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Is Incognito by Brendan Mace a scam? Non-affiliate review here

is incognito a scam

Welcome to my review of Brendan Mace’s Incognito!

Incognito is Brendan Mace’s newest product (I’ve lost the count of the amount of products he’s launched) and have seen it’s getting a lot of buzz, so I was like “is Incognito a scam or worth it?” and thought I would check it out.

Most of these digital marketing products always get a lot of popularity when they’re launched but then they are not that good.

It’s great to see that you’ve done your research before buying into this one because in this Incognito review, you’re going to find out the truth about this program so that you can make an informed decision at the end.


Incognito review

Name: Incognito

Website URL:

Owner: Brendan Mace and his “mystery partner” a.k.a. Pallab Ghosal

Created in: March 2018

Price: $13.07 + upsells

Overall Ranking: 4/10


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What is Incognito about?

Incognito is an online money-making program created by Brendan Mace and “Mr Anonymous” (Pallab Ghosal).

It’s supposed to be based on a method that makes it easy to make a full-time income online.

In fact, Brendan claims you can start earning money in a short period of time like 24 hours after starting to use this method.

This method is like nothing you’ve seen before, apparently. Everything he says about it sounds great:

  • It has nothing to do with traditional affiliate marketing methods.
  • You don’t need any previous experience or tech skills.
  • It’s 100% beginner friendly.
  • You don’t need an email list.
  • It can work on autopilot and make you passive income while you sleep.

I started watching the sales video to learn how this system works but Brendan says nothing about it. The video lasts over 17 minutes but he says nothing about what you will actually have to do to make money.

The video is merely focused on how easy it is to make money with this method as it only requires you to set it up once and then the money starts coming.

I personally don’t like sales videos like this because it’s similar to other scam videos I usually come across. I’m actually not surprised because other sales videos by Brendan Mace are similar to this one, for example The Banger Method and Genesis.

And when it comes to the sales page, it’s very long but there’s a lack of important information that you need to know before you decide whether or not to buy into this program.

That’s why I did intensive research and I’m here to tell you what you need to know and how this really works.


How does Incognito really work?

The way it really works is different from how it’s advertised.

First of all, this method is nothing new as it’s existed for a long time already. 

According to the sales page, you don’t need an email list and it’s 100% free traffic, which is not true.

Incognito teaches you to make money through the affiliate marketing business model, just like other Brendan Mace’s programs. 

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business model when it’s done the right way, but the way Brendan is teaching you to do it here is not that good. More on this later.

So what will you have to do?

  • You will learn to build squeeze pages (a page with a headline, a opt-in form to collect email addresses and some quick points)
  • Then you will have to drive traffic to a squeeze page, which will be done through paid ads.
  • After that, you will have to join affiliate networks like JVZoo and Warrior Plus to find products/programs to make money from.
  • Once you have subscribers, you can follow up with these people and send them emails that contain your affiliate link to the product/program you’re affiliate with.

And then, you will earn commissions when they purchase these products through your affiliate link.

It’s repeteable because you can build as many squeeze pages as you want and you can promote as many programs or products as you want.

This might sound like an easy process to you, but the truth is that it’s not as easy as it seems, especially for newbies. There are some problems with this method. 


The problem with this method

It’s possible to earn money using this method, but it’s not the best method for newbies because of what I’m going to explain in this section.


People will not know you

The problem here is that the people you send to the squeeze page you build to collect emails do not know you.

In a squeeze page there’s no information about the person who has created it (you in this case), so you can’t expect people to give you their email address. 

I mean, you wouldn’t give your email address to someone who hides his/her face, would you? They’re not going to give you their email address if they have no idea who’s behind the squeeze page. 

Apart from that, these squeeze pages contain high income claims (like get-rich-quick schemes), so some people would probably think that’s a scam and will likely not give you their personal information.

Therefore, you will need a looot of traffic to your squeeze page to get enough subscribers.


Paid traffic is not the best option to get started

Doing paid advertising is not the best way you can get traffic to your squeeze pages if you’re starting out.

I mean, you don’t have much experience so you don’t want to spend money on something that you don’t know if it will work.

Even though paid traffic is a fast way to get traffic and see results, it’s risky if you are on a low budget because it requires a lot of trial and error.

It’s unlikely that your first campaign will be lucrative, so you will have to spend more money to find out what works and what does not.

Free organic traffic takes more time and work to get but it’s way less risky and better for beginners and people who don’t want to spend much money to get started, but this Incognito program is much more focused on paid advertising.

That’s why this course is not 100% newbie friendly as Brendan claims.


The products you will be promoting are low-quality

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that there are many affiliate networks you can join and can choose the products you want to promote, but the networks Brendan will recommend you to join are JVZoo and Warrior Plus.

The thing is, most products from those networks are overhyped and low-quality, so some of them have high refund rates.

Therefore, even if you manage to create profitable PPC (Paid Per Click) campaigns and make a lot of sales, you can expect to lose some money due to the refund rates of these products.

Not to mention that you might lose subscribers because some people might get annoyed constantly receiving emails related to low-quality programs.


Is Brendan Mace’s Incognito a scam?

I don’t consider Incognito to be a scam because you’re getting something for your money but the method they teach has some problems as I’ve explained before and I don’t like the way they’re marketing it.

Even though this program is not a scam, I’m not affiliated and will not be recommending it because it’s not something I truly believe in.

I usually see a lot of reviewers promoting these kind of products and offering bonuses in order to make sales, but I’ve realized that they’re doing it to make a quick buck as most of these people don’t even try these products.

I personally don’t like their way of making money online because it’s not ethical. A lot of these products don’t live up to its promises, so the final customers end up getting disappointed and frustrated when they see they do not make “fast and easy” money.

Apart from the problems I’ve explained before, I want to point out some red flags and other things you need to know that they don’t tell you.


Lack of transparency when it comes to the price

I personally don’t like the fact that they don’t tell you the real cost of this product.

Well, I’m not even surprised because this is what happens with most of these digital marketing products that are sold on affiliate networks like ClickBank and Warrior Plus.

As of this review, Incognito costs $13.07, but this is only the beginning.

Take a look at the picture below and see the upgrades and downgrades:

is incognito a scam
Incognito sales funnel

If you’re wondering what you’re getting by buying into these upgrades or downgrades, here it is:

  • Upgrade #1 – Done-for-you funnels.
  • Upgrade #2 – License rights to sell Incognito and earn 100% commissions.
  • Upgrade #3 – Brendan Mace’s personal coaching.
  • Downgrade #3 – Brendan Mace’s digital coaching.

I personally don’t like the fact that they don’t even say what you’re getting with the downgrade #1 and downgrade #2. Not to mention that the first product might not even work without these upsells.

Why can’t they be transparent and tell you how much you will have to spend to make money in total? I mean, you wouldn’t like to purchase something and then receive a message telling you that you need to buy one more thing to make the first item work.


Fake scarcity

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You can observe how they claim there’s only one spot left.

is incognito a scam
“only 1 copy left”

This is BS because you can check out that sales page another day and it will say the same thing. The amount of “copies” or spots available is unlimited. They want as many people as possible to buy it.

Other products Brendan Mace has launched some months ago are still available, so this one is no different. It will more than likely be available next month.


It’s marketed as a get-rich-quick scheme

The sales page for this product reminds me of other scam pages I usually come across. 

They try to get you excited and make you believe that you can make money overnight so that you purchase the product and think that you will earn that money back in a short period of time.

is incognito a scam
Too much hype

Even though it’s possible to make over $500 per day, it’s very unrealistic for someone who’s just starting out.

The truth is that you will not earn this kind of money in less than a day or a week. Not to mention that it’s not true that you can make this work on complete autopilot easily.

It’s possible to automate a business but this does not happen the first months or even the first year. It requires a lot of time and effort to reach the point where you can make money on autopilot.


My final verdict on Incognito

I definitely don’t recommend that you purchase Incognito, but the final decision is up to you.

The business model they’re using to make money is a lucrative business model, but they’re not using it the best way possible.

I personally don’t like the unethical tactics and lack of transparency they’re using to sell this product, and the fact that you’ll be taught to do the same thing is another reason why I don’t recommend it.

I mean, it’s possible to earn money doing that, but it’s not good for the long-term because people might not buy from you if you constantly sell low-quality/scam products.

Anyway, whatever you end up choosing to make money online, keep in mind that no method or system will give you quick cash.

Making a full-time income online requires you to learn, work, have patience and stay persistent. I love that affiliate marketing makes it possible and it doesn’t require a huge investment to get started.

Even though having an email list is important, I believe that it’s also important to build a website and offer valuable content and gain your visitors trust.

This is the way to build a complete business, something that my favorite digital marketing platform teaches you to do from the beginning.


wealthy affiliate my top recommendation

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To add to it all, you will not only get help and support from me, you will also get the chance to meet other bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs for free. Yes, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a coaching or a mentorship program!


I hope you’ve found the answers you were looking for concerning Incognito and you now know what to do next.

If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Best wishes 🙂 

Miren Ribera

Hey there! I’m Miren and welcome to my site. I started this site to help people avoid online scams and teach them how to make money online.

4 thoughts on “Is Incognito by Brendan Mace a scam? Non-affiliate review here

  1. Paid advertising can get very pricey with no ROI if you’re not cautious. I wouldn’t want a program claiming it’s newbie friendly and also starting you out with paid ads.

    It’s seriously one of the hardest business models to start out with if you have no experience under your belt.

    Also, I have yet to find the business that makes you rich overnight. You made a great point that any biz owner on the web that promises a get rich quick approach you should avoid completely. I like the way you think. Keep up the terrific work.

    1. Exactly Jason, paid advertising is very risky if you’re on a low budget and don’t know what you’re doing. In fact, the ones who want to get rich quick are the scammers as they want to earn as much quick cash as possible. 

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂


  2. I bought the product because of the price, and promises on the sales page like no need for email list but I end up feel scammed as the real price for this to work is not true and there training teaches you to build email list. My problem is I can’t get a refund as Brendan is responding on my emails asking for refund.

    1. Hey Francis,

      Sales pages for these products are usually misleading as they make it look like it’s easier than it really is. In fact, most products launched by Brendan Mace are like this one. I still have not found a product where he says the truth about the real cost. If Brendan is not responding to your emails, I suggest that you submit a ticket to WarriorPlus.

      I hope this helps!

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