to this software, but the truth is that it’s completely public and anyone has access to it.
arab money machine, arab money machine scam, arab money machine review
“personal invitation”
  • They want you to believe that it’s easy to get rich if you join their scam software. They’re targetting people who are attracted to easy and fast money, but such thing does not exist. Making money online requires effort, patience, passion and persistence. Take into account that everybody would be rich if it were that easy.
arab money machine, arab money machine scam, arab money machine review
“$1000 in 6 hours”
  • They want you to believe that there are not many spots left so you hurry up to sign up. It’s kind of hilarious because I’ve checked it lots of times and nothing has changed so don’t let them trick you with this claim.
arab money machine, arab money machine scam, arab money machine review
“all spots will be filled by midnight”
  • They show pictures of yatchs, beautiful places, expensive cars… and anything related to the luxurious lifestyle to get you excited and believe that you can have that lifestyle by joining this hoax
arab money machine, arab money machine review, arab money machine scam
Fancy place

The Arab Money Machine scam reminds me of other scams I’ve exposed before like Monaco Treasure and Bahama Banker because it seems that it’s the same person the one who narrates the promotional videos of each fraud. Therefore, it wouldn’t be weird that the same con artists are behind these three scams.


Can I earn money online?

Scam artists not only steal your money or information, they get you frustrated and make you lose hope in your dreams and goals. I know how it sucks. I know it’s easy to question if it’s really possible to earn a living online if you’ve been scammed before.

Well, let me ask you: have you ever purchased something on Amazon or another online store? If the answer is yes, there you have it. It’s possible to make money online, but that doesn’t mean it’s fast or easy. I assure you that anyone who’s passionate about what they do and put in a consistent effort, will eventually thrive in the online business world.

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Hopefully you’ve found this review helpful and you never fall for scams. Don’t hesitate to share it on social networks so more people can be informed about the Arab Money Machine fraud.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Arab Money Machine or Wealthy Affiliate, then leave a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can. 

Thanks for dropping by! 😀 

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

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